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Will He Come Back? 10 Signs He’ll Be Back Soon

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In today’s article, I’m going to definitively answer a question that most women going through a break up want to know – will he come back? 

Yes, he will come back if he still has feelings for you and thinks fondly about you, even after a breakup. It also depends on the reason why he left and whether the connection was strong enough to begin with. 

True love is resilient. It can endure a lot of trials and tribulations and survive.

Scratch that, it can thrive even after being tested to it’s very core. 

What I know, with certainty, is that it’s difficult to cut off someone you genuinely connected with on a meaningful level for a significant period of time.

So, even though he has left, there’s still a chance he will come back.

So, will he come back? Yes, he will come back if he displays some of the signs we are going to discuss below. 

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10 Signs he will come back

The following signs he will come back are based on a ton of research and consensus from female dating experts. 

Additionally, as a man, I can reflect on my past and pinpoint the times when I went back to an ex and for what reasons. 

1. He still texts you

If he was ready to move on and have absolutely nothing to do with you, he wouldn’t be texting you. 

The frequency and context of his texting matter as well.

If he’s speaking to you in the same manner he did when you were together and you can sense that with each text, he’s opening up to you again, there’s a strong chance he will come back. 

What I will caution you about is the friendzone. 

But, for the most part, I wouldn’t be too worried about that if the only relationship you’ve ever had with him has been a romantic one and his texts still have a romantic or flirtatious connotation to them.

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2. He talks about you to mutual friends and family

Someone who has moved on or doesn’t care about you will not be talking about you to family.

There’d be no need to check up on you. 

The fact that he is shows that you’re still on his mind.

And if you’re still on his mind, there’s definitely some degree of attachment in play.

Whether it’s significant enough will depend on other factors like the content of what he says about you. 

Either way, I’d still consider this a sign he will come back. 

3. He hasn’t met anyone like you

Breakups are difficult but finding someone who touches your heart is harder.

Just because he decided to break up or walk away from you doesn’t mean that he’s going to meet someone of your standard. 

He may enter the dating scene and realize that the connection he shared with you is far too valuable to walk away from.

When this realization hits him, there’s a strong chance that he will come back and try to rekindle things with you. 

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4. The cause for breaking up was not significant enough

Sometimes people break up for stupid reasons or because of external factors like living in different countries. 

Because these issues don’t stem from a problem related to feelings or the relationship values itself, it’s easy to work through them.

In other words, if circumstances change and he realizes that being apart doesn’t make sense, why wouldn’t he come back to you?

This is further perpetuated by feelings of love that were never destroyed despite breaking up.

External factors and silly reasons for splitting are often overcome and solved with time and work. 

When he starts to miss you, I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back enthusiastically. 

5. He’s all over your social media

Constantly liking your pictures, commenting on your posts, sharing memes with you and stalking all your updates is a telltale sign he will come back.

Nobody spends this amount of time on someone’s social media unless they want to get your attention. 

Men, in particular, tend to do this because they just can’t control their emotions and play it cool. 

6. He left you impulsively

Some men are incredibly impulsive and hot headed.

They’ll make decisions in the heat of the moment that goes against every logical thought they would normally have.

Rather than deal with something in a cool and collected way, they tend to lash out by doing something drastic like ending a relationship or walking away.

If this is something your man is guilty of doing, you can be certain that he’ll be back eventually.

He needs to cool down, experience some loneliness and spend some time alone.

He’ll start to miss you and then reality will dawn on him.

By that point, he’ll be blowing up your phone in hopes of getting you back. 

7. He has a history of coming back to you

While we’re on the topic of impulsive men, you do find couples who will constantly break up and make up.

This is unhealthy but they do this out of habit.

They’re dramatic and known to do over-the-top things during arguments and disagreements.

He’ll be back, especially if the reason for breaking up was something silly. 

8. He’s still in love with you

Love conquers all and if he truly loves you, then I’m certain that he will be back.

Granted, certain factors can negate a reconciliation so this isn’t a 100% guaranteed sign he will come back to you.

But, for as long as he loves you and there’s room for reconciling, there’s a strong chance that he will come back and at least assess the situation.

If he finds that there’s a strong possibility for forgiveness and moving forward with you, it could spell out a good outcome for the relationship. 

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9. He reaches out when you back off

Perhaps until now, you’ve been blowing up his phone and chasing him like a creepy stalker.

It’s not exactly attractive to be acting in this desperate and crazy manner.

By all means, pursue a man and try to get him back if you mess up.

But, if he dumped or rejected you for no apparent reason that’s substantial and you chased him, backing off can make him reconsider his decision.

He may start to believe that you accepted the situation and moved on.

At this point, if he still has feelings of attraction for you, he will reach out.

And when he reaches out, you’ll know for sure that this is a sign he will come back since he technically already has. 

10. He just needs some space to clear his head

Before freaking out and assuming that he will never come back, assess the situation as objectively as you can and figure out if he just needs some space. 

All relationships are susceptible to these kinds of problems where one partner needs time and space to figure out what they want for themselves.

It doesn’t mean that he will never come back or that he doesn’t love you anymore

This is especially true if he asks you for some space to clear his head and figure out what he wants. That’s his way of telling you that he is confused and just needs to think. 

If he has said that, there’s definitely a chance he will come back. 

5 Signs he won’t come back

There are instances when a man will not come back, irrespective of what was discussed above and that is because the following signs are considered deal breakers.

I urge you to be as objective as possible when analyzing these signs against your own situation. 

If he displays the following signs, then the likelihood of him coming back are extremely unlikely. 

The one silver lining in this situation would be that you don’t end up wasting precious months or years of your life waiting for someone who just won’t come back. 

1. He’s in a relationship 

Unless he is ridiculously unhappy in his relationship, the chances of him coming back after falling in love with someone else is slim to none.

For all you know, he’s completely content and happy in his relationship.

In this case, it’s a strong sign he won’t come back because he’s busy writing the next chapter of his life and so should you.

2. He doesn’t love you anymore

Without love, there’s no reason for him to come back and have anything serious with you. It’s hard to accept but it’s a reality. 

People tend to move on after much time has elapsed since a breakup. It could take anywhere from a few months to a few years before he falls out of love with you.

Once it happens, the chances of him coming back are slim. It’s not impossible but it’s unlikely. 

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3. He hates you

Without a doubt, we can assume that if he hates you, he’s not coming back. Perhaps you’ve done something to hurt or upset him so bad that he has been unable to forgive you.

Hate is like any emotion and it can last for a long time. 

Even if it does fade and he stops hating you, so much time may pass and the baggage may be so substantial that he just never considers the idea of coming back to you. 

4. He moved on

Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean that he found someone else or is dating other people. 

He could be single and still completely over you because he took the time to move on.

In fact, when people are committed to moving on after a breakup, I always advise them to spend time alone and focus on finding happiness as a single person.

When they reach that point of being completely content and happy with their single status, that’s when I know that they’ve moved on from an ex. 

5. The breakup was too traumatic

What can be worse than breaking up is the break up itself. 

Parting ways is traumatic but it can be 10x worse when that period of splitting was consumed by fights, humiliation and stress.

Even though the reason for breaking up may not have been all that serious, the trauma and baggage caused from splitting up may have caused a wedge between the two of you that can’t be ignored or remedied. 

Thus, he won’t come back because there’s too much baggage.

This is one of the reasons why I encourage someone who has been dumped to use the no contact rule.

It prevents people from doing things they eventually regret. 

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In conclusion

To summarize, will he come back? Yes, he will come back if he still loves you and the cause of your break up was not a permanent deal breaker. 

The longer you are with someone, the harder it becomes to let them go or to completely move on from them.

What I can tell you for sure is that he will never forget you.

This means that there’s always a chance he will come back for as long as he still has feelings for you, hasn’t moved on and you there isn’t too much baggage from the breakup or rejection.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on will he come back to be a source of solace and comfort. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions for me in the comment section below.

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