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When Should You Block Someone? (10 Scenarios)

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In the digital age that we live in, it can be hard to decipher between right and wrong when it comes to how we communicate online. You would think that blocking someone is inconsequential but it can be a big deal. This begs the question, when should you block someone?

Here’s a list of scenarios of when you should block someone. 

  1. When they are harassing you.
  2. When they keep crossing your boundaries.
  3. When they are ruining your reputation.
  4. When they keep betraying you.
  5. When they exploit you.
  6. When you are trying to move on.
  7. When they can’t move on.
  8. When they make you feel insecure. 
  9. When they cause you mental anguish.
  10. When they degrade your dreams.

Blocking someone is difficult. The act itself is so simple but the guilt you may experience isn’t something to be overlooked.

I understand that you are a polite and thoughtful person. Cutting someone out of your life may be something that you’re not comfortable with at all.

But, there comes a point in life when you must prioritize your own happiness, safety and mental health above that of someone else online.

Obviously, there’s a way in which you can go about it that may minimize any damage caused.

For instance, you could send them a message explaining your reasoning and being apologetic beforehand.

In other instances, a clean break without any message is the best approach.

But, you must not lose sight of why you need to do this.

Be that as it may, let’s get into the nitty gritty of when you should block someone. 

1. When they are harassing you

I have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and so should you. 

Nobody has the right to torment you and I see far too many women deal with this kind of behavior from men.

Don’t try to reason with someone who is putting you through such anguish.

They’re too fixated on their own selfish desires than to consider how you feel.

Dare I say, they find joy in knowing that they can get under your skin. Perhaps it makes them feel powerful to do something of this nature.

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Don’t waste your time on someone like this. 

You should block them on everything and keep it that way.

They may try to contact you using different accounts or numbers. When you learn that it’s them, block them again.

2. When they keep crossing your boundaries

People will only say and do to you that which you allow them to do.

The first time they overstep your boundaries, neither of you can be blamed unless you expressed those boundaries before.

In that case, they have crossed the line when they shouldn’t have.

At this point, it is your duty to inform them of this.

By all means, be respectful and forgiving but let them know that it upsets you a bit and you’d like for them to avoid doing the same thing to you.

If they proceed to do the same thing to you again, then you have to enforce some consequences.

Not doing so will only encourage that behavior.

Whether you block them immediately is up to you but at a certain point, you have to block them because their lack of respect and continuous poor behavior is a sign that they will not change towards you.

Right now, I’ve made a decision to implement the 3 strike policy in my life. 

If someone gets 3 strikes, they’re out. 

3. When they are ruining your reputation

I have spent enough time studying people to understand and accept that there are some people in the world who simply do not have good intentions.

They’ll smile to your face and act trustworthy but when you let your guard down and entrust them with your secrets or stories, they’ll ruin your reputation.

Either they’ll break your confidence and tell others or they’ll use it as a weapon to blackmail you.

There’s absolutely no way that you can trust someone like this now or ever.

Please be strong enough to cut these people out of your life altogether.

Here’s the thing, some of them are master manipulators. They’ll lie and gaslight you but do not be fooled.

You should block someone when they try to ruin your reputation.

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4. When they keep betraying you

Betrayal has to be one of the worst breaches of trust and more often than not, you don’t see it coming.

If you do, I’m willing to bet that you convince yourself that there’s no way that this person will ever do something so awful to you.

I came across a saying recently that only those you care and truly trust can betray you.

It’s the ones you don’t see coming that hurts you the most. 

Granted, there are scenarios when someone may be put in a position of making a choice that inadvertently leads to a betrayal.

If it wasn’t their intention to and they’re just as shocked by it as you are, then there’s room for reconciliation.

However, if they purposefully betrayed and lied about it, then there’s really no way of coming back from that.

I know that it hurts deeply and you really didn’t want to lose someone you cared about but this is the cards you’ve been dealt.

I think grotesque betrayal is grounds for when you should block someone.

5. When they exploit you

I am of the opinion that there is no monetary price for true friendship or love.

In fact, I was recently watching Daredevil on Netflix and Wilson Fisk (poor choice of character, I know) said something to a woman he was courting.

She had mentioned that someone had tried to purchase all the paintings from her art gallery so that she would go out with him.

Wilson Fisk responded with something profound, “A woman who can be bought isn’t worth having.”

I think this applies to anyone, not just women. 

Someone who places monetary value above everything else isn’t a person you want in your life.

I know I went off on a tangent but when you deal with someone who is only in your life for what they can get from you and it’s all they do, then you’re wasting your time with them.

They’ll use you until you have nothing left and then they will disappear.


Because you’re no longer a resource to them.

Get rid of people who exploit your kindness, they’re not your true friends or loved ones. 

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6. When you are trying to move on

Whether it’s a relationship that has failed or a friendship, there comes a point where you have to decide whether moving on requires you to close all means of communication.

Some situations do not call for blocking a person you’re no longer associated with.

You could still communicate on decent terms from time to time without issues.

But, there may be situations when the other party just won’t let things be.

They may refuse to respect newly formed boundaries or they constantly try to change the status of things. 

What’s going to happen eventually is that both of you are going to respond negatively to each other. 

Rejection and misunderstandings are going to stack until one or both of you feel resentment.

This isn’t healthy for either of you.

Blocking someone so that you can move on is going to hurt the both of you but if it’s the only way for you to not be overwhelmed with emotional pain, then you should block them until you can re-open lines of communication, if ever. 

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7. When they can’t move on

Perhaps, the problem isn’t to do with you. 

It’s highly possible that you have no issues with remaining in contact because you’re in a good state and you accept the way things are.

But, they may be in denial over what has happened and how things have changed.

As much as you want to remain in contact, it might be causing emotional pain and mental turmoil to the other person.

If this is so, then you have to be respectful and thoughtful now by doing what you’re struggling to do. 

Blocking them may be extremely difficult for you to do but if you actually care about their well being and need to move on, then you’ll block them.

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8. When they make you feel insecure

When you’re young, like in your teens or early twenties, it can be tempting to seek out validation from those around you.

There’s this idea that social status is life crucial to your existence and measuring yourself against the thoughts and opinions of others is just the way things are.

Little do you realize that this way of thinking is a fallacy and a recipe for disaster. 

The amount of self esteem and mental health issues triggered by the constant critique and judgment from insensitive people is horrendous.

I’ve come to realize that it’s much better to distance oneself altogether from people who bring you down because what they have to offer isn’t what you need in your life.

Perhaps you may face some backlash for doing so but trust me, your future self will be thanking you for having the self respect required to cut out people who bring you down instead of life you up.

Here’s another thing I realized, when you’re associating with people closely, you become like them or you become a victim of them.

By choosing to surround yourself with people who lift you up, you’ll become someone who does the same to others.

This will attract better quality and similar people into your circle and repel those who stand against your energy and way of being. 

So, I strongly encourage you to block someone who is making you feel insecure about yourself. 

9. When they cause you mental anguish

I’ve talked about being around critical people who make you feel insecure and I’ve talked about exploitative people.

What I haven’t talked about is people who are unstable or evil.

I’m referring to people who enjoy messing with your mind by making you question everything about yourself and life.

This is another instance of when you need to have a zero tolerance policy for someone who ruins your peace and takes pride in doing so.

This is when you should block someone without even hesitating. 

10. When they degrade your dreams

Last but certainly not least, I want to talk about the importance of purpose and dreams.

I believe that we are all on this planet for a reason and we are meant to seek out purpose in whatever we find value in.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having dreams. On the contrary, it’s an instrumental factor in bringing forth the realization of your best and happiest self.

Pursuing your dreams will often require you to exercise discipline, belief, courage, consistency, hard work, perseverance, skills and knowledge.

Explain to me how any of that isn’t worth your time or is detrimental to your life?

Granted, you should be a responsible person and try your best to maintain a righteous life.

But, pursuing your dreams is not contrary to the above!

You can do both in perfect harmony. 

However, you will find certain people who will look for any opportunity to run you down and dissuade you from pursuing your dreams.

I’m not talking about loved ones who are exercising concern.

That’s different.

I’m talking about people who have bad intentions.

I’m talking about people who cloak their words in concern but who actually want you to abandon your dreams so that you can be as miserable as they are. 

I’m talking about the people who want to talk you out of doing something meaningful with your life to justify their own shitty decision.

Those people have no place in your life.

If someone is degrading or dissuading you for having dreams, that’s when you should block them and not look back.

In conclusion

I understand that blocking someone may be hurtful and it can often lead to feelings of rejection and abandonment but you have to consider your well-being.

There’s no point staying in contact with someone if it’s going to result in pain, anguish and issues for an indefinite period of time for the both of you.

Tough decisions require some mental toughness and grit but if your intentions are in the right place, you should do what’s best for you.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on when you should block someone to be insightful and thought provoking. If you would like to share your thoughts or questions with me, feel free to do so by visiting the comment section below.

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