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Why Does My Girlfriend Tell Me Everything She Does? (Answered)

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my girlfriend tells me everything she's doing, why your girlfriend tells you everything she does

As much as we all love our partners, there are instances when we can be overwhelmed by certain behaviors, especially if we are the kind who require some space and time apart to build desire while emotionally recharging. That may not be possible for you when your partner is always texting, calling or visiting you. In this article, we are going to answer the following question: Why does my girlfriend tell me everything she does?

The reason why your girlfriend tells you everything she does is because she possibly has an anxious attachment style and this makes her feel like she constantly needs to make you aware of her presence to comfort herself while keeping you closer to her.

Insecurity, neediness, love, and desire to build trust are all possible reasons why she tells you everything she does.

It doesn’t automatically indicate that there’s an issue or problem brewing beneath the surface. 

What you must consider is the type of person she is, the kind of attachment style she has, her love language and any triggers that may be causing her to feel insecure, needy or afraid. 

Let’s examine each of the reasons why your girlfriend tells you everything she does so that you can understand her behavior and decide on how to address it properly. 

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Tells Your Everything She Does

my girlfriend tells me everything she's doing, why your girlfriend tells you everything she does

1. Anxious attachment style

As someone who has dealt with an anxious attachment style, I’ve had to work on codependency issues in my own relationships. 

Anxious attachment style is a type of attachment style in which the individual has a strong desire to be close to the person they are with. They often get upset or angry when the other person is not available.

There are many reasons for this type of attachment style. For example, it may be caused by childhood neglect or abuse, genetics, or early parenting styles.

I feel like codependency and anxious attachment stem from wanting to control someone else’s emotions and actions because you don’t know how to handle your own emotions and actions.

Until she can address these issues and learn coping techniques that don’t require her to constantly tell you everything she does as a means of getting attention and validation that you still care about her or not with someone else, this will continue.

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2. She wants you to feel involved in her life

Naturally, your girlfriend wants you to feel important and close to her even if you’re both busy. 

By involving you in her day, she’s letting you know that she’s thinking about you while also enjoying the sensation of knowing that you have someone who cares about you and knows everything you’re doing.

Perhaps she feels like you want to know or that it may prevent any issues from growing in case you were worried that she’s not being open and forthcoming.

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3. She’s lonely

For any number of reasons, people go through loneliness at different times in their life.

Even while surrounded by many people, feeling misunderstood and overlooked can make even the strongest person feel isolated and alone.

Is it possible that your girlfriend tells you everything she does because she doesn’t have anyone, even friends, who connect with her on a meaningful level at the moment?

When you don’t have people in your life who care to know how you’re doing or what you’re doing, it’s not unexpected for someone to turn to their partner to fill that void.

In such an event, you become her only friend, her family, her therapist, so on and so forth. 

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4. She wants to build trust with you

Building trust is difficult, especially if you’ve been through any form of infidelity. 

Your guard is up and perhaps you are averse to opening up completely in the event that you get cheated on.

A woman who is dialed into her relationship can see this reservation within you.

She may feel the gap that isn’t being bridged over time and so she decides to make an effort to help you relax in the relationship.

Ever since I’ve spent the last six months on Reddit interacting with people who have been cheated on, a commonality that I’ve observed with couples who try to reconcile is that they utilize this behavior.

The partner or spouse who cheated will start declaring everything they’re doing down to the minute. 

A constant update throughout the day is provided even if the betrayed partner doesn’t ask for it.

This becomes an essential component of healing because it builds trust gradually. As the betrayed partner gains trust again, the need for these constant updates dissipates.

5. She’s needy

Neediness can stem from a space of insecurity, boredom, a lack of attention or an escape from something one feels bad about.

There are instances when being needy is fine. Consider this, you may perceive her behavior as needy because you’re not used to this level of connectedness and involvement from a partner whereas to her, this hasn’t been an issue in the past.

In such an event, a conversation may help to find a balance that works for the two of you but I would advise you to be gentle. 

You could push her away and make her feel even more insecure or unloved by embarrassing her or rejecting her desire if you don’t choose your words carefully. 

In Conclusion

Before ‘confronting’ her about this or ignoring her because you’re frustrated, perhaps you can explore the possibility that you’re not making her feel secure, understood or heard in the relationship and make some changes to your routine.

Try initiating contact with her or checking up on what she’s doing or how she’s feeling.

Perhaps, by acting, you may help to shift her into a space of contentment and security that doesn’t require her to blow your phone up with every single thought she has all day long. 

If that doesn’t work, then perhaps you can have a gentle but encouraging conversation with her about saving some of these things for when you see her so that you can give her your undivided attention instead of texting about it all day when you’re both busy. 

The manner and selection of your words can solve this problem without actually hurting your girlfriend so please put some thought into it.

At the same time, if it’s something that’s affecting you negatively, do not just endure it.

You should be able to have a respectful and honest conversation with your girlfriend about it.

I think she would appreciate that a lot more than having you wanting to get away from her or breaking up over something like this that was not discussed.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on why does my girlfriend tell me everything she does to be insightful and helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with me, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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