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Will I Be Single Forever? Here’s Why You Won’t

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When you’ve been single for a long time and the string of dates you’ve been on have been nothing but a disappointment, it’s natural to feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

I’ve been in that situation myself, and it stinks.

Your anxiety or fear of being alone ignites, and you start to wonder, Will I be single forever?

No, you won’t be single forever. If anything, you won’t be single for as long as you continue to keep yourself open to the possibility of love. As long as you’re a part of the world and put yourself out there to meet new people, you will find someone who wants to be with you.

10 Reasons Why You Won’t Be Single Forever

will I be single forever

1. Falling in love is unpredictable and often unexpected, so despite what you have convinced yourself, love will find you.

2. Life is such that when someone leaves, someone else enters.

3. By pursuing your passions, you’ll attract like-minded people into your life organically.

4. The older you get, the more receptive people are too serious relationships.

5. What we desire changes with time. So, our criteria for a partner changes. As it changes, our pool of dates changes with it.

6. Instead of chasing after people who aren’t interested, you’ll focus your attention on those who are.

7. You’ll spend time writing down a list of traits you want in a prospective partner, making it easier to meet people who are compatible with you.

8. You’ll allow yourself to explore love by freeing yourself of past regrets and mistakes.

9. You will learn to accept rejection as a part of life and cycle through it until you succeed in dating.

10. You’re going to take time to work on yourself as a person and as a partner while you’re single.

What To Focus On When You’re Single

Focus on yourself.

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I know that’s easier said than done, but during this time, our mind and heart enter this never-ending race of finding love.

We think about what we want, what we don’t have as yet, how things could have been, and the mistakes we’ve made.

All of these, other than focusing on what you want, are a waste of time, energy, and emotions.

They tie you to the past when, in actuality, a tunnel vision of the future would benefit you far more.

As difficult as it may be, spend this time on yourself.

I don’t mean drowning in loneliness.

On the contrary, meet a ton of new people, explore new places, take up a new hobby, work on your side business, start exercising, and so on.

Think about this for a second: if you find someone in the next 6 months and it turns into the longest love story of your life, you’ll never be this age and this single again.

Instead of spending this time wallowing in self-pity, spend it on yourself in the best way possible.

You’ll never get this time of your life back again.

Put yourself in the mindset of knowing that in the future, you’re already in a loving relationship, working on your goals, and living the best life you possibly could.

Taking this approach to a happy future not only offers a sense of peace and prosperity, but it also motivates.

Fixed Outcomes Are Never A Guarantee In Relationships

When things are good, they can take a turn for the worse. When things are bad, they can take a turn for the better.

Life is an unpredictable journey full of surprises.

That could be scary, or it could be exciting.

Your perspective on life and the journey you’re on as an individual depends on how you choose to approach the world.

If your mind’s eye is fixated on the bad, you’ll have a pretty mellow experience.

However, changing your perspective by focusing on the good could radically change the experiences you have in life.

It’s not the challenges of life that break us; it’s the way we react to them.

When you wake up in the morning, are you able to take account of all the blessings in your life?

Or do you wake up and feed the empty pit in your soul with everything you wish you could have and the pain you don’t want to endure, battle, and grow from?

When a relationship ends, do you spend months or years wishing you could get your ex back by reliving the past and all the things you wish to have done differently?

Or do you accept the time you had with them as precious, leave it in the past, send your residual love to them by simply wishing well on them, grow from the experience, and move forward, seeking out the next chapter of your life?

Perspective is everything, and your actions influence your thoughts just as much as they influence your actions.

You Won’t Be Single Forever

As long as you continue to keep a positive outlook on the situation, you will eventually find yourself tangled in a passionate romance.

For now, you’d be much better off spending your time on self-improvement, being happy, overcome the fear of being cheated on, and putting yourself in a more ideal position to find someone amazing.

Stay strong!

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