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Will She Ever Come Back After Dumping Me? (The Truth)

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will she ever come back after dumping me, will she come back after dumping you

Letting go of someone you love is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do in life. Whether it be through death or a breakup, the loss can leave you wishing that you’d get a chance to see or be with them again. With a breakup, there’s some hope of getting another chance. You probably find yourself struggling with the following question, will she ever come back after dumping me? Here’s what you need to know.

She will come back after dumping you if she still has feelings for you, she impulsively dumped you, she feels lonely without you, she hasn’t met anyone better than you, she’s been rejected or dumped or she has forgiven you for what you did that pushed her to dump you.

In any of these scenarios, there’s a great chance that she will come back but it will also depend on how much of a connection the two of you shared and whether she still has residual love for you.

Without feelings of love, respect or trust, it doesn’t matter what happens to her or you, she won’t come back because those are non-negotiable prerequisites for a relationship. 

Keep that in mind because if she left you due to a loss of these feelings, you are going to have a hard time getting her back. 

Look, here’s the truth. She’s not coming back if she has no feelings for you anymore, you absolutely destroyed all trust, she’s happily single or she’s moved on and is with someone else.

Be that as it may, let’s take a look now at all the reasons why she will come back after dumping you.

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Reasons Why She Will Come Back After Dumping You

will she come back after dumping you, reasons why she will come back after dumping you

She still has feelings for you

For the most part, women tap into their emotional side and pay attention to how they feel more accurately than a lot of men.

You may see guys falsely assume a state of happiness after a breakup only to end up incredibly depressed and sad over the loss months later. 

It’s such a cliche but it’s true. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the meme that compares the different stages a man and woman go through after a breakup.

The missing piece to this narrative is that she may actually find that months after soul searching, dealing with the loss and being by herself or seeing other people, she still has feelings for you.

The fact that we mostly look back at the past through rose-tinted glasses unless we were traumatized often leads to this idea that she will come back after dumping you because she’s reflecting on what she loved and enjoyed about you and the relationship.

She impulsively dumped you

I am no stranger to impulsivity.

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It can strike at any time and the surge of emotions towards making a decision overwhelms a person’s capability to think rationally and logically.

What I find is that people who are eccentric and impulsive have the propensity to end a relationship in the heat of the moment over emotions that are not long-lasting or for reasons that do not merit a breakup.

When the overwhelming pull of impulsivity wears off and she has time to actually think about what she wants, it’s highly possible that she will come back after dumping you.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of those couples who break up during every single fight they have and then makeup hours later.

That’s a prime example of impulsivity at its finest or in this case, its worst.

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She feels lonely without you

It’s not easy to transition from constantly being with someone romantically to being all by yourself without a companion who shares everything with you.

Your routine changes, your support structure changes, your source of comfort changes, your goals and life path changes and you change.

All of this is incredibly uncomfortable because as people, we are prone to falling into a state of comfort that repels change.

Even though she ended the relationship, the painful emotions associated with loss are not easily escaped by the dumper.

If anything, it will appear when they least expect it. 

When loneliness strikes, she’ll either bear with it, attempt to escape it or come running back to you because she can’t handle it. 

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She hasn’t met anyone better than you

Far too many people undermine the change associated with a breakup and overestimate their abilities to find someone who they connect with deeply.

We see this all the time with people who suffer from the grass is greener syndrome.

When they’re in a relationship and hit a patch that isn’t thrilling, they start entertaining the idea of someone else or something better.

In their minds, they feel like what they have isn’t all that special and they can get better.

This doesn’t have anything to do with compatibility or outgrowing a partner. Those are different from someone who just wants more and constantly needs to validate something missing within themselves by looking for the next best thing or best person. 

When you become a slave to your ego, nothing is ever good enough and you’ll never find yourself satisfied.

That’s what happens when a girl dumps you and ends a great relationship because she thinks she can get someone even better looking or whatever it may be that she’s looking for.

But, the reality is a lot harsher than the fantasy we have in our minds.

When she has to face the fact that even though she may encounter a bunch of guys, most of them may not be as good to her now that she’s single compared to what she thought.

And the few who may meet this new standard of hers may not have an interest in her.

When she faces rejection or gets dumped, she’s going to think about the last guy who didn’t make her feel unwanted and who she actually cared about at some point.

That’s why she will come back after dumping you. 

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She’s been rejected or dumped

Rebound relationships and monkey branching are popular because not everyone understands how to deal with a breakup healthily.

Typically, you should take some time to be alone to feel your emotions.

As you feel them, you actually heal from them and create a new normal in which you are self-sufficient and content by yourself.

It is when you feel happy enough as a single person that you are most likely ready to have a new relationship.

Those who are too afraid of loneliness or the pain of loss and change often jump into the next relationship relatively quickly.

Alternatively, they try to date as many people as they can thinking that it will amount to something beautiful straight off the bat.

When it doesn’t happen and they’re faced with rejection or they’re dumped, it sends them spiraling down a dark path.

That’s when they realize the value of what they lost and threw away.

During this very moment, your ex will come back after dumping you because they realize that you were a genuine source of love and companionship. 

But, at the same time, it can be argued that they are looking for validation after getting rejected or dumped which is something you will have to determine when interacting with your ex.

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She has forgiven you

As I’ve gotten older, my understanding of forgiveness has changed with time. 

I used to be under the false impression that forgiveness meant that everything could be forgotten and things may return to how they were with a lesson learned.

Sadly, that’s not the case.

Forgiveness isn’t always guaranteed and should be approached as a gift from the one who has been hurt.

I’ve made many poor choices in my life that have affected others and people have made poor choices that have affected me.

I have tried my best to be forgiving but sometimes, forgiveness isn’t enough to reconcile what has been lost and broken.

That part hurts the most. 

If you have hurt your ex-girlfriend and she manages to forgive you enough to come back after dumping you, consider yourself very lucky that she has the capacity to do so.

You have been gifted a chance to do things right and to grow with her.

There’s no guarantee that she will actually come back but your chances are exponentially better if she manages to forgive you.

In Conclusion

As much as there’s no guarantee that she will ever come back after dumping you, it’s important for you to use this time productively and with purpose.

Put in as much time and effort to improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially so that if your ex comes back or you meet someone else, you’re the best version of yourself at the time and the relationship will have a better chance to succeed.

Approach your situation like this and you will not look back a year from now with regret for wasting all that time fixating on an outcome that was beyond your control.

Yes, I know it’s easier said than done and you will struggle but that’s why it’s so important that you try to approach the situation like this.

With struggle and effort, growth occurs at a sustainable rate and meaningful manner.

You evolve through hardship and that’s something you will never regret.

She may come back or she may not.

The goal is to get to a point where either outcome is okay because you put in the work to become someone you’re proud of and respect.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on will she ever come back after dumping me to be a source of comfort and a realistic answer to your question. If you have any other questions or thoughts that you would like to share with me, please do so by leaving a comment down below.

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