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5 Reasons Why Your Long Distance Boyfriend Is Always Busy

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why is my long distance boyfriend is always busy

The answer to why my long distance boyfriend is always busy can be something to be concerned about.

It all boils down to whether he is actually busy with work, studies, or some form of all-encompassing activity, or whether he is actively trying to distance himself from you.

What we need to explore is the latter because it can present a number of different problems and reasons for why he appears to be always busy.

He could always be busy because there’s someone else in the picture; the relationship has hit a dry spell; he is having doubts or fear that is driving him away.

With that being said, let’s explore these reasons in more detail as well as go over some things you can do with each of them.

Why Is My Long Distance Boyfriend Always Busy?

reasons why your long distance boyfriend is always busy

Reason 1: He’s Busy With Someone Else

I hate to say it but if your boyfriend isn’t making time for you despite your constant effort and he has no legit excuse for being so busy, it’s possible he is talking to someone else.

In no way do I advocate being suspicious or insecure about this kind of thing.

You shouldn’t have to actively prevent your boyfriend from cheating because at the very core of any relationship is the spoken or unspoken agreement to be faithful.

That’s how trust is built and how love is fortified.

But, if you have legit reasons to believe that he is busy with someone else, you should trust your gut instincts.

It’s painful and awful to go through, especially since I’ve been through this many years ago, but it happens.

What it does provide us with is a clear picture of who you’re dating. Someone who can fool around with someone else whilst being in a relationship has a poor character.

This isn’t your fault, it would be his!

Reason 2: The Relationship Has Hit A Dry Spell

Sometimes you can put a ton of effort and be as faithful as one can be but eventually, the relationship can hit a dry spell.

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The monotony of routine chips away at the excitement and intensity of the relationship with time.

Normally, spending time with your partner after a few days away can reinvigorate the relationship as well as making memories in real life.

Couple that with intimacy and you can restore the excitement in real-life relationships.

However, most people in a long-distance relationship don’t have that luxury at their disposal.

All you have during those bouts of being apart are texts, voice calls and Skype calls.

That’s not a lot to work with!

So it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault, just a side effect of the relationship being long distance.

You can often fix this by meeting, doing exciting things together and breaking up the monotony of a routine.

And if either you or your partner is slackening off, then a good non-confrontational conversation will do wonders!

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Reason 3: He Is Having Doubts About The Relationship

It’s not uncommon for someone to gradually distance themselves from their relationship to spend time figuring out whether they stand.

Is it the best way to handle the situation? No!

Communication is the key to any relationship but at this time, you really can’t force things.

The more you chase, the more he runs away.

I know it sounds crazy but it happens. So your best bet is to give him some space and let him come back to you.

At that point, you can set some standards that need to be adhered to in the future.

Reason 4: Fear Is Driving Him Away

Insecurity and commitment issues are common fear-based reasons for why your long-distance boyfriend is always so busy.

Let’s assume that rather than distance being the problem, it’s actually the opposite.

Perhaps it’s becoming more of a reality that the two of you are going to live together or take things to the next level.

Things start to appear more real to him and if he is insecure or has commitment issues, it could be contributing to why he is so busy all of a sudden.

You can try to have a proper conversation about it with him. Let him know that you love him and everything will work out.

Or you can do nothing and let him come to the conclusion that what you two share is far too important to lose over fear.

What’s important is to be aware of the signs for an unhealthy relationship and nip it in the bud before it starts to mess with your mind and heart.

Reason 5: He’s Trying To Rebuild His Life

I remember a time when I got extremely busy trying to work through my issues and rebuild my life and it did affect the amount of time I spent with my long-distance girlfriend.

It wasn’t that I wanted to be away from her or that I lost interest.

There was this overwhelming feeling of evolution that pushed me to start making some serious changes to my life.

These were the kind of changes I needed to live a more wholesome life and to have a promising future.

When things got tough, I’d actually think about my girlfriend and the ability to have a wonderful future together. Those thoughts motivated me and kept me steadfast.

This can easily be fixed after a conversation and he realizes that neglecting you or the relationship is not healthy for anyone.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you find yourself feeling neglected and alone even though you’re in a relationship, that’s reason enough to hold an intervention with your partner.

Voicing your feelings and concerns is a right in a relationship. And a good partner who still cares about you will listen and acknowledge your words.

It’s okay to set better standards for yourself.

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