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Why Is She Ignoring Me? Reasons And Solutions

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If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably been asking yourself the following, why is she ignoring me? The truth will surprise you.

Women ignore men for a number of reasons. For instance, she may not like you, she may be angry at you or she may be ghosting you, among other things.

It absolutely sucks to be in this situation.

And you know what, I can wrap my head around being ignored if I’ve done something really off-putting but half the time, women ignore guys for shitty reasons.

Unfortunately, that is just indicative of her real level of interest or her character.

Be that as it may, the fault can also fall on you, especially if you were creepy, rude and obnoxious.

Here’s a quick look at the reasons why she is ignoring you:

  1. She doesn’t like you.
  2. She’s trying to ghost you.
  3. She’s playing games.
  4. She likes someone else.
  5. She’s mad at you.
  6. She’s testing you.
  7. She’s dealing with something urgent.
  8. You have a bad reputation.

Now let’s discuss each of these reasons in more detail and then highlight a few changes you can make to avoid being ignored or to get her back.

she is ignoring me, why is she ignoring me, she's ignoring me, reasons why you're being ignored, she ignored me, being ignored by a girl

1. She doesn’t like you

I hate to break it to you but a woman with a high interest in you can’t resist being around you. She’ll initiate contact as much as humanly possible and will find the time to talk.

I understand that it’s difficult to figure out whether she’s just busy or actually ignoring you when there are feelings involved, especially from your end.

Unfortunately, there are signs of low interest that can be attached to ignoring you. For instance, if you see her online and active but she avoids replying to you.

If she is interacting with other guys or you hear stories of her hanging out with others, then that usually means she just isn’t interested.

As much as it would sting, it really could be more productive and helpful if she were more honest about her disinterest.

But women want to avoid hurting your feelings so they think by ignoring you, the message will be received.

Some guys refuse to take a hint and continue chasing. That’s just the perfect recipe for coming across as desperate and ultimately, getting blocked.

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If she avoids you at all costs, doesn’t reply to any of your calls or text message despite double texting and you notice that she’s active online or socializing as normal, then she’s probably ignoring you because she doesn’t like you.

2. She’s trying to ghost you

Perhaps she liked you at first, you both were hot and heavy but things have changed over the course of a few days or weeks.

If she suddenly stopped seeing you, taking your calls, replying to your messages and has unfriended you from social networks or blocked you, there’s a strong chance that she’s ghosting you.

I absolutely hate this concept of ghosting because it’s a coward way out of letting someone down.

I’ve come to realize that it is far more damaging to ghost someone than to reject them with respect.

But, to avoid drama or to avoid taking responsibility for their choices, people ghost each other.

You may never know why and that’s the unfortunate reality about being ghosted.

It could be due to something you did, she is seeing someone else, she’s narcissistic and has a poor moral compass, she doesn’t like you or she just doesn’t want a relationship.

It would be hard to tell at first but perhaps in time, when you are able to adopt a less invested viewpoint, you might be able to identify the possible reasons for why she ignored and ghosted you.

3. She’s playing games

You may be surprised to learn this, especially if you’re someone who is straight forward and direct, but some women play games in relationships.

She could be doing it for fun, to make you chase her, to usurp all the power within the relationship or to mess with you.

It sounds immature but some women actually enjoy playing games. For some, it strokes their egos and for others, it adds excitement and drama in their life.

I kid you not, some people thrive off drama and uncertainty.

I knew a girl for many years post-high school who would do this to multiple guys, including myself.

At the time, I lacked the guidance and knowledge to see through her lies but eventually, I caught up to her game and flipped the script.

4. She likes someone else

I know this one is going to sting and hurt, especially if you adopted a long term approach of winning her affection.

You could have been ultra-romantic, committed and invested in making her your girlfriend but if she met someone else who connected with her better than you did, it’s game over.

Nothing you can do other than walking away will work to your advantage.

Once her feelings are activated and she develops a strong desire to be with a guy who knows how to date properly, she’ll ignore other guys and chase after him.

It really sucks but we’ve all been in this situation. Dust yourself off, put some distance between the two of you and just start dating other people.

If things don’t work out with the other guy and you didn’t chase after her when she started ignoring you for him, she’ll probably reach out to get your attention.

5. She’s mad at you

Sometimes we guys can be stubborn headed when dealing with arguments and conflicts. If a girl feels like you’re not listening to her thoughts or ignoring her feelings, she may end up ignoring you.

This isn’t the most mature behavior and isn’t conducive to a healthy relationship with good communication.

But, it happens and there’s really a simple fix.

Talk to her with compassion, let her know that you actually understand how she feels and give her some time to cool down.

In most cases, she’ll stop ignoring you and start talking again.

6. She’s testing you

Let’s be frank, most women are spoiled for choice. Guys are relentless online and I’m willing to bet any female on social media has at least 3 guys in her direct messages begging for attention right now.

The more attractive or desired you are, the number of guys increases exponentially.

That doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. On the contrary, a lot of guys don’t have a clue what to do. If you do happen to get her interest, she may ignore you to test you.

Her tests are to determine whether you are worthy of her attention. She pulls it away and then waits to see whether you chase, unravel, fall apart and get desperate.

This is primarily the case when a woman suddenly starts ignoring you after it seemed like things were going well and she was genuinely interested.

In some rare cases, a woman might ignore you to determine if you’re actually interested in her and not messing around.

Guys who have a reputation for being players or popular with women are more likely to experience this test.

7. She’s dealing with something urgent

Life happens. Tragedy strikes at the drop of a hat, obligations pile up and deadlines speed up.

If you’re into a woman who is pursuing a career, don’t be surprised if the time comes when she is simply unavailable to socialize because her work life is all-consuming.

I’m not saying that it is excusable but you have to take into consideration her list of priorities.

For someone she is just getting to know, it doesn’t make sense to put that person high up on her priority list. It’s completely different when you have developed a strong bond or relationship.

At that point, you have enough ground to stand on when confronting her for ignoring you.

Otherwise, there’s really not much you can do other than be patient. She could be dealing with a lot of issues right now and the timing just isn’t right.

She could be dealing with the loss of a loved one or going through a personal health crisis.

In these scenarios, ignoring you isn’t really an intentional action. It is a side effect of an issue that demands all her attention.

8. You have a bad reputation

To be brutally honest, there was a time when I developed a bit of a lady’s man reputation and that honestly worked against me at times.

Women who I genuinely liked had reservations about me because of what they heard.

Unfortunately, I brought it upon myself. I was more interested in casual dating at the time and avoided commitment. Could I blame them for being afraid? Not at all.

It was understandable.

If her reason for ignoring you is out of concern for the wellbeing of her peace of mind and heart, the only thing you can do is be consistent and convince her to take a chance on you.

This is an uphill battle that you had a hand in causing. Your only solution is to earn a new reputation by going against what these girls think about you.

You don’t change someone’s perspective about you with words, you change it through action.

Solutions for when she is ignoring you

Prevention is better than a cure. And I couldn’t agree more. By implementing smart dating advice, you can avoid getting ignored by a girl and improve your chances of winning her heart.

The following list of tips will help you prevent being ignored as well as encourage her to stop ignoring you.

  • Don’t chase her.
  • Avoid double or triple texting her.
  • Don’t plead with her for an explanation.
  • Don’t apologize if you haven’t done anything wrong.
  • Don’t send her a rude or angry response.
  • Wait for her to reach out.
  • Act indifferent to her ignoring you.

Indifference and inaction may just be your best friend in this case. Why? Well, chasing, begging or blowing up at her will only make you look desperate, needy, clingy and creepy.

Rather than get her back, it will affirm her decision to ignore you.

I also think it is unhealthy to reward someone for poor behavior. By chasing her, you are validating her decision to ignore you.

Someone who respects their time and effort wouldn’t sacrifice their self worth just to be with a woman who couldn’t give a damn about making an effort to be present.

Maintain your self-dignity and do nothing. This is a great way of testing her to see if she actually cares about you and the relationship.

If she does, she’ll come back. If she doesn’t, then she wasn’t worth the effort and you can pat yourself on the back for not belittling yourself by chasing her.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on why is she ignoring me.

Please head over to the comment section below to share your experiences or ask a question related to being ignored.

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  1. I was wrong not to let her know that I was attracted to her face to face. I wrote her a message and immediately after that she started ignoring me.
    We were interested in each other for a long time, flirting and smiling at each other. But when I expressed my emotions in this way, she began to pull away. I heard she found a boyfriend in the meantime.

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