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Why Can’t I Get A Girl Out Of My Head?

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If you’re wondering why can’t I get a girl out of my head, you’re in the right place. Allow me to explain why.

You can’t get a girl out of your heart because you’re infatuated, in love, afraid of loss, not accepting of rejection, don’t have anything else to do or invested in one girl prematurely.

These are the most common reasons why someone wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about a girl.

During the early stages of courtship, it’s only natural to feel smitten or infatuated about a girl.

The prospect of new romance is exciting for all of us. Dopamine is flowing through you more than it normally does.

The mystery of this new girl compels you to think about her more and the fantasy of this new romance becoming something special will excite you.

Another reason why guys think about girls all the time is because we are singular in thought.

Unlike women, multitasking and compartmentalizing our thoughts are difficult.

When we start to like someone or get rejected by someone, we will often focus on that most compelling emotion until we’ve reached some sort of mental clarity.

With that being said, let’s break down all the reasons for why can’t I get a girl out my head.

We think about girls who we invest in

Naturally, when you invest money, effort, time, attention and care into getting to know someone, it creates feelings of attachment and desire.

All investment also creates a sense of expectations. Because romance is not clear cut at first, it makes us contemplate all the possibilities. We run through different scenarios of how our investment could pay off.

Unfortunately, the problem with investing ourselves in a girl is that we take a risk of failure and loss.

Just that thought alone can drive some guys to overthink.

We don’t want to feel like losers. More often than not, we tend to live in comfort zones so as to avoid failure and loss.

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The side effect of investing in romance is that it leaves us more vulnerable. But it is essential that we face this fear in hopes of living a fulfilling life.

We must exit our comfort zone for the possibility of satisfying the desire to love.

It can’t be avoided.

So, if you can’t get a girl out of your mind, it’s just because you are excited, infatuated, smitten, invested or in love. And you’re also afraid of loss.

We think about girls who reject or dump us

Because we are wired to hate or stew over failure, being rejected or dumped causes us to be obsessive.

With time, these obsessive thoughts will pass but for the time being, it is expected that you will think about this girl all the time, what you could have done differently to avoid rejection as well as ways to win her back.

We get hurt emotionally, psychologically and egotistically. Because our self-confidence takes a knock, it makes us hyper-analytical.

This is why so many guys fail to take the right action after being rejected or dumped.

They can’t stop thinking about her and this influences them to take action.

Depending on their level of emotional control, they may chase after her and do everything wrong or they may focus on other things or girls.

Rejection is a part of life. Irrespective of how attractive or successful you are, you will face rejection at some point or another.

It’s not something that should define you because it is an effect, not a characteristic.

If anything, you ought to define yourself by a willingness to try even at the risk of rejection. That projects courage and bravery. Two traits that will serve you will in life, especially as a man.

We think about girls when we have nothing else to do

To avoid boredom, guys tend to think about things or people who stimulate our hormones.

This statement can be interpreted innocently or sexually.

Be that as it may, it’s not such a problem when you have some down time from your normal schedule.

However, when you are complacent in life and not pursuing a career, dream or goal, thinking about girls is just an escape from reality.

And it is a big problem because it can be interpreted to mean that you are placing your happiness and life fulfillment in a girl.

A high-quality man is someone who doesn’t neglect his responsibilities in life. He has a high sense of desire towards skill development and the furtherance of his true purpose in life.

His dating life is complementary to the rest of his life. It is neither more or less important so he is able to apply himself adequately to these areas.

If you find yourself doing nothing in life other than chasing a girl, then you are in desperate need of an intervention or wake up call.

You don’t have many options

You wouldn’t believe the number of guys I’ve encountered who spend months or years stewing and thinking about a girl who rejected them.

Forget about being dumped, they didn’t even make it to that stage!

They chased after a girl, invested all of themselves into her, ignored all the signs of disinterest and got rejected or blindsided when she started dating someone else.

Then they spend months obsessing over the rejection. Rather than socializing and meeting new people, they go back to chasing her only to get rejected and humiliated again.

It’s like they never heard of this popular quote – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Unless you’re spending time with a girl who is highly interested in you, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Never project your level of interest on someone and automatically expect them to feel the same.

That’s a recipe for disastrous disappointment.

With that being said, I hope you never have to ask yourself why can’t I get a girl out of my head ever again.

It’s not something to be alarmed about if you fall within the group of guys who are either pursuing a new romance or are falling in love. If, you’ve been rejected or dumped, you will find yourself thinking about her a lot at first.

But, if you put in the work to move on, those thoughts will diminish almost entirely.

Let me know how you manage to avoid overthinking about a girl in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Get A Girl Out Of My Head?”

  1. It can be many things that causes this it’s not that we are afraid of loss no but if your at a younger stage your afraid of more sure being rejected is one thing but being smitten and going into it is another it’s all about the course of life me I’ve liked a lot of girls but I’m never willing to tell them because well I’m afraid of being laughed at like it’s a joke or being called weird or something like that I’m not willing to take that chance in life yet I don’t dwell over it but I can’t over come it until I know their the one just because I can’t over come this factor doesn’t mean you can’t either. I
    Belive being smitten over a girl will never stop there will always be that one girl in the crowd of many that you can’t get over but sometimes you will just know.

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