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What To Do When A Girl Starts Responding Less!

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If a girl you’ve been talking to appears to be losing interest, you need to make some changes to your approach to avoid losing her altogether. I’ve been in this situation before, as have most guys, and it’s frustrating! There’s an art to texting women, and it takes a lot of experience and knowledge to crack the code, which I have. Here’s what to do when a girl starts responding less:

Without a doubt in my mind, I can attest that the best thing to do when a girl starts responding less is to match and mirror her level of interest. An escalation of effort will only turn her off and push her away. The exception to this rule is if she lost interest because you were acting too disinterested and cold with her.

More often than not, men run into this issue when they are dealing with a woman who already has a low degree of interest in them or when they talk a girl out of liking them.

Frequent and incessant texting is one of the leading causes of rejection.

If she hasn’t ghosted you or faded away completely, the best course of action is to slow down and be non-reactive. 

At the same time, I want to emphasize the existence of fluctuating interest. In every relationship, there will be an ebb and flow of interest.

Sometimes, a woman will be highly interested and desperate for your attention. Other times, she’ll appear less interested and needy.

The key is to remain stoic, avoiding the urge to reply desperately and needily.

Usually, matching and mirroring her level of effort will result in her showing more interest in you again.

If the reason she was drifting away from you was due to this natural ebb and flow of interest, then things should get back to normal in a few days.

If the reason is something more worrisome, then read on because I’ll explain what you need to do to turn things around or to avoid destroying your dignity and self-respect as a man.

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The Reason Why Men Should Text Less

Most men struggle with the concept of moderation, and in the digital world that we live in, it is inevitable that we will be challenged by the potential addiction to instant gratification.

Rather than work on their careers, build their bodies, and court a woman in reality, men seek out the instant gratification that comes from texting.

In doing so, they talk women out of liking them.

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The majority of women on this planet are attracted to men who are mission-driven. Delaying gratification to pursue growth and solve problems is the path to mental fortitude and a life of abundance.

Men who are able to do this gain some degree of mastery over their emotions. In doing so, they behave in a manner that enhances and influences a woman’s emotional state.

What we know about women is that they are emotional beings.

It’s absolutely beautiful and magnetic to witness the ever-changing and exciting flow of emotions from women.

This polarity between the logical male and the emotional female is what drives the sexual attraction and chemistry between two people.

So, when we think about what inspires a positive emotional reaction in a woman, we have to consider the impact of real-life experiences over digital experiences.

There’s only so much of an effect you can have on someone over text.

The true extent of a woman’s feelings can only be observed and experienced through real-life experiences and interactions with her.

If you were to text less and spend time with her in person, you would have a much greater likelihood of making her want you than if you prioritized texting over meeting.

An advantage you can gain from this approach is that you will develop experience and skills that other guys would not.

Rather than being impressive and influential on text, you’ll learn communication and social skills that make you magnetic in person.

The guy who is smooth with women in reality will always have a better experience in relationships than the man who spends all his time texting.

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How To Make Her Text You More

when she responds less, what should I do if she starts responding less, what to do if she stops texting you

1. Give her space to miss you

When a woman shows a loss of interest or a lack of appreciation for your presence, the only sensible response is to withdraw your attention.

Lessening the amount of time you spend texting a woman doesn’t have to be viewed negatively.

Space is healthy and essential for two individuals.

It stimulates desire, longing, and appreciation for that which you don’t have constant access to.

One of the issues most married couples struggle with is space.

Being in each other’s presence all the time can diminish some of the excitement, desire, and novelty you experience in a romantic relationship.

Rather than ending the relationship or looking for those feelings outside of the relationship, it’s wiser and more loving to give each other adequate space to experience some degree of desire.

Always remember, romantic feelings develop both in person and in absentia. It’s a Yin and Yang type of situation that shouldn’t lean too much in either direction.

  • Don’t be the first one to always text her.
  • Forget about sending good morning texts every single day if you can text each other with ease throughout the day.
  • Don’t double text her frequently.
  • Instead of texting all the time, try voice notes or video calls.

2. Learn how to stimulate her emotions 

Texting is an art form.

Mundane and boring texts stimulate nothing but feelings of indifference or boredom.

Long essays are exhausting and provide little room for an exciting and stimulating back and forth.

To court a woman, the best form of texting focuses on setting up dates and being interested in her.

Asking questions and opening her up emotionally are far more compelling to women than peacocking and trying to sell yourself to her with text messages that could double as a thesis.

If you want to text about yourself, let it be about things that make you feel something.

You don’t have to do this all the time.

Some of your texts should be organic and about what’s happening in the present moment.

Other texts should be playful, fun, and even romantically flirtatious.

Allow her to experience a range of emotions by varying what and how you text her using these suggestions.

3. Be interested in her

Given that relationships are already complex, I like to simplify things for myself as much as I can.

A lot of guys try to cultivate ways to be interesting on text, but in my opinion, if you live an interesting life, you’ll naturally be interesting in person and on text.

A better use of your time would be to show interest in her.

Shift the focus on her by asking questions and engaging her in things that she finds compelling.

Showing interest in her thoughts, feelings, and opinions will make her feel heard and seen.

Giving that level of importance to someone has to make them feel good.

Also, it shifts the burden of being interesting onto her.

In a way, this places you in a more dominant position within the conversation, and subconsciously, she may feel the urge to gain your approval through the expression of who she is.

4. Abandon your desperate energy

Desperate energy repels women.

It exudes insecurity, a need for validation, and uncertainty about one’s worth.

Rather than portraying yourself as a man who walks and talks like someone who has self worth and value, desperate energy makes you appear weak and needy.

None of these attributes are attractive.

The best way to make women text you more is to not need them to.

If you can detach from the need for someone’s attention and validation, you have a much greater chance of attracting them.

A big reason why men end up in weird friendzones is because they are unable to read a woman’s interest level.

How can you accurately observe and predict the trend of a woman’s interest when you are stuck in a desperate state of need and project your desire for her over everything else?

Final Thoughts 

It looks like that brings us to the end of this article on what to do when a girl starts responding less.

Don’t freak out, and don’t resort to desperate behavior.

By all means, make an effort to court her and address the issue if she’s your partner. But, for the most part, refrain from behavior that diminishes you as a man with dignity and self respect.

I believe that the right woman won’t just leave you randomly or get pulled away by another guy, especially if you are a great guy who understands how to court her.

A high quality woman who is genuinely invested in nurturing a relationship with you will work through the ebbs and flows of a relationship.

That’s the kind of person to invest yourself in.

With that being said, grab a copy of my ebook on getting your ex back by clicking here. It’s a concise and detailed book on everything you need to know to re-attract the woman you lost. Alternatively, check out my services page for more information on my email coaching package.

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