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What Happens When You Stop Chasing Her

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Most men who chase women have no idea how damaging it is to their relationships and to their self worth. Only when they have a wake-up call and stop it do they realize what happens when you stop chasing her. 

Not only will her opinion of you change positively but you’ll regain control over yourself, she’ll start to miss you when you’re busy and away, you develop a deeper sense of self-respect and you will regain power in the relationship. 

It’s quite simple to stop chasing her. All you have to do is stop texting and calling her all the time. 

When you do, give her an opportunity to reach out to you. When she does reach out, set a date. 

Don’t try to force her into a relationship either. 

When she’s ready, you’ll be able to tell based on her signs of attraction. 

With that being said, let’s talk about what happens when you stop chasing her in more detail. 

1. Her opinion of you changes

Women often perceive men who chase them as desperate, weak and needy. Why, well because a man who is magnetic and strong is often too busy chasing after his dreams and purpose in life to be chasing after women. 

Ambition is an extremely sexy trait in a man.

The effects it has on your way of thinking and overall energy positively affects all areas of your life. When I sacrificed my drive for accomplishments and started chasing girls, I fell apart. 

I became a shell of my old self and it showed to those around me. 

The more I chased girls, the more drama I had in my life. But, when I stopped, suddenly their opinion of me changed.

I became a challenge to them and they ate it up.

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2. You regain control over your feelings

Whenever you’re chasing a woman, you’re probably experiencing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, doubt and fear.

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These emotions can make you feel like you have no control over the situation, let alone yourself. But, in reality, you do have control. 

Courtship can be compared to tennis.

When one player hits the ball into the other court, he or she must wait for the other player to hit the ball back.

If you keep swinging, you’ll only hit air and burn yourself out.

Similarly, when you make a move on a girl, it’s best to wait for her to respond. The more texts or calls you make, the more invested and overwhelmed you’ll feel.

You’re investing too much before she even has the opportunity to respond. 

What happens when you stop chasing her is that you also gain clarity over the situation. This will help you to measure your options appropriately and choose the best option for your own happiness. 

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3. She may start to miss you

Attraction and love are nurtured in person and in absence. In other words, being away from each other can greatly influence the development of love for each other.

Chasing her eliminates the opportunity and possibility for her to miss you.

This means that you’ll never get to enjoy the feeling of having her pursue you or reaching out to let you know that she was thinking about you and missing you.

It’s actually quite sad.

You don’t need to constantly be making moves on her for the relationship to develop. 

It’s perfectly okay and healthy to get busy with your goals and career. Even if you guys don’t get to talk for a day or two, that shouldn’t be cause for concern. If anything, by the time you call her again or see each other, she’ll be thrilled and excited to be in your company.

I’ve also come to realize that people assign more worth to that which is hard to get. Put simply, if you are too easy for her, she won’t value you or the time you spend together as much. 

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4. You start to respect yourself more

To chase someone, you have to be willing to sacrifice some of your self respect and dignity to do so. I mean, sending someone texts repeatedly or constantly trying to win them over really puts them in a position of greatness and you in weakness. 

Think about this for a second – what do you have to gain by chasing her other than some of her time? 

More importantly, how sure are you that she actually wants to spend time with you or she’s just trying not to be rude since you blew up her phone and constantly tried to convince her to see you? 

When I behaved in this manner, it really made me question my self worth.

The men who were successful at dating weren’t behaving in this manner. They valued themselves far too much to chase after someone who wasn’t interested. 

By the time I adjusted my mindset and stopped chasing women, I felt empowered. I cringe thinking about the girls I chased after in the past. If I could turn back the clock, I’d definitely cut them off way faster and invested my time in women who were dying to spend time with me. 

You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you.

Constantly remind yourself of that.

If gaining someone’s attention comes at the cost of your dignity and self worth, it’s not a price you should be willing to pay.

5. You regain some power in the relationship

If up until now, all you did was chase after her while she enjoyed the fruits of your hard work without meeting you halfway, not chasing her is going to make a huge impact on the relationship.

For one, you’ll regain a lot of time in your day and self worth. Secondly, you’ll attach a greater price for your time and affection.

If she’s not willing to make an equal effort, then she will be rewarded with the gift of your silence because you won’t be chasing her anymore. 

This will make her question her opinion of you and rather than being the weak, desperate, clingy and needy guy who couldn’t be away from her, you’ll now be the strong and confident man who actually poses a challenge to her. 

She’ll start to respect you more and miss your attention.

When she realizes that the possibility of losing you is a reality, she’ll start to make more of an effort. As coach Corey Wayne says, the greatest negotiating position is to be able to walk away and mean it. 

Going forward, your opinion and expectations will start to matter.

She’ll start to consider your feelings more and you’ll have a say in the overall direction of the relationship. If that isn’t compelling enough for you to stop chasing her, I don’t know what is! 

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In conclusion

What happens when you stop chasing her is that you start acting like a real man who is confident, attractive and incredibly sexy. 

The time and energy you regain can be directed towards other areas of your life that will greatly benefit you in the future like your goals, career and health. 

Women who start to realize that they can’t control you anymore will either start respecting you on equal terms or they’ll phase out of your life.

The women who took your effort and affection for granted will start to appreciate the time you actually do spend with them. They’ll start reaching out to you more as well. 

It’s not going to be easy, though.

At first, your mind’s programming is going to resist the changes you’re making. It’s going to try and manipulate you into thinking that not chasing her will make you lose her. Don’t buy into it. If what you were doing was effective, you wouldn’t need to be chasing her in the first place. 

Stay strong and set better standards for yourself. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article on what happens when you stop chasing her to be insightful and motivating. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below.

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  1. I Love this Article I read it at least 2twice a day 4x times a Week.
    and Wow!
    you are amazing I need a 1 on 1 coaching!

  2. Do have the same problem. I chase a girl thought that is the great move. I thought that making her feel loved was good
    . It was a big mistake.

  3. I have never chased a woman in my life no matter how attracted I am to her. Women never see me in that way so nothing will ever happen. A such it’s not worth trying.

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