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8 Signs Your Ex Is Attached To You

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how to tell if your ex is still attached to you

Despite breaking up, it’s not easy to sever an attachment to someone you cared about for a significant period of time. Some decisions made after splitting up help you cope with the change, while others make it more difficult to let go. Signs that your ex may still be attached to you can vary depending on the individual and the nature of your past relationship. But if they still have feelings for you, they’ll exhibit at least some of the signs discussed below.

How To If Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

signs your ex is still attached to you

1. Continued Communication

If someone doesn’t have an attachment to you or want to use you, they won’t initiate contact. If your ex frequently reaches out to you via text, phone calls, or social media, it could be a sign that they are still attached to you and want to maintain a connection. Additionally, if they exhibit an obvious aversion to breaking contact, they are definitely afraid of missing you due to unresolved feelings or unfinished business.

2. Emotional Reactions

Did you know that the opposite of love isn’t hate but indifference? An ex who has moved on will not exhibit any emotional reactions to you walking away or moving on with someone else. They certainly would not react emotionally to a discussion about the past. If your ex shows emotional distress or sadness when discussing the breakup or your actions post-breakup, they haven’t moved on entirely.

3. Jealousy

In general, most people feel uncomfortable when an ex brings up their new relationship. But jealousy is different. A jealous ex may make negative remarks about your new relationship or partner and try to diminish the connection you have. They would only resort to this behavior if they still felt attached to you. I’ve even noticed that jealousy is one of the main reasons why avoidants come back.

4. Attempts To Reconnect

Sometimes these attempts to reconcile may be subtle, and other times they will be obvious. Your ex may make efforts to spend time with you or suggest meeting up, even if it’s just as friends. This could indicate a desire to rekindle the romance or maintain a close connection.

5. Nostalgia

An attachment to an ex usually presents itself with an attachment to the past. If your ex frequently brings up memories from your past relationship or expresses a longing for the way things used to be, they’re still attached to you.

6. Physical Cues

Nonverbal cues like body language give away a person’s true feelings. If your ex maintains prolonged eye contact, initiates physical contact, or seems hesitant to leave your presence, it could indicate lingering feelings.

7. Reluctance To Let Go

Your ex may struggle to let go of items that remind them of you, such as gifts you gave them or photos of the two of you together. Additionally, their social media accounts may still have pictures or videos from the relationship. To some degree, they are still attached to you, or they would have archived all of it before searching for a new partner. On a side note, I recommend checking out this article on the reasons why people get attached so easily.

8. Mixed Signals

Your ex may send mixed signals, expressing both a desire to move on and a reluctance to fully let go of the relationship. This polarity is an indicator of unresolved feelings and tends to exist predominantly during the early weeks or months after breaking up. A dumper may yo-yo between wanting space and wanting to connect with you because, to some degree, they are still attached to you.

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