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Will She Miss Me If She Blocked Me? Here’s The Truth!

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Getting blocked may end communication with a girl but it doesn’t necessarily mark the end for how you feel about her. In fact, it is a well known fact that rejection tends to breed some degree of fixation or obsession. I get emails from guys who are frantic and upset after being blocked and most of them ask me the same question, will she miss me if she blocked me?

No, she won’t miss you if she blocked you unless it was an impulsive or highly emotional decision that was an overreaction to an argument or misunderstanding. Apart from these scenarios in which she still cares about you, she will not miss you if she blocked you.

Some people may argue that time apart may influence her feelings and it’s possible that she will miss you in time.

That is true but I don’t see the point in focusing on something completely out of your control unless you plan on pausing your life and remaining stagnant for the possibility that this will happen.

Women aren’t blocking men they’re in love with. 

The only time this happens is when she’s upset and she’s trying to make you understand how she feels.

So, she’ll block you in anger for a short time before returning and trying to win you back.

Not even that behavior is healthy but that’s a discussion for another day.

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The Main Reason Why She Blocked You

will she miss me after blocking me, she blocked me, will she miss me when she blocked me, she blocked me will she miss me

Being blocked is a drastic step and a woman will only do this if she really doesn’t want to communicate with you right now.

Either she doesn’t want to communicate with you or she doesn’t see any reason to keep the lines of communication open.

Case in point, a woman who has recently entered into a new relationship.

She may see no reason to keep other guys around who she was chatting to. 

To commit to her new relationship, she decides to block any guy who will make a proposition at her or that she once shared an intimate relationship with.

Not everyone will take such a step but those who highly value commitment and have strict boundaries tend to exercise this step.

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Personally, I see merit in this, especially if you are committing to a relationship.

To allow attention from other people is a recipe for disaster.

As I’ve learned about habits from Atomic Habits, the easiest way to change your habits and to avoid failing is to remove all temptations from your environment.

A change in environment can drastically increase your ability to succeed at whatever it is that you are setting out to achieve. 

Temptation is a dangerous drug and if more people abstained from cheap thrills and temptations, we would have relationships that last longer and offer more happiness to both parties. 

When you’re not looking externally, you’re prompted to look internally.

Rather than seeking attention and validation from outside sources, you would find a way to gain it from within your own relationship.

Forgive me for going off on a tangent but I’m just trying to express the validity behind such a step.

In the event that you’re worried she blocked you because she hates you, unless you’ve given her reason to, she probably blocked you to avoid temptation and to honor her new relationship if that is what’s going on.

Take that as a compliment.

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Even if it’s untrue, that is immaterial. 

You can only work with the information that you have on hand.

The discussion changes when hate and anger enter the picture. 

Before we get into that, I want to mention something important and I highly recommend that you remember this by writing it down or taking a screenshot.

To be missed, you cannot be present or chasing someone all the time!

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Why You Must Not Chase A Woman Who Blocked You

will she miss me after blocking me, she blocked me, will she miss me when she blocked me, she blocked me will she miss me

In the context of being blocked, you cannot be spending time every day looking for new ways to contact her.

Sending her emails, making a new account to DM her on social media and blowing up her phone is a surefire way of ruining any possibility for her to miss you if she blocked you.

In fact, it will come across as so desperate and unhinged that she may consider you to be a creep who she never wants to interact with again.

Don’t undermine your value with this kind of behavior.

Of course, you have to try and convince her to unblock you if the two of you were in a relationship and your behavior drove her to block you.

Perhaps, you are the sole reason for why things are going wrong in your relationship and your actions have hurt her.

In that case, it is imperative that you make an effort to win her back.

But, even then, I still wouldn’t recommend chasing her indefinitely.

Make genuine attempts and then give her the space she needs to come back.

If she initiated a break up or she rejected you and is seeing someone else which is what prompted her to block you, chasing her will achieve nothing but certain death to any possibility of her missing you.

A man who has a great deal of self respect and self worth will never chase a woman who chose someone else over him.

You don’t need to prove yourself to a woman who never saw enough value in you from the get go.

That is a way of reaffirming her opinion of you.

Women respect men who respect themselves.

Guess what?

A woman will never love a man unless she respects him first.

So, if you consider chasing her as a means of making her miss you, please do not disrespect yourself in this manner.

As I have pointed out above, there are specific exclusions to this rule and they rely on the fact that you caused her to block you and the two of you were in a real relationship or situationship.

Say for example, the reason why she blocked you is because you have been treating her like she’s invisible and unimportant to you for a while now.

Things have gotten toxic, you’re talking to other people and ignoring her, it makes sense that she has finally blocked you after making attempts to work things through with you.

The only sensible reaction to a scenario like this is to make a genuine attempt to win her back.

In this kind of scenario, showing her that you care will work.

Apart from situations like this, it makes no sense for you to be contacting her at all.

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Final Thoughts

I know how you feel right now.

That fight or flight response is probably firing on all cylinders.

As much as you want to take drastic steps to get her to unblock you, I strongly recommend taking a bit of time to cool down and think about what you want to do.

Some situations necessitate actions while other require inaction.

Which is it for you?

Meditate on this question and I’m sure you’ll find the right answer for your situation provided that you are honest with yourself.

Take comfort in knowing that if she shared a significant bond with you and there’s a valuable history between the two of you, it’s only a matter of time before she misses you.

It’s human nature to miss the ones we once cared about, especially during the earlier days of cutting contact with them.

Use this time to reflect on yourself and the way you’ve been approaching relationships.

Through suffering, most men develop themselves into someone better, stronger and smarter.

As long as you are willing to grow, you’ll find ways that work for you.

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