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7 Reasons Why Your Ex Blocked You Everywhere

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Breakups are incredibly difficult to navigate. Reason gets thrown out of the window when your emotions are at play during something monumental like a split. In this digital age, exes tend to block each other, often without explanation. So, in this article, I’m going to share all the possible reasons why your ex blocked you.

The most common reasons why your ex blocked you are as follows:

  1. You weren’t giving your ex space.
  2. You kept begging and pleading.
  3. You were lashing out.
  4. You kept guilt tripping your ex.
  5. Your ex wants to move on.
  6. Your ex cannot bear the pain of seeing you online.
  7. Your ex doesn’t want you to see them talking to other people.

I can completely understand why this freaks you out and I empathize with you. It’s not easy to deal with the sudden loss of all communication with someone you shared a life with romantically.

The one thing that I can say with certainty is that you will be okay.

Don’t act impulsively or try to chase down your ex. This will only result in further pain, rejection and humiliation. The best thing to do right now is to focus on healing.

More often than not, your ex will unblock you in time.

If they don’t, well, you’ll gain the space needed to move on and close that door completely.

Remember, closure is something that you can gift yourself even if your ex doesn’t give you any explanation for why they blocked you.

When you choose to move on, that’s when closure happens.

Be that as it may, I would still like to explain the possible reasons why your ex blocked you so that you can learn from this experience and accept the situation.

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7 Reasons Why Your Ex Blocked You On Social Media

reason why your ex blocked you

1. You weren’t giving your ex space

It’s an incredibly emotional time for both you and your ex.

Understandably, people deal with heartbreak and emotional pain differently.

You may want to remain in contact with your ex whereas they may require complete silence to heal.

It really depends on the circumstances of the breakup and the needs of your ex.

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He or she is prioritizing self-preservation right now. They’re trying to avoid dealing with the consequence of breaking up, especially if they’re the dumper.

To avoid feeling guilty or dealing with the trauma of splitting up, your ex will block you for some time.

More often than not, your ex will unblock you when they reach an emotionally stable phase or when they start to miss you.

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2. You kept begging and pleading

Trust me, I completely understand how you are feeling at this moment. You’re heartbroken and you just want a chance to make things right.

In your heart, you feel as if there’s more that can be done to salvage the relationship in which the two of you were building.

Just because your ex ended the relationship doesn’t mean that the story of you and your ex is over.

There could be a new chapter in the future but when you beg and plead for another chance when your ex is battling with the breakup or wants to be single, you’re chasing them out of your life.

If you try to contain the love that is leaving, it will break free from you permanently. 

Furthermore, you’re devaluing your worth by begging and pleading with someone to stay with you. 

This isn’t attractive nor is it a healthy way of encouraging your ex to come back. 

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3. You were lashing out

I’m not a confrontational or temperamental person but I cringe when I think about the times I lashed out after a breakup.

I couldn’t contain my emotions and when I felt unheard or unappreciated, I got into a verbal argument with my ex’s.

Perhaps, this is something that you can relate to.

The problem with lashing out an ex is that it drives them further away from you.

Instead of looking at you fondly, they are going to resent what you’re doing and feel even more negatively towards you.

If you are unable to handle rejection or confrontation after a breakup without lashing out, it’s best to just give yourself some space to compose yourself before reaching out to your ex.

And if your ex has blocked you after a fight, then it’s probably because you lashed out too much.

They’ll be understanding at first but the more you lash out, the less tolerant your ex will be towards it. 

4. You kept guilt tripping your ex

Games of manipulation will not benefit you at all after a breakup because your ex is already critical of you and they will see straight through any attempts of guilt-tripping them back into your life.

I get it.

You’re in a fight or flight response.

Your world feels like it has come crashing down on you.

But, desperation makes people do immature or foolish things that counteract any efforts they make towards reconciling. 

Guilt may work to some degree but the problem is that your ex will feel imprisoned by you. Is that something you want for your ex or yourself? 

I don’t think so. 

Alternatively, they’ll feel disgusted by your desperate attempt at guilt-tripping them back into a relationship and this will cause them to block you.

There’s absolutely no room for any manipulative tactics after a breakup.

I mean, there shouldn’t be any of it within a relationship, to begin with. 

5. Your ex wants to move on

If your ex seems cold, distant, uninterested and dismissive of you after the breakup, it’s evident that they lost most of their feelings for you before actually splitting.

However, if they proceed to block you without any reason, then it’s likely that they’re looking to move on.

In some cases, they may want to block you because they’re petty and immature.

But, in a lot of cases, an ex who is ready to move on with their life may consider blocking you to create a permanent separation.

Perhaps, they may have monkey branched to another person or they’re rebounding.

Hence, blocking you. 

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6. Your ex cannot bear the pain of seeing you online

Not everyone breaks up because they fell out of love. Sometimes, things happen in a relationship that makes it irreconcilable. 

In such an event, your ex may still be in love with you but the pain of not being with you may be too much to bear.

Battling the temptation to communicate with you may be something that your ex cannot manage. 

This is why your ex blocked you. 

They cannot trust themselves to stay away from you under normal circumstances and so they need to close the doors of communication for some time. 

A lot of dumpees eventually reach this point when they decide to use no contact as a permanent solution to the pain of losing a relationship that has no hope for a future. 

In this case, your ex blocked you because they care about you too much. 

7. Your ex doesn’t want you to see them talking to other people

Out of respect or to avoid hurting you, it’s possible that your ex blocks you from social media. To be honest, it will be painful to see an ex moving on or flirting with other people.

This is one of the reasons why I advise most of my readers to initiate no contact after a breakup.

If you feel like your ex is someone who will just move on without batting an eyelash or is actively looking to rebound, don’t check out their social media.

Don’t put yourself through that torture and pain because it won’t change anything. 

People deal with breakups differently. 

Some people choose to be alone for a while whereas others rebound and throw themselves into the dating world to avoid being alone or feeling upset. 

Your ex could fall into the latter category and doesn’t want you to know or see that.

In Conclusion

My heart goes out to you right now if this period in your life is full of pain and confusion because your ex blocked you without reason.

But, it’s not the end of the world.

I don’t say that to be patronizing at all.

Your life is bigger than any single relationship within it. In fact, the most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself and your creator.

Look inwardly to find the peace and comfort that you are looking for right now.

Be caring and gentle with yourself.

If you’re someone who believes that it’s weak to cry, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with feeling your pain and letting it go.

It’s actually a sign of strength and true healing to feel your emotions with courage.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on why your ex blocked you to be insightful. If you would like for me to answer a specific question in a future article, please head over to the comment section below to let me know.

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