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Why Do Guys Leave Pregnant Girlfriends? (Answered & Explained)

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Pregnancy is life-changing, of course. When falling pregnant, it ignites a dream of raising a baby together but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, biological fathers leave. In this article, we’re going to discuss why do guys leave pregnant girlfriends.

Guys leave pregnant girlfriends to avoid the responsibility of taking care of you and their baby. They lack integrity and/or maturity which is why they leave before their baby is even born. In some cases, the overwhelming fear of change temporarily scares them until they come to their senses. 

Maturity definitely plays a significant role in how a guy reacts to the news that he will be a father in a few months.

Some young guys step up to the plate and use this news as a stepping ground to become a man whereas other guys run for the hills.

This can be the case when your partner is in his early twenties.

But, once a man reaches 25 years of age, the excuse of maturity falls to the wayside and you have to examine the possibility that he lacks integrity.

Only a man with little to no integrity leaves his pregnant girlfriend and disappears altogether without a trace. 

My opinion would differ if he leaves the relationship but not his role as a soon-to-be father. 

This is going to be difficult for you to accept but it’s possible that he doesn’t love you. 

The fact that you’re pregnant has probably highlighted this fact to him. When meditating on whether he can spend an entire life with you as a partner, it scares him off because he is uncertain about being in love with you.

There’s nothing like bringing a new life into this world to sober people up and strip away any delusions people may be under.

Unless you’re toxic, manipulative or a cheater, there’s nothing you did or didn’t do to drive him away.

This is all him.

If it weren’t the pregnancy, it was going to be something else.

You should not beat yourself up over something that was out of your control, especially now that you have a baby to prepare for.

I would never minimize the fear you have or the concern you face for your baby. It’s possible that you’re dealing with a man who may not show up to fulfill his responsibilities and duties as a father.

That’s a shame because he’s going to miss out on something truly special and beautiful.

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What Should You Do As A Single Pregnant Woman

why do guys leave when their girlfriend is pregnant, guys leave pregnant girlfriends, why guys leave their pregnant girlfriend

You have to focus on becoming the best mother you possibly can be.

What that requires is for you to process this breakup, heal from it and come to terms with the situation that you are in.

It’s not going to be easy but you are strong and you will be strong, for you and for your baby. 

If you’re lucky and he will remain in the picture, then you have to detach from him romantically and focus on developing a healthy line of communication. This is something you have to do as a parent.

I know that you’ve come to this article in hopes of finding an answer as to why do guys leave pregnant girlfriends but I think that’s half the battle.

What you need is advice on how to navigate this situation because you’re not just dealing with a breakup.

A man cannot and should not escape his duties as a father.

So, what you need to do is focus on healing from the breakup while also claiming a fair amount for all the costs and bills that are associated with having a child. He cannot avoid this and you need to seek out legal advice on maintenance.

Even if you feel like it’s not something you need right now, your child deserves it and there’ll be expenses that pop up in a way that blindsides most new parents. 

Some men are notorious for getting women pregnant and leaving.

He could have a string of children out there who are neglected because he couldn’t give a damn about trying to man up and be a father. 

People can try to ignore reality but they cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

It’s only a matter of time before you’re expecting your child to enter this world. He’ll be aware of this and as that time approaches, life will show you exactly what kind of man he is.

I’ve seen men who leave pregnant girlfriends and come back, step up and earn trust with their partners.

Once that baby is born, it changes them, whether they like it or not.

I’m not saying that you have to bank on this happening but it’s a possibility.

But, in the event that he doesn’t show up, you need a support system, a roof over your head for the first year of his or her life before you can get back to work properly and you need a budget.

Find someone in your life who will stand by you because, in the right circumstances, it takes a team to raise a good and happy child.

If that means you need to move back into your parent’s home, do it.

Offer to pay rent to them and create that supportive and fulfilling environment for you and your child to thrive.

If you are not close to your parents or they’re not around, then you need to relocate to a place that’s closer to someone who cares about you.

Notice how I said that the person you live close to should be someone who cares about you instead of just saying that you care about them.

As you probably know, there are people in your life who you care about but they don’t truly care about you.

They’re not present when shit hits the fan and they couldn’t be bothered to provide any actual comfort or support when you need it.

You need someone close to you who would want to help out in the event of an emergency. You have to set aside pride and think about creating a situation that ensures your child has a network of supportive people around him or her.

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Final Thoughts

Before ending this article, I want to commend you for seeking out help. Most of us have this dream in our minds of raising a child with the person we love and now your boyfriend has left but the dream remains intact.

It’s painful because you’re mourning that dream.

Be patient with yourself but most importantly, be loving to yourself.

Your baby is going to need a mother who can provide love and comfort. If you’re bringing him or her into this world while you’re miserable and torn up over the fact that your boyfriend isn’t a part of your life or his child’s life, it’s going to affect your child.

The future is going to involve a lot of work but it’s going to be the most fruitful life you’ve ever led. 

A baby can bring great meaning and purpose to an adult’s life and I’m sure that you will thrive if you adopt the right attitude and mindset.

Also, this isn’t the end of your dream.

Your boyfriend may have left but the man who will fill the shoes of your life partner and father figure to your child is still out there.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on why do guys leave pregnant girlfriends to be insightful and a source of clarity. If you’ve been through this and you have some helpful advice for women out there who are going through this situation right now, please leave a comment below.

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