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Will He Wonder Why I Haven’t Contacted Him? (The Truth)

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In this article, we are going to explore the truth about whether or not he will wonder why you haven’t contacted him and if no contact makes a man think about you and miss you.

If he was attracted and attached to you before going no contact, there’s a strong chance that he will wonder why you haven’t contacted him. Men get used to women who chase them. This creates an expectation that you will always be in his life, trying to win his heart. The fact that you have walked away conflicts with his expectations of you and that is going to trigger some form of doubt within him.

That’s usually when a man wonders why a woman hasn’t contacted him.

We may not realize it but we are slaves to certainty.

Think about it for a second.

Uncertainty is never a situation that triggers a feeling of indifference. On the contrary, it triggers a feeling of excitement and anticipation or anxiety and fear.

There’s really no in-between if you do not actively try to remain calm and indifferent toward uncertainty.

This is one of the reasons why so many people fail to maintain any form of mystery in a courtship with someone they find highly attractive or interesting.

If that person were to avoid expressing desire or feelings for you early on, you’re going to be in a state of uncertainty.

That is why you must attempt to be indifferent and not feel indifferent. There’s a difference in the wording because the application is different.

Being indifferent does not require you to feel indifferent.

In other words, you could be highly emotional but act in a manner that is interpreted as indifferent.

Obviously, it’s difficult to feel nothing towards someone you’re attracted to and invested in.

To offload your desire and feelings onto them too early on could ruin the courtship. 

Feelings have to mature at a natural pace and you can’t accurately predict when someone has reached a point of wanting to be with you.

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That’s why it’s important for both men and women to be indifferent when it is inappropriate or risky to act on your emotions.

Here’s an interesting fact.

When presented with indifference from others, an emotional reaction takes place.

So, when you exercise indifference on someone who has some kind of emotional investment in you, it’s going to create some kind of feeling or thought within them.

What I’ve tried to do is illustrate the effect of indifference.

In terms of relationships and dating, it just so happens that walking away, no contact and emotional self-control translate into indifference because these are already highly emotional situations.

If you’re having any doubts about walking away from a guy who rejected you or left you, rest assured that indifference and acting against the expectations of someone who thinks you’re always going to emotionally react to them is effective in changing their thoughts or feelings about you or the situation to some extent.

So, to answer your question, will he wonder why I haven’t contacted him? 

Yes, absolutely. As long as he expected you to contact him, it’s only natural that he will wonder why you haven’t. 

Whether that inspires him to reach out or come back will be influenced by other factors but for the most part, taking this step of no contact will definitely make him think about why you stopped talking to him.

When a significant amount of time has passed, the following thoughts tend to take root in the mind of a guy.

She may have found someone else, she may not have liked me as much as I thought or she’s a lot more self-respecting than I thought.

Mission accomplished!

Even if he doesn’t come back to you, the narrative has changed forever.

No longer are you the desperate girl who kept chasing him.

Instead, you’re the girl who chose to walk away when you were not being appreciated, wanted or valued.

That is the behavior of someone who has dignity and self-respect.

Let me tell you something, a man will never truly love you if he doesn’t respect you.

And you’ll never have anyone else’s respect without being respectful to yourself. 

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How To Tell If He’s Thinking About You After No Contact

will her wonder why I haven't contacted him, will he thnk abotu why I didn't contact him, will he think about why you haven't contacted him

First and foremost, the best sign is when he reaches out. Sometimes, guys try to be discreet about their intentions and feelings and so they’ll use an excuse for reaching out or their text will appear nonchalant.

It’s not.

Secondly, if you notice that he’s liking your pictures on social media, then he’s trying to get your attention.

It’s almost like breadcrumbing.

He’s reminding you of his presence and is waiting to see if you’ll come chasing after him with texts or calls.

Thirdly, he’ll start talking about you to mutual friends or asking about you.

He knows that this person may let you know that they asked about you. He’s planting a seed and testing the waters to see if you’ll take the bait and break no contact.

Those are the most significant signs that he’s thinking about you and wondering why you haven’t contacted him.

There are other things he may do like posting stuff that is relevant to you or to things that have been discussed between the two of you.

But, for the most part, it’s the three signs mentioned above that usually represent a guy who is wondering about you.

What I will caution you against is fixating on what he does, how he feels and what he’s thinking about during no contact.

That defeats the point of walking away and not talking to someone.

It’s not your problem or business to make someone realize your worth or to change their behavior towards you.

The only thing that is truly within your control is yourself and how you plan on spending the time that you have on this planet.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand how you feel about walking away from someone you care about.

It hurts!

It feels terrible at times and you will miss them severely at first.

But, does that mean you should wallow in those feelings or obsess over someone who has not taken any steps to remain in your life?


Absolutely not.

That’s only a waste of your time.

You should continue to use time productively, healthily and positively in spite of the difficult and painful emotions you are experiencing right now.

That’s how you build strength, confidence, self-respect and trust within yourself.

The byproduct of developing these personality or character traits is that you will appear more attractive to men.

Let’s say that he does come back, he’s not going to be talking to the same person who he rejected, dumped or took for granted.

You’re going to be a version of yourself that has grown into an even more attractive and smart woman.

Either he’s going to desire you or you’re going to level up and get someone even better for you.

At the very worst, you’ll be happily single.

How amazing is that?

So, you have so much to gain from using no contact with the intention to be self-loving rather than to manipulate a guy to miss you.

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Final Thoughts

Believe me when I tell you that I understand the struggle you are facing but please don’t undervalue your own worth by rewarding someone with your love and attention when they do not appreciate you.

You have to develop a deep and solid belief that you deserve to have someone who wants to be with you, wants to love you, wants to protect the bond you share and wants to explore the future with you.

If you can remain committed to yourself in this process, I promise you, a time will come when you will be celebrating this decision to stop contacting him.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on whether or not he will wonder why you haven’t contacted him to be helpful and comforting. If you would like to contact me for email coaching, check out my services page for more information.

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