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What To Do When Your Crush Rejects You!

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what to do when your crush rejects you

This is what you need to do when your crush rejects you. It’s the only way to handle rejection in an attractive, respectful and confident manner. 

Accept the rejection, thank your crush for being honest and walk away without letting on that you feel gutted or extremely hurt. It takes a great deal of confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth to handle rejection in this manner and both of those attributes are highly attractive to others.

It eliminates all awkwardness and exudes a sense of inner strength by responding to rejection in a positive or neutral way.

People who react bitterly, negatively, dramatically and rudely to rejection provide the other person with justification and validation for rejecting them.

Nothing good comes from reacting to rejection in this manner.

Instead, remain calm, composed, polite and respectful. You will be admired for behaving in this way and your crush will gain more respect for you.

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Why You Shouldn’t Confess Your Feelings To Your Crush

why you shouldn't confess your feelings to your crush

The issue with confessing feelings for a crush is that it completely takes away all of the suspense and mystery surrounding the courtship.

It is during times of uncertainty that your crush has an opportunity to think about you, wonder about your feelings and develop an interest in you.

I remember confessing to someone that I had a crush on them when I was merely a teenager. 

In my mind, I thought something would come of it by letting this person know that I have a crush on them.

Instead, nothing came from it.

The person was flattered, felt it was sweet and just continued as normal in our friendship. In fact, I would argue that the confession got me friend zoned in the first place.

Another problem with viewing someone as a crush is that you naturally place yourself in an awkward situation.

It’s not really a friendship, nor is it a courtship. It’s something that cannot even be labeled, and that makes it difficult to navigate.

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Perhaps this person didn’t even consider you in that light because of the approach that you took in getting to know them.

As you get older, it is important to establish the context in which you are getting to know someone. It may not mean that you have to emphasize verbally that you are interested in them romantically.

But let your intentions be apparent by the way you speak to them, the kinds of activities you partake in with them and the times that you see them.

I also understand that not all of us are given the opportunity to set the tone with someone from the get-go.

It’s possible that you knew this person for a long time, they were a colleague of yours, or so on and so forth.

In that case, it would be better to ask them out or try to flirt with them instead of confessing your feelings of adoration for them.

Honestly, it’s a waste of time.

Unless you’re a girl and the guy in question seems really interested in you, don’t confess that you have a crush on someone.

Instead, make a move to escalate things into something romantic.

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Do This If Your Crush Rejects You

do this when your crush rejects you

Let’s say that you did this and were rejected by your crush. 

What now? 

What do you do? 

Well, you’re going to do the same thing you would do if you were rejected by anyone else. 

You’re going to make a decision about whether you want to actually remain friends with them or if you are only interested in them romantically. 

If it’s the latter, then you have no choice but to walk away. 

When walking away, you must do so in a pleasant, respectful, polite and confident manner. This means that you should not appear to be devastated or butt-hurt. 

Remember, rejection isn’t a personal attack, so to speak. 

As much as it stings and as disappointed as you are, it’s best to handle it with grace.

“Be grateful in victory and be graceful in defeat.” – Dustin Poirier

Wish them well, let them know that if anything changes, they should get in contact with you and then walk away. 

That’s it. 

The reason why you want to walk away in such a graceful manner without berating the other person or making them feel terrible for rejecting you is because by walking away, you create an opportunity for your crush to start liking you.

Most of us don’t fully appreciate someone until they leave. 

When this happens, a space is left, and we begin to look back on the past fondly, sometimes delusionally, through rose-colored glasses.

Since the rejection and parting didn’t create bad blood or anything awkward, your crush will feel more inclined to contact you if they change their mind.

In other words, I’m simply advising you to avoid burning bridges with your crush when they reject you. 

At this point, you have to be consistent with your words.

If you agree to be friends, don’t ever make a move on your crush again unless they initiate something romantic.

Don’t confess your feelings for them again, don’t try to escalate things, don’t hang around insincerely and don’t focus on getting them to like you back.

You will only be rejected again.

Rejection has the nasty habit of creating obsessive thoughts.

From being your crush, this person will appear to be your soulmate. That’s how unhealthy it is to consistently pursue someone who has rejected you.

If you walk away, mean it. 

Don’t reach out again after a few days or a couple of weeks, don’t stalk their social media and don’t wait for them.

You must focus on moving on completely and finding someone else.

At the same time, work on yourself consistently and look for ways to level up your appearance, personality, mindset and life.

By doing this, you build a strong case for them to like you if they ask you out on a date in the future.

Also, you’ll regain any confidence or self-worth that may have been lost after that rejection.

Feeling good about yourself often makes you act and talk in a manner that makes others feel good to be around you.

It also makes people feel good about themselves because your energy is so infectious.

This is the perfect way to level up your attraction game. 

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Final Thoughts

Rejection is a healthy part of life. It builds character and opportunities for you to grow or improve as a person.

I’ve learned that rejection can be a powerful motivator for change by adjusting your perspective.

Just because your crush rejected you doesn’t mean that you are unworthy of love. It simply creates another opportunity for you to grow and find someone even better suited for you.

Allow God to remove those people from your life who don’t belong there so that room can be made for those who do.

With that being said, I hope this article on what to do when your crush rejects you was helpful and a source of comfort. If you would like my help, please feel free to check out my services page for more information on my email coaching package.

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