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What To Do If A Girl Blocks You (The Best Solution)

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Getting blocked sucks and it immediately causes feelings of panic, fear, loss and abandonment. You’re probably confused and cannot understand why she would block you when everything was seemingly okay. I’m quite certain that you’re not thinking clearly and have no idea how to deal with this situation. In this article, we are going to examine what to do if a girl blocks you. 

If a girl blocks you, the only thing you can do is let her go and not waste a second of your time with her ever again unless you drive her to block you by doing something unacceptable and hurting her.

I am of the opinion that if someone takes themselves out of your life willingly and without warning, let them go because you should not prioritize people who do not value your presence.

What’s ironic is that I didn’t hold this stance earlier in my life.

I romanticized the idea of ‘fighting for love’ but when I look back on it, I cringe because it was the most disrespectful thing I could do to myself.

So, when I say that if a girl blocks you, you should let her go, I’m saying it with the experience of doing the opposite and regretting it.

Typically, my advice to men is that if they have done something to hurt a girl by being a jerk or being really disrespectful, then they should try at least twice or thrice to get in contact with her. 

Instead of asking her to talk, start taking ownership of what happened and apologize sincerely.

Thereafter, you just have to wait and see if she is willing to communicate.

But, if a couple of weeks have elapsed and you’ve heard nothing from her, you can try once more to get her to communicate but then you have to walk away.

Now, if she blocked you for her own selfish reasons, then you want to do absolutely nothing and let her go.

If you’re not convinced about letting her go after she blocks you, then I encourage you to read on because I’m going to share all the reasons why you should not chase a girl after she blocks you.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Chase A Girl Who Blocks You

if a girl blocks you, when a girl blocks you, what to do if a girl blocks you, what to do if she blocks you

1. It’s rewarding bad behavior

Being cut off in a nasty fashion without any explanation or respect is horrible. 

Imagine the feelings of rejection and betrayal you are about to feel because a girl blocks you. 

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This is incredibly painful when you care about her deeply and you’ve done nothing to warrant such an action.

To chase her is to affirm such behavior.

There’s no way at all that she can engage in such behavior and truly believe that it’s a good thing. Chances are such that she’s using this as a means of running away to avoid taking responsibility for rejecting you properly or whatever.

Now, if you start chasing her and begging her to unblock you, this will create a narrative to her that what she has done isn’t so bad because you wouldn’t be here asking her to unblock you.

Is this the message you want to send?

Not only are you encouraging her to treat you poorly but you’re giving her validation and affirmation to do this again in the future to someone else. 

The only caveat to this is if you drove her to block you.

I’ve mentioned this earlier but if you engage in some kind of activity that is completely wrong and hurtful, then reaching out to her after she blocks you isn’t bad.

You’re not rewarding bad behavior, you’re trying to make amends and fix what you have broken. 

Now, at a certain point, you have to also accept that she’s not going to unblock you and to leave her alone.

But, in the event that you have done something to hurt her that resulted in you getting blocked, then trying to fix the situation would not amount to you rewarding bad behavior. 

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2. You are stroking her ego

Imagine blocking someone, thinking that you can do better than them and being met with constant contact from that person begging for you to talk to them.

Would you not feel powerful and attractive as one could feel?

I think so.

It would be such a boost to your ego because this person is literally discarding their dignity in exchange for some of your time and attention.

That’s how you’re making her feel by chasing her if she blocks you.

You’re appearing to her like a desperate little puppy who needs some love from this elite owner who doesn’t really care about you.

The power trip she’s going to be on is mind-numbing and you’re the driver. 

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3. You’re disrespecting yourself

In life, you don’t always get the opportunity to avoid disrespect from others. 

However, when it occurs, it is our duty to either hold them accountable by taking them to ask or walking away and not giving them the time of day.

If we don’t do anything like that but just allow them to treat us poorly or chase after them after they’ve discarded us, then we are being more disrespectful to ourselves than they are being to us.

Respect begins with you.

Until you’re willing to treat yourself with respect and dignity, you will never behave in a way that encourages others to treat you with respect and dignity. 

You’ll always accept poor treatment and those who are malicious will use this to their advantage.

Don’t be a doormat for people who can block you for no apparent reason or just manipulate you and reject you. 

A person with healthy self-esteem will choose not to chase after a girl who blocks them. 

As much as the desire is felt, they will not partake in such behavior because their sense of worth will not allow them to.

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4. You’re validating your own insecurities

I’m sure you know that every single person on this planet has insecurities. They may not vocalize it as much but they have it.

The problem is that our insecurities get louder when we plunge into a situation of abandonment or rejection.

All those nasty thoughts about not being good enough start to take center stage.

When they do, it’s tempting to chase after the person who rejected or abandoned us. But, in doing so, we actually place our sense of self-worth in their control.

We start to convince ourselves and believe that we need their presence and acceptance to stop feeling inadequate and unlovable.

This is only validating your insecurities.

The only way to quiet those thoughts is to let them pass through you. Acting on them to avoid those thoughts and feelings only makes them stronger.

What you need to experience is a sense of wellness and contentment that follows the acceptance of being blocked by a girl.

When you realize that life goes on and there are other people who actually do want to be in your life and that you don’t need anyone to actually feel self-actualized, you’ll gain a greater sense of self-worth and acceptance.

And girls who block you or reject you will not hold as much power over you as they do right now.

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5. She won’t respect you

Just because a girl has blocked you right now doesn’t mean that things will always remain this way.

Again, I’d just like to emphasize that effort and some degree of pursuit may be required if she blocked you because you’ve actually done something to hurt her and ruin things.

But, if you haven’t and she’s just doing this to either get rid of you because some other guy is in the picture, to test your strength or she’s afraid of commitment, then you need to leave her alone.

If you chase her, you’re going to eventually be met with pity or rudeness or more silence.

This may encourage you to act even more desperate.

None of this is attractive or powerful.

Instead of wanting you, she’ll be wanting to get away from you even more.

The reason for that is because people don’t like to feel locked down nor do they respect people who are desperate enough to accept disrespect for some validation.

One thing is for certain, if a girl doesn’t respect you, she will never truly love you.

And respect is paramount for any relationship to thrive. 

So, if you actually want a chance at getting her to come back, you may need to exercise inaction and patience.

When she realizes that you aren’t desperate or like those guys who have no self-respect, she’ll question her decision. At the very least, she’ll respect you for not chasing after her in that manner.

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In Conclusion

Let me illustrate exactly what to do if a girl blocks you. First, examine whether you’ve done something wrong. If you have, reach out to her via a different means and apologize.

If you know for a fact that you have really hurt her, making at least three genuine attempts is fine.

In the event that you have no idea why she blocked you but the overall idea is that she’s either ghosting you, with another guy, rejecting you or just being manipulative, then you are to not contact her at all.

Do absolutely nothing if she blocked you without any explanation and without a justifiable reason for doing so.

You do not want to waste your time on someone disrespectful, insincere and immature.

If she comes back, the decision on what to do rests with you.

Personally, at this point in my life, if a girl blocks me without any provocation from me and has no decency to explain why then I would not waste my time letting her back into my life or I would never pursue anything meaningful with her at all.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on what to do if a girl blocks you to be insightful, practical and a source of comfort. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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