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Why Are His Texts So Dry? (8 Reasons)

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his texts are so dry, why are his texts dry, his texts are dry

Dry texts not only ruin the fun of texting someone you’re interested in but also run the risk of ruining attraction. Perhaps, you’re experiencing this right now and it’s frustrating you. In this article, I’m going to share a list of all the real reasons why his texts are so dry.

The reasons why his texts are so dry are because he’s bad at texting, he’s inexperienced, he’s just boring to you, he’s busy or preoccupied, he’s not interested, he’s upset with you, he’s not your type or he’s talking to other girls.

Once you examine his behavior and measure them against the abovementioned reasons, you’ll get a clearer idea of why he’s texting this way.

It may be a passing phase that you don’t have to really worry about or it may be cause for concern depending on what answer is most applicable.

With that being said, let’s take a deeper look into each of these reasons why his texts are so dry so that you can accurately pinpoint the most likely one pertaining to him.

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Reasons Why His Texts Are Dry

his texts are so dry, why are his texts dry, his texts are dry

1. He’s bad at texting

Some men have absolutely no clue how to project charisma, confidence and charm over text and it shows in most of their conversations. You may see a glimmer of it but the overwhelming amount of boring and dry texts is hard to ignore.

Furthermore, a man who prefers to cultivate romance and attraction in person will shy away from texting too much.

This would explain why his texts are so dry. 

Typically, texts are an indicator of a man’s interest level and they can give you a look into the way his mind works. 

However, to determine whether or not his texts are dry because he’s bad at texting is by examining his behavior in its entirety.

  • Is he calling you?
  • Is he making dates with you?
  • Does he show a genuine interest in you?
  • Do conversations flow with ease over calls and in-person?
  • Is he fun and exciting to talk to?
  • Is his demeanor on text and in-person different?

You should have a clear answer by the time you run through these texts, so long as you are being honest with yourself and fair to him.

2. He’s inexperienced

Age is not as important as experience, that is something I’ve quickly realized from consulting with men of various ages on their texting and dating habits.

We naturally assume that age automatically amounts to wisdom and experience but that’s not necessarily the case, especially when you’re dealing with guys who avoid being active online.

These types of guys have a tough time knowing how to text a woman.

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If you notice, the way you think and talk doesn’t match to perfection the way you think and text.

Guys who are inexperienced are still bridging the gap between that and have not figured out a way of doing so in a manner that makes their texts feel engaging, exciting, entertaining and fun.

3. He’s just boring to you

When I say boring, we’re talking specifically to you. 

When two incompatible people try to converse on text, they either butt heads in a heated debate or their conversation appears dry and forced.

It’s entirely possible that, despite your attempts of making the conversation fun and interesting, he’s just not able to meet you on that level that engages you.

Deep down, he probably senses this and feels a similar disconnect that discourages him from even trying to match up.

This is probably why his texts are so dry.

4. He’s busy or preoccupied

The more driven and goal orientated a man is, the harder it can be for him to find balance in his life.

Often, he may try to multitask in an attempt to be productive while trying to maintain his social life.

During bouts of intense deadlines and busy periods of work, it’s possible that his replies may become dry and boring.

The easiest way to tell is if his texts weren’t dry before this busy period at work and if it hasn’t been more than a few days.

If all your text conversations with him go in this direction for more than a week or two, then there’s something to be said about that.

If not, then it’s just likely that he’s busy or preoccupied with something stressful and he needs some time before things improve again.

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5. He’s not interested

When a guy is interested in someone, he’ll make an effort to text consistently and enthusiastically. 

Even those who are bad texters tend to show an increased amount of effort because they are excited and happy about texting someone they like.

It could be that the reason why his texts are so dry is that he’s not interested.

I know how you feel. We’ve all liked someone who just wasn’t interested in us romantically at some point in our life.

You can’t help but feel rejected, disappointed and sad but do not let this affect your self-esteem because it does not indicate your value as a person.

There could be a plethora of reasons for why he isn’t interested that don’t have much to do with how he perceives you.

He could be hung up on an ex, emotionally damaged, in love with someone else and so on.

But, a lack of interest is definitely something to consider in this situation.

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6. He’s upset with you

I am the kind of person who can quickly transition back to normal after a disagreement, especially over text but not everyone is the same.

In fact, some people will appear distant, cold, dismissing, uninterested and dry on text messages until enough time has passed for them to process their feelings and let them go.

You may not even be aware that there was a problem and he could be upset with you about something that he hasn’t brought up.

So, the dry texts are actually a sign that he’s upset with you and there’s an issue that needs to be dealt with.

7. He’s not your type

Let’s entertain the possibility that he is interested, he is making an effort, there isn’t someone else and he’s not busy but he’s just not your type.

If that were the case, no matter what he tries to do, you’re going to perceive his texts as dry even if they aren’t because he’s just not your ideal type.

Does that mean there’s something wrong with him or you, for that matter? 

Absolutely not. 

It’s unfortunate because both of you may be wonderful people but not for each other.

8. He’s talking to other girls

Another common reason why a guy’s texts can become dry is because he’s diverting his attention and excitement toward someone else.

Unless the two of you are in a relationship, it’s highly possible that he’s texting other people. 

Of those people, there could be someone who he has taken a particular liking toward or he’s just texting many girls. 

Typical signs of this are if he’s online often but takes a long time to reply to you and his replies are short and boring. 

He’s active on social media and comes across as bubbly and communicative with other girls.

There are many girls commenting on his pictures and updates whom he responds to enthusiastically and personally. 

If all of the above is true, then I’d say that his texts are dry because he’s busy texting other girls.

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Final Thoughts

When dealing with a man whose texts are dry, you could bring it up with him after measuring his behavior against what we discussed above to figure out what’s the exact reason or you could stop making as much of an effort with him if nothing is changing.

What you must maintain, at all times, is your dignity and self-respect.

I’m not advising you to make any rash decisions or to jump to any conclusions. You need to look at the time you’ve spent texting him, how long this has been going on, his lifestyle and his behavior online.

Based on these factors, you’ll get a really good idea of where things are at and what you need to do.

If you suspect that he’s busy, upset or a bad texter, I suggest bringing it up with him. 

This is way better than just assuming something negative and walking away.

But, if you suspect that he’s wasting your time, not interested or chasing other girls, then you need to withdraw your effort and attention until further notice.

Either he’ll realize that he’s making a mistake and needs to rectify his behavior or he’ll show little effort which will validate your decision to walk away.

That brings us to the end of this article on why are his texts so dry. I hope that you found it informative and helpful. If you would like for me to answer a specific question of yours, please leave a comment below and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

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