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What To Do When She Loses Interest In You

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Every man should know what to do when she loses interest in you. To avoid heartbreak and increase your chances of attracting her back, there are things you must do and not do. What I’m about to teach you will be instrumental in your success with women.

This is what you should do when she loses interest in you:

Refrain from chasing her because interest fluctuates like a wave. Do not allow the ebbs and flow to cause panic and desperation because these emotions will do nothing besides turn her off. The best course of action is to maintain self-respect and give her space to miss you.

Believe me when I tell you that women appreciate men who make an effort but not at the risk of appearing needy, desperate, or weak.

If you can allow a woman’s interest to rise and fall without losing yourself in desperation, chances are that you will behave in a manner that reignites her interest and attraction.

I’ve experienced this myself. Women who lost interest in me came back with a renewed sense of interest and openness because I didn’t chase them.

Instead, I allowed them to experience their emotions and accepted reality as it presented itself to me.

Sometimes, I’d reach out after a few days; other times, I wouldn’t reach out at all until they did.

There’s no one-size-fits-all type of answer. But when you’re secure and confident in your value as a man, it’s easier to identify what type of action benefits you when courting women.

Understand this about interest: It is the desire or curiosity to understand something or someone.

That interest can diminish at times, especially if you begin to understand and explore the very thing you were interested in. But when you lose interest in it, the value doesn’t diminish as long as it remains the same.

After some time and space, your interest in experiencing it may rise again, and you’ll seek it out.

The same principle applies to romantic interest.

Time, space, and a change of circumstances can reignite lost interest, provided that your behavior is considered attractive and respectable even after her interest is lost.

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What Makes A Woman Lose Interest

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I believe that prevention is better than cure, so if you can eliminate the following behaviors, you’ll reduce the likelihood of making her lose interest in you.

1. Approval-seeking behavior: altering most of your opinions to match hers, not maintaining your masculine frame as a man, frequently checking if she’s still interested in you, trying to convince her of your worthiness, so on and so forth.

2. A lack of purpose: most masculine attributes are nurtured through the pursuit of a greater purpose. A man without purpose usually lacks leadership skills, confidence, ambition, discipline, passion, and courage. Women are attracted to these characteristics, and if they’re not present in you, it would cause them to lose interest in you.

3. Chasing her: since interest and attraction develop through connection and absence, chasing her all the time will ruin interest and attraction because you aren’t giving her time to think about you, fantasize about you, or miss you. During the courtship, some degree of mystery surrounding your feelings stimulates positive emotions of interest. A man who chases usually isn’t subtle about his feelings, and that can ruin the excitement and thrill of a possible romantic relationship from developing.

4. Excessive clinginess: if she’s seeking you out, she can’t be rejecting you or losing interest, right? That’s basic logic. So if you’re constantly texting her, calling her, or trying to see her before she even falls in love with you, it increases the likelihood that she’ll lose interest because you aren’t giving her an opportunity to experience or express her own feelings of interest. What’s interesting about someone who throws themselves at you all the time? Not much, to be honest.

5. Feelings for an ex or someone else: sometimes you can be amazing and avoid all mistakes, but if she’s still emotionally involved with an ex or someone else while her connection with you is fairly new, she may lose interest and gravitate back towards them.

6. You’re not her type: as I mentioned earlier, interest is a desire to understand something or someone. It could just be the case that after getting to know you, there isn’t an emotional spark for her, or she doesn’t feel like you’re compatible. We can’t be every girl’s cup of tea, and that’s okay.

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How To Reattract Her

Examine your interactions with her, and if you find certain behaviors precede her loss of interest, you can associate her reaction with your actions. Don’t do whatever it is that turned her off in the first place.

So if you were chasing her, trying to incessantly pursue a relationship with her, or if you were too clingy, eliminate all that behavior.

What this also means is that you shouldn’t reach out to her if she stops replying to you or initiating contact.

Be prepared to walk away and let her go.

That’s when you become interesting to her again.


Because she doesn’t expect you to walk away. If your behavior correlates with what I said you shouldn’t be doing, then not chasing her goes against her expectations of you.

As long as she hasn’t moved on and you haven’t said or done something that completely turned her off before she stopped talking to you, there’s a chance that she’ll come back or try to get your attention again.

Alternatively, wait for a while, and then, after a week or two, ask her to meet for coffee. If she accepts, don’t text or call her much until you see her. Refrain from ruining all the excitement and curiosity with this behavior.

If she makes an excuse and declines, take it on the chin and be polite with her, but don’t ask her out again.

In fact, don’t initiate contact with her again until she does.

There’s nothing else you can or need to do.

That’s the game, gentleman.

With that being said, I hope you found this article helpful on what to do when she loses interest in you. Grab a copy of my eBook called Reconcile because it will help you with this exact situation, especially with an ex.

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