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20 Qualities To Look For In A Guy

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what to look for in a guy

Women who are looking for good men to marry should be very wary of relationship salesmen. These men know how to paint a romantic picture using pretty words but are imposters. They are not husband-material, let alone parent-material. But if you know what to look for, it’s a lot easier to differentiate between imposters and strong men. So in this article, I’m going to share a list of the best qualities to look for in a guy.

If I were to pick just 3 qualities, it would be trustworthiness, respect, and discipline.

Marriage, business, parenting, safety, and even fitness require hard work on a consistent basis for the best results. Only a man who honors his commitments, respects himself and those around him, and is willing to show up despite how he feels can be hardworking and consistent.

As long as a man has these 3 qualities, he has potential, and you should stick around to see what else he can bring to the table.

What To Look For In A Man (20 Characteristic)

qualities to look for in a guy

1. Respectful

Someone who respects you, your opinions, your feelings, and your boundaries. Respect is a prerequisite for love. If he carries himself with self-respect, he’s likely to be respectful of you and the relationship.

2. Kindness

Kindness can be measured in a myriad of ways, but what you are looking for is a generous heart and a compassionate and empathetic nature towards others. He should be kind with his time, love, and energy above all else.

3. Trustworthiness

Honesty and reliability are essential for a long-lasting relationship. The best of men are those who are principled and honorable. If we were to look for just one sign of trustworthiness, it would be the propensity to keep promises.

4. Good Communication Skills

One of the most common reasons why marriages dissolve is due to a lack of good communication. It’s a good sign when a man doesn’t resist conversations, even if they’re uncomfortable. Being able to express feelings and thoughts openly and listen actively are good qualities to look for in a guy.

5. Sense Of Humor

Love thrives with joy, and what’s better than a good chuckle? Shared laughter can strengthen bonds and make difficult times easier. Men who take themselves too seriously are hard to be around all the time.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence boils down to awareness and understanding of emotions, but more importantly, using them in a positive and productive manner, especially in relationships.

7. Supportiveness

The willingness to be there for you in both good and bad times is vital. Life is full of memorable experiences, and some of them will be challenging. A supportive man is able to stand by your side and be stoic or strong so that you have the freedom to experience your emotions safely.

8. Ambition And Drive

Having goals and working towards them can be attractive and inspiring. An ambitious man will often be motivated to try new things and accomplish goals. You could never get bored with a man who is averse to mediocrity and complacency because he’ll be full of powerful energy and interesting thoughts or experiences from his pursuits.

9. Compatibility 

People mistake compatibility for sharing common interests. In reality, true compatibility pertains to shared values, morals, and life goals that can help build a strong foundation. A man who has strong values that are compatible with your own is definitely worth your time and day. A man with bad habits that conflict with your own often leads to the dissolution of a relationship.

10. Independence

He should have his own interests and life outside the relationship. This ensures that he won’t be needy or overly clingy. Most importantly, he won’t be fully reliant on the relationship as his sole source of happiness.

11. Empathy

As we all know, an empathetic person makes us feel safe, heard, understood, and comforted. When you go through problems in life, regardless of how big or small they are, it’s heartwarming for you as a woman to have a man in your life who validates your emotions and is compassionate.

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12. Patience

There will be times when you clash or go through phases of stress. A man who can maintain his cool, remain stoic, and be understanding will always thrive in these situations, and you’ll feel safe in his presence.

13. Responsible 

The last thing you want is to be stuck with a man-child who is averse to accountability. Only people who are accountable and responsible truly grow in life and relationships.

14. Self-Awareness

Knowing oneself and continuously working on personal growth is a result of self-awareness. This can be a useful trait for relationships as they go through seasons of change over years or decades.

15. Resilience

The ability to bounce back from setbacks and face challenges with determination is a highly attractive quality to look for in a guy. Resilient men will not bail out of a relationship when things get hard or boring at times. They’ll remain committed to riding the wave and nurturing the relationship back to good health.

16. Generosity

The willingness to give without expecting anything in return is a wonderful attribute. It won’t just be a way of fostering good will in the relationship; it will spill over into parenthood. Children are taught generosity by their parents, so if you want your kids to have this trait, find a man who has it.

17. Adaptability

Compromising can be extremely useful in a relationship, but only when both parties are willing participants. Find a man who isn’t too rigid when it comes to small compromises. He should show signs of being flexible and open to change.

18. Integrity

Acting in alignment with their values and principles is becoming a rare quality in men. Believe me when I tell you that integrity plays a vital role in fidelity. Men who have a strong relationship with their own integrity will refrain from dishonoring their vows to you and themselves. Conversely, men without integrity are often weak men in most areas of life.

19. Decency And Modesty

Have you ever been betrayed or truly hurt by someone who epitomizes decency and modesty? Probably not. In a time when people are obsessed with vanity and materialism, finding a decent and modest man will show you what it’s like to experience genuine love. Why? Because he wouldn’t want anything from you other than you.

20. Family-Orientation

If a man is willing to cast aside his family and friends for personal gain, believe me, he’ll do the same to you someday if the situation calls for it. If a man has a healthy and respectful relationship with his family (who are honorable and good people), it’s a good sign.

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