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Will My Ex Unblock Me? (Answered & Explained)

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Getting blocked by an ex can be extremely confusing and upsetting, especially if you just broke up or didn’t expect it. Even though you understand that there’s not much you can do about it, you can’t help but wonder, will my ex unblock me?

Yes, your ex will unblock you once they let go of the emotions or reasons that caused them to block you in the first place. As long as they don’t hate you, they will eventually unblock you. 

This is the sort of question that requires a look into the reason or cause for why your ex blocked you. 

After a breakup, it’s common for people to block each other because it’s an emotional time and people act in extremes.

Once they cool down and time starts to work its magic, curiosity or the desire to talk to you will influence them to unblock you.

The only time this won’t happen is if your ex moves on and forgets to unblock you or if you have burned bridges after the breakup.

I see this happen all the time. 

A couple breaks up and one or both of the parties gets into a heated verbal exchange. They disagree and continue to do so.

One partner may even behave in a desperate and ‘crazy’ manner which makes their ex feel overwhelmed.

At that point, their ex loses respect and just wants to get away from the drama. So, he or she blocks you and removes you from their social media accounts. 

Straight off the bat, we can establish one principle and that is to leave your ex alone after the breakup if the two of you are volatile and arguing with each other.

It’s not going to end well at all if you remain in contact and continue to fight with your ex.

Additionally, it’s not a good idea to constantly text or call your ex in hopes of winning them back.

All the begging and pleading will only result in the two of you clashing and losing respect for each other.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to leave your ex alone, especially if you’ve been dumped. 

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I recently wrote an article on whether or not the no contact rule works if you were dumped. I strongly suggest you read that article because it has compelling arguments for why the no contact rule is effective at helping you move on or to get back with your ex. 

Be that as it may, let me share a number of factors that more or less ensure that your ex will unblock you. 

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Reasons Why Your Ex Will Unblock You

reasons why your ex will unblock you

1. You were respectful to your ex after the breakup

When people break up, they act in unpredictable ways that can sometimes seem extreme to others. 

They may even do something out of character because of how emotionally volatile the situation can be.

If your ex dumped you and instead of fighting with him or her or lashing out, you stayed composed and remained respectful, then there’s no reason for him or her to really block you outside of their own emotional motivation.

This is what they feel like doing right now as a means of dealing with the breakup. 

Once that initial shock and crazy emotions die down, they’ll start thinking about you in a more normal and less judgmental light.

At this point, they’ll judge whether it was appropriate to block you and if it wasn’t, then the next thing that they will do is unblock you. 

Plus, if they feel curiously enough about how you are and what you’re doing after the breakup, it could be compelling enough to make them unblock you. 

This wouldn’t be the case if you resorted to cussing out your ex after the breakup or saying things that were defamatory or truly hurtful. 

2. Your ex doesn’t hate your guts

How you behave after the breakup is important but not if the cause for the breakup was your fault.

I have to be brutally honest with you about this – if you were a toxic, disrespectful and horrible partner to your ex, then holding onto the hope of them unblocking you is a waste of time because you gave them a reason to cut you out of their lives forever. 

The only thing you can and should do right now is work on yourself and become a better person. 

If you didn’t do anything to make your ex hate you then there’s a strong likelihood that he or she will unblock you.

But, if they haven’t for a year, then there’s really a slim chance that they will. 

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3. You stopped trying to contact your ex after being blocked

I’ve seen many people scare their ex away by chasing them and blowing up their phone constantly after the breakup.

This is a surefire way of motivating your ex to block you.

They want space and you’re not giving it to them.

Since you’re no longer in a relationship with them, they’re going to prioritize their needs and block you even though they know that it will upset you. 

If you didn’t chase your ex and stepped away after the breakup or after they blocked you, then in time, they will unblock you when they’re ready to communicate with you again. 

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4. Your ex impulsively blocked you

Remember how I mentioned that people reacted unpredictably after a breakup because of the volatile emotions involved in parting ways? 

Well, it just so happens that some people tend to impulsively block their exes.

As soon as they cool down within a day or two and reality sets in, I’m willing to bet that they will unblock you and even reach out.

And if your ex has a history of doing this after a breakup then you know that the motivation for doing so isn’t strong enough to last indefinitely.  

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What Not To Do If Your Ex Blocks You

what not to do if your ex blocks you

The ideal response or reaction is no reaction at all.

Do not waste your time trying to reach out via different means or by getting someone else to contact your ex for you. 

This will only make you look desperate and will affirm your ex’s decision to block you in the first place.

I would also caution you against posting statuses about your ex for him or her to see online. 

Do not discuss them on any social media platform for them to see and do not like or comment on their social media updates.

The idea behind this is to avoid devaluing your worth by chasing after your ex who chose to eliminate any and all contact with you.

Think about this for a second, why would you reward someone who tossed you away with your effort and attention?

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In Conclusion

I completely understand how confused and upset you feel about your ex blocking you but I can assure you that chasing after them will not help the situation.

Right now, your focus needs to be on healing from this situation and working through your emotions after the breakup.

Holding onto the hope that your ex will unblock you and come back while waiting pointlessly is a complete waste of your time.

You can never get this time of your life back.

For this reason, I strongly encourage you to invest in your own well-being during this time. 

It’s a difficult thing to experience but I can assure you that life will get better and you will not feel the sting of your ex blocking you forever.

A time will come when you may not even care but that is only possible if you focus on moving forward and healing.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on will my ex unblock me to be insightful and a source of comfort. If you would like to share your thoughts, experiences or questions, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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