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Women Need To Wonder About You!

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The mistake most men make when courting a woman is to chase her. If you are looking to get friendzoned or rejected, constantly chase all day long. But, if you want the best chance at making her desire you, then you need to accept that women need to wonder about you.

When women wonder about you, it interests them. 

They can spend time painting a picture of what you are doing, the kind of man you are, and the type of feelings you have for her.

This space and time away from each other creates immense desire. 

Not only does it create desire, but it also makes your presence more valuable.

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Women Value Men Who Are Hard To Get And Easy To Keep

women want men who are hard to get, women need to wonder about you

Most of us tend to value things that are hard to get.

If we were offered free attention and affection all the time, we would quickly become bored with it. 

More importantly, we would not value it. 


We didn’t have to work for it. 

That’s why!

If something is given away for free to someone who doesn’t earn it, then the natural assumption is that it must not be worth much.

In contrast to someone whose value has already been established, you must prove your value as a man by being self-assured, powerful, motivated, self-respectful, and purposeful.

These are the traits that women are attracted to.

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Would you consider someone who chases you to be self-respectful? 

Absolutely not.

Would you consider someone who sits on their phone all day texting or talking as purposeful and motivated to fulfill their potential as an individual? 

No, you wouldn’t. 

Similarly, women lose attraction to men who have no purpose other than to win their approval and validation.

Now, I understand that some men who read this content take shortcuts.

They approach these ideas more like a seductive technique than as guidance on how to change your mindset as a man.

Look, you wouldn’t have time to sit around on your phone or chase after women all day if you were working hard at being successful, strong, and attractive.

Your time would be precious because you have so many things to do.

When you do show up to pursue women, they will value your time and effort way more than the guy who is chasing them all day long.

Take it from someone who was codependent and lived this way.

I would destroy attraction and desire by talking all day.

Here’s the thing.

Women do want all your attention, but that doesn’t mean they should get it.


Because you have a responsibility as a man to fulfill your potential and purpose in life.

How can you be a “man” who can lead a relationship if you can’t even make some sacrifices?

I would love to talk to women all day, but I know that it will prevent me from working hard at other things in life that are necessary for my development as an individual and as a man.

In the end, women respect me more now because I have my priorities in check and do not make them the center of my universe.

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Women Respect Men Who Are Mature

women want mature men, women need to wonder about you why women need to wonder about men

Women can trust me to lead because I can resist my own desire to be with them all the time and get my job done each and every day.

As a result of this change, I notice that women appreciate me more and chase me.

I don’t have to text them all day to receive texts from them or be hit on by them anymore.

Can you imagine the kind of security and peace of mind I feel by having women pursue me?

I don’t have to chase, convince, or jump through hoops to get attention from women.


Because I behave like a man who has value. I behave like a man who doesn’t need validation or easy attention. 

Women can smell desperation in men.

It’s completely off putting to them.

But, when you give them space, they have the opportunity to miss you.

When women miss you, they reach out to you.

When they reach out to you, they create an opportunity for you to call them and see them.

Developing romantic relationships is easy when you allow women the space they need to develop an interest in and connection with you.

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Women Are Turned Off By Men Who Chase Them

women need to wonder about you, how to make a woman wonder about, why women need to wonder about men

Far too many men are chasing women.

There are guys right now who are double texting and triple texting women who barely care about them at all.

There are also guys right now who are showering women with gifts who don’t view them as anything other than friends.

Then there’s the guy who doesn’t chase or do any of those things.

Who do you think stands out from the crowd?

Who do you think has placed a higher value on his time, effort, and attention?

  • It’s the guy who is too preoccupied with living his life.
  • It’s the guy who lets women come to him.
  • It’s the guy who walks through life with a mindset of abundance and purpose.

I dare you to ask women if they find a man who has discipline to be attractive, and 99% of them will say, “Yes!” 

All you have to do is just focus on being a well-rounded man, and women will come to you.

When you are busy with work or exercising at the gym, stay off your phone. Get dialed into what you are doing. Learn how to apply yourself with tunnel vision when you need to be focused. 

You’ll give women time to wonder about you.

But, here’s the important part – give women your undivided attention when you are with them.

That’s how you cultivate attraction and desire.

It’s not about ignoring women.

It’s a waste of your time. 

Take it from the guy who actually wrote an article about ignoring women to make them chase you.

Instead, be on your grind and sincerely give your attention to whatever you are doing or whoever you are with at any given time. 

This is why women need to wonder about you!

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Final Thoughts

When your feelings are involved, I know how difficult it is to resist the temptation to be around women all the time.

Believe me, I get it.

However, you need to train yourself to be disciplined.

When you can be around her, by all means, do it. Give her your undivided attention and enjoy her company.

Enjoy the experience of bonding and connecting with a woman you care about and desire.

But, don’t neglect your responsibilities as a man.

That’s a disservice to you and to her.

You’ll lose her respect even though you’re choosing to spend all your time on her.

Keep this in mind.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on why women need to wonder about you. If you did, I strongly suggest you grab a copy of my eBook, which details everything you need to know to attract the best women you meet. Click here to check it out.

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