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When You Double Text And They Reply Straight Away

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You’ve been texting someone you like and even though you’ve been trying to avoid looking desperate or too excited, you double text them but to your surprise, they reply straight away. And this makes you wonder, what does it mean when you double text and they reply straight away.

More often than not, this means that the individual who replied straight away to your double text actually likes you and has a strong interest in communicating with you. Additionally, it also indicated that they’re attracted to you.

I can guarantee you, with certainty, that most men and women will not go out of their way to reply to you if they don’t have a strong level of interest or attraction in you.

This is in respect to potentially romantic relationships. 

So, if this individual is replying to you instantly and they’re making an effort to communicate properly, this is a wonderful sign of attraction and interest. 

If you continue to do things correctly, this can potentially develop into a wonderful romantic relationship based on these initial signs. 

Be that as it may, let’s take a closer look at all the potential explanations of what it means when you double text and they reply straight away.

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1. They’re excited to talk to you

Off the bat, we can associate instant replies to double texts with a general sense of excitement to talk to someone. 

Whenever I’m really excited to talk to a person, I’d reply to their messages as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, if they were so invested in the conversation to the point of double texting me, I’d take the time to reply straight away. 

Is there really any other way to show excitement online when all you can do is generally text or call? 

Someone who is excited to talk to you is obviously thinking and feeling favorable about you and that’s a great sign if you feel the same way about them. 

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2. They’re attracted to you

No guy and especially no woman will reply to your double texts straight away if they weren’t attracted to you, this is if the only context of communicating with each other is personal and romantic in nature. 

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Most people are far too afraid to give someone the wrong idea if they’re not attracted to them.

In fact, one of the tell tale signs of low attraction is poor texting and communication. 

When this individual not only texts you often but replies immediately to you even when double texting, they definitely find you attractive.

3. They’re interested in getting to know you on a personal level

If I reflect on my actions and think about my texting habits, when I was genuinely interested in getting to know someone’s personality on a deeper level, I would make so much time to chat with them.

I’d be ignoring other people but not this person because of my high-interest level.

After speaking to a number of people, they all seem to do the same thing. 

We are wired to invest more of ourselves to those who we find attractive and interesting.

And, if we can imagine ourselves dating someone, then that level of interest doubles or triples. 

Apart from replying to your double text straight away, look at the nature of the text as well as the depth.

If it looks as if this individual is excited, engaged and invested in the conversation, it probably means that they like you as a person and want to get to know you better. 

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4. They’re just very sociable

Sometimes, we can actually mistake exceptional social skills and an extrovert for feelings of attraction.

It’s not extremely common but it does happen. Some people just love to talk to people who want to talk to them.

There’s nothing more meaningful or significant going on emotionally.

They’re just really good at holding a conversation and socializing online. 

Someone of this nature prides themselves on social and texting etiquette.

They consider this a sign of respect so they will invest a lot of time into texting diligently and punctually. 

You’ll notice a very subtle difference in their replies compared to someone who genuinely likes you romantically. They’re extremely friendly and devoid of outright flirtiness.

5. They were bored or available to chat

The other least positive reason why they replied straight away to your double text is that they were bored and you caught them in a moment when they were on their phone.

There’s absolutely nothing significant about this situation. It was just a case of the right place and the right time. 

They were looking to have a conversation to kill some time before getting on with their day or night. 

You’ll notice that as soon as they satisfy their taste for conversation, they’re gone and return back to their old ways of replying only when they’re free. 

A word of caution about double texting

There are circumstances and ways to double text that are perfectly okay but I tend to caution people from using it too often because you run the risk of coming across as needy, clingy or desperate.

Those traits can and will sabotage your ability to attract people and keep them attracted. 

I find it to be far more beneficial to wait until the other person replies to your text unless there’s an emergency or you really truly miss them.

And if you implore double texting, don’t make it a habit otherwise it will expose exactly how interested you are in that person.

This may not seem like a problem and it isn’t if the other person is just as interested in you.

But, when just getting to know someone, it can remove all the mystery from the romance which is a shame because uncertainty can create excitement and thrill. 

Don’t cheat yourself and that person of the mystery attached to the development of feelings in a new relationship.

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In conclusion

Just to summarize – When you double text and they reply straight away, it could be indicative of their excitement to talk to you, high attraction level, interest in getting to know you or just their ability to be very sociable. 

Additionally, they could have been bored and you caught them at the right time to talk.

I wouldn’t read into this instance too much unless you notice that their replies are elaborate, very personal, flirty and engaging. 

Also, if they continue to text you really punctually, it’s probably a good sign for the potential relationship or romance. 

Be that as it may, avoid double texting someone too much during the early phases of courtship.

This will ensure that you avoid coming across as desperate, needy or clingy. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article to be interested and insightful. If you’d like for me to talk about something specific, feel free to message me in the comment section below.

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