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Reconcile – Get Your Ex Back Without Chasing eBook

This Is Not A Book For People Who Are Looking To Chase Or Beg Their Ex To Take Them Back!

I’m sure that you have come across so-called “love gurus” who claim to hold the magical solution to getting an ex back within 30 days or with a few special words.

They’re lying.

There’s no magical words or specific timeline for getting an ex back.

I have helped people get their ex back within a week and I’ve also helped people get their ex back after months of being seperated.

More often than not, we resort to desperation when our lovers decide to leave. Blindsided and completely unbalanced, we proceed to beg, plead, cry, fight, and throw ourselves at them. We try to use logical arguments, long declarations of undying love, intimacy, and even anger to shake some sense into our ex.

Rather than reattract them, we drive them away for good.

What usually works to get an ex back is counterintuitive to the person who is in a state of desperation and depression.

After countless emails and requests from you, my readers, I’ve decided to write this guide. It contains the entire protocol required to get your ex back or to move on completely.

Here’s A Look At What You’ll Learn In This Guide:

  • Chapter 1: What Kills Attraction And Destroys Relationships
  • Chapter 2: The Best Reaction Or Response To Getting Dumped
  • Chapter 3: Use No Contact And Start Leveling Up
  • Chapter 4: What To Do During No Contact
  • Chapter 5: Signs The No Contact Rule Is Working
  • Chapter 6: Does No Contact Work With An Avoidant Ex?
  • Chapter 7: When Your Ex Comes Back (Use This Technique)
  • Concluding Remarks

What I’ve done is compiled everything you need to know to get your ex back, from the moment they bring up parting ways to the weeks and months that may follow the breakup.

In this guide, you will not chase, beg, plead, or do anything silly to get your ex back.

In fact, if you follow the advice carefully, reconciling and getting back together will be your ex’s idea!

I won’t waste your time with unnecessary sales talk. If you’ve read any of my articles, you know that the ideas I share are deeply rooted in being dignified and self-respectful. What we know is that love will never exist or persist without respect. This is a guide that will change the negative or weakened perception your ex has of you.

More importantly, it will change the way you look at yourself.

There’s no reason to read countless articles or watch videos when you can get everything you need to know in one compact guide.

Get Instant Access To This Guide!

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