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Why Did She Stop Chasing Me?

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So, she was blowing up your phone and making every effort to be in your presence. She constantly complimented you and made you feel like the man of her dreams. Until suddenly, all of that stopped. She barely responds to you nowadays and you’re left with one burning question, why did she stop chasing me?

She stopped chasing you because she lost interest. She lost interest because you either played too hard to get, she met someone else or you said and did things to turn her off.

This has probably left you feeling confused, anxious and frustrated. Trust me, I know how you feel.

When I was younger and less experienced, I messed up my opportunities with some great girls who chased me.

I didn’t know how to behave around them nor how to keep them attracted to me for the long haul. 

But, I learned from my mistakes and mastered the art of attraction. In this article, I’m going to discuss all the reasons why she stopped chasing you as well as what you can do to re-attract her.

1. You played too hard to get

Understandably, women enjoy a man who is a bit of a challenge but there has to be some form of reward or pay off for her effort. If she’s making all this effort to attract you but no matter what she does, you continue acting disinterested or hard to get, then it’s expected that she stops chasing you. 

As much as people like to chase after things of great value, they also have a tendency to quit when things get too difficult or the reward seems impossible to obtain. 

When a woman makes an effort to reach out and talk to you, it’s imperative that you use this opportunity to set a date.

If you just blow her off or make no moves at all, she’ll definitely lose interest. 

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2. She met someone else

On the flip side of the above discussion, you may do everything right and by the book but she may still stop chasing you and move on.

It’s not because you did something to turn her off either. She just met someone else who ignites a stronger attraction within her. 

You can deny nor fight against a stronger connection and chemistry. These two qualities of a relationship create an attraction that is almost impossible to deny. 

This may be a difficult pill to swallow but it’s something you just have to accept.

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The only way to have any chance of possibly getting her back is to do nothing or act more like a man who is confident and strong. 

If things with the other guy don’t work out or he starts to do too many things incorrectly, she’ll gravitate back towards you. 

3. You turned her off

Being rude, condescending, boring, insecure or predictable can have an adverse effect on attraction. Even if she started off all hot and heavy, making too many mistakes could turn her off to the point that she not only stops chasing you but walks away completely. 

Far too many guys talk a girl out of liking them. Don’t sit all day on the phone texting or calling her. Don’t show her you’re jealous or insecure either.

A man who is confident and secure with a good sense of self respect will not chase after someone nor will he sacrifice his dignity to gain the validation of other people.

If you made these mistakes, then I’m sorry to tell you that it’s highly possible that you turned her off. 

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4. She’s just not that into you

Sometimes, things start off well and she had a standard level of physical attraction for you but as time went on and the two of you got to know each other better, she may have realized that you’re not the one for her.

In this case, you don’t have to necessarily do anything to turn her off or push her away.

Compatibility and chemistry are often uncontrollable factors that influence whether two people end up together or not. 

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How to attract her back

Despite the fact that she stopped chasing you, there may still be some home of reattracting her provided that she still has some residual attraction leftover for you. The following are some of the techniques I’ve personally used to re-attract women who lost interest in me due to some poor decisions on my part. 

1. Don’t chase her

Rarely have I heard of anyone who succeeded in chasing a woman. It just makes you look so desperate, clingy, weak and needy. 

A man who has an abundance mindset would not be chasing after someone who doesn’t seem interested.

On the contrary, he’s too busy chasing after his goals and dreams in life. Additionally, he’d much rather invest his time and energy in people who can add value to his life. 

What I’ve come to learn is that no contact and the power of silence are far more effective at winning a girl back, especially in cases when she rejects or dumps you.

These techniques prevent you from doing something you regret or from chasing her away altogether. 

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2. Flirt with her

If the reason she lost interest and stopped chasing you was that you behaved like a wet blanket or cold fish, flirting with her may fix the problem.

She may have given up hope and assumed that you weren’t actually attracted to her.

Being playful, teasing her, using sexual innuendos and complimenting her appropriately could have a profound effect on her attraction level for you. 

Remember, love is playful. Let loose and enjoy yourself with her. She’ll enjoy your company and open up to the idea of being with you. 

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3. Take her on some fun and interesting dates

Part of the reason why so many guys screw up with girls who chased them is due to the fact that they were lazy and predictable.

Love and attraction grow through shared experiences that leave a positive feeling in your heart and a fun memory in your mind.

If you can make her laugh, feel excited and entertained with experiences that are engaging and spontaneous, she’ll be putty in your hands. 

The idea of spontaneity does not necessitate doing things in the spur of the moment. You can often plan to be spontaneous by changing up your routine. Call her at different times, take her to new places and try new activities with her. 

4. Stop acting like a jerk

Last but not least, be more considerate of her feelings.

Don’t be selfish and only think about yourself.

Yes, I encourage everyone to prioritize their happiness but that doesn’t give you the go-ahead to be rude, insulting, judgemental, insensitive and uncaring.

Women want to feel cared for. They want to feel like a man is capable of shouldering their emotions and cherishing their heart.

There’s absolutely nothing weak or unattractive about being supportive and kind. Jerks don’t know how to keep a woman or nurture a healthy relationship.

5. Give her space to miss you

Time heals all wounds and if you give her enough space, she may just come back and start chasing you again. You must realize that most things change. Just because she chased you for a long time doesn’t mean she’ll continue to do so.

At some point, even that must change. So, even she stopped chasing you, it doesn’t mean that you lost her completely.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps, you started to chase her in return and spent too much time with her. Think about it – does she have any reason to chase you anymore if you’re already texting or calling her all the time?

Give her some space to miss you and when she does, she’ll possibly come back and reach out. That’s when you can ask her out on a date and rekindle the attraction and connection.

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In conclusion

Here’s a summary of the important points in this article on why did she stop chasing me. It’s because she lost interest in or attraction for you. This could be a result of playing too hard to get, meeting someone else, turning her off or not being into you.

But, just because she stopped chasing you now doesn’t mean you can’t re attract her.

Start by readjusting your behavior and act like more of a confident and ambitious man.

Don’t chase after her by texting or calling all the time, flirt with her when the moment is right, take her on some fun dates and stop acting like a jerk.

Most importantly, be patient.

There’s no guaranteed time frame for when she may start feeling interested in you again. You just have to carry on with your life and focus on becoming the best version of yourself so that when she comes back, you’re more than equipped to make her fall for you.

With that being said, please feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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