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What Does It Mean When A Guy Double Texts You?

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So, you’ve been in contact with this guy and lately, he seems to be texting you alot. In fact, he tends to double text you even though you’ve been too busy to reply or chose not to. However, you unsure of why he seems to be doing this. This begs the question, what does it mean when a guy double texts you?

When a guy double texts you, it usually indicates a high level of attraction and interest in you. He is excited to talk to you and can’t control himself from displaying that excitement by double texting.

I’ve written about how to double text without looking desperate and that is one of my most popular articles because it’s packed with valuable insight and examples. 

Be that as it may, let’s discuss in detail what does it mean when a guy double texts you. 

1. He is attracted to you

The more attracted a man is to you, the more he’ll reach out.

It doesn’t matter how busy he is, he’ll make time to get your attention because it’s in his nature. Men are, by nature, physical creatures to an extent.

When they come in contact with someone they find attractive and there’s a basic degree of chemistry, they’ll make an effort to stay in touch and gain her attention. 

It’s a natural reaction to the attraction.

So, if he’s double texting you on more than one occasion and it’s just to have a conversation or to find out when he can see you, then it’s safe to assume that he finds you really attractive.

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2. He is very interested in you as a person

Another wonderful reason why a guy double texts are because he has taken a keen interest in getting to know you on a deeper level. 

This means that he’s not just interested in you physically.

He enjoys your company and wants to connect with you by getting to know how you think, the way you feel and your opinion on different matters.

Put shortly, he’s interested in your personality, mind and heart. In relationship terms, that’s the holy trinity. 

3. He’s uncertain and excited

Not knowing where you stand with someone can often create healthy or unhealthy feelings of anxiety based on uncertainty or excitement. 

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Let’s say that you’ve been busy or a bit cold with him due to a specific reason.

This may seem inconsequential but it could play a huge role in making him double text you because he’s afraid that you’ll forget about him or move on.

He is uncertain and anxious.

Patience is not a virtue that we are automatically born with. It takes a lot of practice to master and most people in this technology-driven age battle with controlling themselves.

When those anxious thoughts hit him, he feels strongly about getting you back or winning your attention and so he double texts.

Even if he is excited, these positive emotions are addictive.

He wants more of it so he double texts because he can’t wait to get enough of you. 

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4. He’s concerned about you

A man who truly cares about you will often double text to check up on you when he doesn’t hear back from you or when you’re going through a difficult experience in life. 

Most people are wired to be considerate and thoughtful when dealing with someone they care about in a romantic manner.

His double texts could be indicative of how much he cares about you, especially if they are elaborate and emotional. 

5. He’s desperate for your attention

When a man is desperate, he’ll do many things to get what he wants, that includes double or triple texting you when the two of you have not spoken or you’ve blown him off for some reason or the other.

Desperation is not exactly an attractive trait but in some instances, like when a man has messed up, this desperation can be a sign of real love and care.

Nobody would truly risk embarrassing themselves by chasing after someone unless they truly care about that individual.

Contrarily, a man may double text you desperately because he can’t take rejection well and he is trying to restore the sanctity of his ego.

This is a plausible explanation for why he’s texting you again, depending on the circumstances and the type of man you are dealing with.

Whether you interpret this in a positive or negative light is something that you’ll only know when experiencing it. You’ll have to trust your gut and go along with your feelings.

Should I text him back?

If you’re actually interested in him and want to makeup if there was an issue or fight then yes, absolutely, text him back.

Ignoring someone for too long will force them to stop texting and move on.

Even the most persistent or desperate guy will get the message and stop texting you so be sure of what you want.

Don’t wait for weeks before texting him back. Playing games will often blow up in your face eventually.

If you’re not interested in him and you’ve tried rejecting him on multiple occasions, not texting him back may be effective.

More often than not, I advise women to be gentle but clear when rejecting a man. I know that you may want to avoid hurting him and making the situation awkward but ghosting him is not a good idea at all.

It gives him absolutely no closure at all and it can be viewed as selfish.

My advise would be to gently reject him.

You may have to do it on more than one occasion before considering the idea of just ignoring him and ghosting him because he refuses to stop contacting you.

In Conclusion

When a guy double texts you, it usually means that he has a high level of interest or attraction for you, he’s excited to talk to you, he wants to get to know you on a deeper level, he’s excited to talk to you or he’s just desperate for your attention.

If he double texts you once, I wouldn’t read too much into this especially if the texts are not for personal reasons.

If he double texts you often and it’s evident that he is being flirty, in such a case, it’s extremely likely that he is into you and wants your attention.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on what does it mean when a guy double texts you. Feel free to drop your comments or questions down below.

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