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Why Do I Feel Lonely In My Relationship? Reasons And Solutions

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So, you’ve been in a relationship with someone you love and things started off great but now you find yourself feeling alone. The same question keeps nagging at you, why do I feel lonely in my relationship? Here’s the truth.

There are a number of reasons why you feel lonely in a relationship and they are as follows.

  1. You’re feeling lonely because of distance.
  2. There are intimacy issues affecting your relationship.
  3. You or your partner are dealing with health issues.
  4. The two of you no longer date each other.
  5. Communication has fizzled out.

These 5 reasons are the most influential factors that you should be looking into and fixing immediately.

The good thing is that they can absolutely be fixed as long as both of you are willing to make an effort.

It won’t be easy but it can definitely be done.

Try to remember why you love each other when working on fixing these issues.

Trust me, just addressing the problem with your partner will make you feel infinitely better if they acknowledge you and want to make things work.

With that being said, let’s talk about all the reasons why you feel lonely in your relationship as well as the solutions to these problems.

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1. You’re feeling lonely because of distance

Long distance relationships are not easy and require a great deal of effort on a daily basis to maintain.

Granted, loving your partner makes it easier to deal with the distance but even the most compatible partners can feel the effects of distance.

Loneliness, sadness, anxiety and fear tend to be some of the most common feelings faced by couples who are separated from each other due to circumstances outside of their control. 

What’s important to remember is that distance can be closed.

It may take some time and cost some money but you can close the distance and be with your partner again.

Spending quality time with the person you love can resolve feelings of loneliness in your relationship. 

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Try to make time to text, video call and meet as much as possible.

2. There are intimacy issues affecting your relationship

Physical intimacy of any and all kinds are important to any healthy relationship.

Even if you’re conservative, it’s still important to spend time connecting with your partner in a meaningful manner.

This is especially true for spouses who find themselves neglecting each other.

A healthy sex life with your spouse will promote feelings of closeness and intimacy.

These problems don’t disappear on their own. You have to be willing to make an effort to recreate the spark that pulls the two of you together.

Irrespective of how busy you are, make time for each other and prioritize intimacy regularly.

This will help you to stop feeling lonely in your relationship.

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3. You or your partner are dealing with health issues

When dealing with a debilitating health issue or chronic disease, it’s incredibly easy to get consumed by it. 

All you want to do is feel better and recover.

Your mind fixates on the problem that prevents you from feeling good but in doing so, it results in you neglecting your relationship and partner. 

This is something you or your partner could be going through.

It’s not intentional and not something to blame each other for.

Life can get in the way and cause a lot of hurdles that need to be overcome. 

Rather than deal with an issue alone, lean on each other and share the struggle together.

This will help the two of you grow as a couple and as an individual.

Additionally, if the personal problem isn’t something that can be resolved right away, it’s perfectly okay to set it aside and just focus on having a good time with your partner on a regular basis. 

This will help the morale in your relationship and in general. 

A reminder of what it’s like to be a normal loving couple could be everything you need to reinvigorate your desire to be in this relationship.

4. The two of you no longer date each other

Irrespective of how long you’ve been together, it is imperative that you keep doing the things you did when courting each other because that keeps the romance alive.

I’ll be honest and admit that I thought I was more romantic than I actually am.

It was only when my partner pointed out that I’m not a very romantic person when I realized that I need to make more of an effort to court her.

And this isn’t something that’s difficult for me to do because I love her.

Things start to fall apart when we get stuck in a routine or consumed by other areas of our life.

We lose focus on what actually matters and that creates a rift in our relationships. 

When the romance starts to dwindle, it becomes difficult to stay connected to each other long term.

That’s when you end up reading an article and thinking, why do I feel lonely in my relationship. 

Talk to your partner, make more of an effort to recreate the romance and prioritize time to be a loving couple who goes on dates regularly. 

This might help you and your partner remember why the two of you fell in love with each other. 

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5. Communication has fizzled out

Physical intimacy may be one side of the coin but the other is communication.

Usually, people start to feel lonely in a relationship when the conversations they used to have with their partner fizzles out.

Communicating is a two-way street.

It requires you to listen as much you speak. 

When you are able to communicate your feelings to a partner who pays attention, it will drastically improve the quality of your relationship.

A lot of misunderstandings and problems in a relationship can be fixed and avoided by simply spending more time communicating with each other in a respectful manner. 

Put aside your differences and focus less on being right or winning an argument.

Listen to the needs of your partner and share exactly what you need from them in order to feel closer and more loved.

In time, you’ll notice that your bond and closeness with each other begins to mature to the point that you feel connected to each other on an extremely deep and meaningful level.

In conclusion

I know that you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship right now but don’t let this issue defeat you.

What I encourage you to do is make an effort to be the best partner you can possibly be.

Communicate with your partner and let him or her know exactly how you feel, what you think is lacking in the relationship and ways you think it can be fixed.

Be loving and understanding. Don’t argue or fight. Approach this issue sensitively and don’t fixate on who is to blame.

If you can adopt a healthy attitude and treat your partner with compassion, you’ll have no regrets in the end even if things don’t work out.

Be that as it may, I hope you found this article to be helpful and beneficial. Feel free to pop into the comment section below and share your thoughts on how to overcome this issue of feeling lonely in a relationship.

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