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What To Do When He Blocks You (5 Steps That Help)

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Getting blocked feels like you’re being rejected, disrespected and betrayed all at once. It’s shocking to the system and most people react out of impulse and desperation. Most of the time, this behavior doesn’t work to your advantage. So, in this article I’m going to share what to do when he blocks you to get some answers, get him back or to get closure.

When he blocks you, you need to take some time to calm down before making any decisions, examine all the possible reasons why he blocked you and then execute a plan of action that will either get him back or help you to move on and accept that he has left. 

What you don’t want to do is panic and act on emotion. 

Being blocked can suddenly trigger feelings of anxiety, panic, distress and anger.

These feelings are associated with a fight, flight or freeze response that activates when something dangerous or shocking occurs.

It can feel like something extremely tragic has happened and you may want to act immediately in desperation but this may ruin your chances of getting him back.

It may also create more rejection and embarrassment for you because people have a habit of chasing after someone who blocked them.

The last thing you want to do is lash out in a manner that paints you in a bad light.

You also want to avoid appearing to be toxic or crazy by calling him from different numbers or multiple fake accounts. 

There’s a much healthier way of dealing with this and I’m going to share exactly what to do when he blocks you to avoid further rejection, embarrassment and pain.

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Step 1: Just wait 24 hours before you do anything

To prevent impulse purchases of expensive items, financial experts advise people to sleep on it before making the purchase.

What they find is that impulsivity can often be a great driver to expenditure and by waiting 24 hours, a lot of people experience a dip in emotions and are able to make a more rational decision on whether they actually want to make the purchase or not.

If you apply this thinking to problematic situations that trigger an impulsive outburst, you may end up realizing that what you wanted to do after immediately finding out that he blocked you isn’t all that wise or logical.

You could actually prevent yourself from appearing desperate, distraught and completely rattled by just sleeping on it before you decide on how you want to deal with the situation.

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I’ll be honest, when I was much younger, I went through a similar situation.

I wanted to drive to this person and find out why they did this and make a plea for an explanation.

It was the most ludicrous thought but after some time and sleeping on it, I woke up realizing I did not want to do that at all.

Best decision I made and I was so proud of myself for not acting out in that desperate manner.

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Step 2: Examine what was said leading up to being blocked

Look, before you can even think about a plan of action on how to win him back or how to move on from this, you need to establish a possible reason for why he blocked you.

This reason may not be accurate but in the event that he doesn’t unblock you and come back, you’ll have something that can provide a sense of closure for you.

Being blocked often feels like a premature ending to a courtship or relationship. 

You’ll have unanswered questions and some people can get stuck in this phase for too long.

This is why it’s important to scroll through his texts and analyze his behavior around you over the last few weeks.

Now, you may be able to pick up on certain signs that you may have missed at the time.

Once you have somewhat of an idea as to why he blocked you, think on it and decide the best course of action.

If you hurt him deeply and it seems almost justifiable for him to block you, it’s okay to take a proactive approach and contact him to work through it if he’s open to that.

Alternatively, you can leave things be and wait for him to unblock you because all the signs point to him coming back because he has a history of doing something like this when he’s mad at the moment. 

The last option is to accept this as a complete end to the chapter and try to move forward.

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Step 3: Decide on whether you want him back or to move on

As much as your instinct is to figure out how to get him back and the loss feels painful, perhaps this is an opportunity for you to consider whether this is actually something that has any long term potential.

The fact that he’s blocking you and there’s all these issues presents an idea that things aren’t really working.

Of course, certain events can cause issues in any relationship but if the problems outweigh the good, then it may not be working out.

It might be best to leave things alone and try to pick up the pieces of your life and move on.

On the flip side, losing him in this manner could have triggered a realization for you that what you had with him is worth fighting for and you want it.

Honesty is imperative and this may require you to look at everything from a bird’s eye view and be as objective as you possibly can.

Even though he made the decision to block you, it’s really in your hands to decide how you respond to this.

Step 4: Make a single genuine attempt to contact him to find out what happened

I believe that it’s important to make an attempt at least once to find out what happened and why he blocked you.

He may have blocked you as a way of getting your attention! 

It may seem counterintuitive but when someone is backed against the wall and they feel unnoticed or unappreciated, they may feel like walking away is the only real way to make their presence known to you.

Reaching out to him may prompt a conversation that helps the two of you work through this and more.

On the other hand, you may get no reply at all or a negative one.

It won’t make you feel good to experience this but you’ll remove the question of “what if I try to contact him” from your mind.

You can’t have regrets for not making an attempt if you make an attempt.

There’s nothing desperate about it either because it shows that you cared enough to reach out somehow and find out what’s going on.

You’ll have no reason to be ashamed for doing that and it’s actually something that will help you to move on or get some clarity. 

What you want to do is avoid confrontation.

In other words, instead of lashing out at him for blocking you, stick to a question that elicits some answers.

Hey, I noticed you blocked me, why did you do that? I’d really like to know and it would mean a lot to me if I can get an answer for some closure or clarity on what happened so I can try to fix it or let things be without animosity.

It’s short, simple and to the point without being negative, bitter, hateful or aggressive.

Step 5: Leave him alone

Once you’ve done all of the above, either you’ll get a response that opens the doors of communication again or you won’t.

But, if you don’t, then what you don’t want to do is chase after him and keep blowing up his phone.

Perhaps you’ll try for a second time and even that’s okay.

But, once you start chasing after him with countless attempts of getting answers or getting him back, it will just push him further away and you’ll feel worse with each denial or each rejection through silence.

You’re going to drive yourself crazy because more effort amounts to more investment that amounts to more expectations.

When you have expectations that don’t get met, it elicits feelings of disappointment, sadness, anger, hurt and depression.

To combat these feelings, you try again and this only makes it worse.

The only way to prevent hurting yourself and to actually behave in an attractive and respectful way is to give him what he wants.

Make a fair attempt and if he doesn’t even try to communicate, then it’s best to walk away and let it be.

You can’t force someone to be with you and you shouldn’t either. 

It’s unhealthy and will lead to a lot of pain and tragedy.

Give him what he wants and if he still cares about you or there’s still hope for the two of you, he’ll eventually unblock you and start communicating. 

Otherwise, you won’t hear from him and that will be it. 

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In conclusion

Trust me when I tell you that I completely understand the predicament that you are in and I know what you’re feeling right now.

Getting blocked hurts and it triggers a similar feeling and response to that of getting dumped. It’s essentially the same thing.

Treat yourself with kindness during this time and please do your best to exercise patience.

I know it feels like your world is spinning out of control but have faith that what is meant for you will not miss you.

You’re going to get through this, whether he comes back or not.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on what to do when he blocks you to be insightful, practical and a source of comfort. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to let me know by visiting the comment section below.

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