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What Does It Mean When A Girl Double Texts You

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You’ve been getting to know someone and for some reason, they seem to be double texting you. This seems like odd behavior because you’re not used to girls doing that. This makes you think, what does it mean when a girl double texts you?

Usually, when a girl double texts you, it means that she’s either attracted to you, wants your attention, misses you, needs your help or is uncertain and anxious about where things are headed.

For the most part, it’s not a sign of anything bad.

And if you like this girl, it’s a wonderful sign because she’s showing interest and effort which means that you have a great shot at getting her to spend more time with you, if not more.

Now that we know what it means when a girl double texts you, let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons in more detail so that we can understand her motive and what it really means.

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1. She’s attracted to you

Let me tell you something, girls are always inundated with texts from guys. 

At some point or the other, she’ll have some guy sliding into her dm’s trying to get her attention. 

So, when a girl double texts you, it simply means that you’ve already passed her basic attraction test and she’s interested in getting to know you. 

Take this as a compliment because she chose you out of a bunch of guys to speak to.

Not only that, but she also followed up her text with a double text before you even had a chance to reply.

This is an obvious sign of attraction. 

Most girls can quickly pick up a guy’s intentions.

If she knows that you’re attracted to her and she has absolutely no attraction for you, very rarely will she ever double text you unless it has something to do with worldly affairs or emergencies. 


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Because she wouldn’t want to give you the wrong idea and risk getting sucked into an awkward situation with you.

On the other hand, if you pass her attraction requirement, she’ll definitely be texting you. 

2. She wants your attention

Why else would someone double text you if they didn’t want to get your attention or if they didn’t enjoy your company? This is speaking on a strictly personal level, of course.

If you’re colleagues at work, then that would be a different situation.

But, more often than not, a girl will double text you if she wants your attention and you’re not around. 

She can’t contain herself. She wants to know what you’re doing and she wants to be in your presence.

More so than that, her excitement and uncertainty will motivate her to double text you even though it would make more sense to wait until you reply.

This is further perpetuated by the time between her texts.

If it’s only been like an hour or two and she’s double texting you, clearly, she’s excited to talk to you and craves your attention.

Consider this a fantastic sign of not just high attraction but anticipation as well. 

3. She misses you

Perhaps you’ve been gone for some time and you haven’t been able to chat as much as you normally do. 

If she actually finds you attractive, enjoys your company and most importantly, has connected with you on a personal level, trust me when I tell you that she is missing you. 

That double text is a manifestation of her feelings for you. 

This is why I always advise guys to give a woman space and some time to miss you.

When you’re not in her face all the time, she has time to think about you and fantasize. This is when her feelings start to mature. 

By the time she realizes that she’s missing you, she already wants to double text you.

That’s a surefire sign that things with this particular girl can progress relatively fast if you continue putting your best foot forward. 

Now that you’ve established that she’s missing you to the point of double texting, give her your attention! 

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4. She needs your help

The only time I wouldn’t read too much into a girl double texting you is if the texts themselves are about needing help or something from you. 

If up until this point, she hasn’t double texted you much at all and she’s been lukewarm to you, then it’s not that she’s hyper attracted or invested in you. 

I know that when a guy is really into a girl and she does something like this, he’ll find a way to interpret this to mean that she likes you so she double texted for help.

That’s not the case. 

Unless, of course, the two of you have already been romantic with each other and things are going well then she’s asking for help from you because she trusts you and is giving you an opportunity to be her hero. 

5. She’s uncertain or anxious

When a woman who likes you doesn’t know where she stands with you or where things are headed, you may find that she becomes more erratic, needy and even clingy.

She’ll do things to gain more clarity on the relationship like double texting you more often.

Let’s say that you have been distant for a short while because you’re confused or busy with some stuff in your life. 

This may cause her to feel uncertain and anxious.

The more she embraces these feelings, it’s going to cause to do something.

Given that texting is the easiest, most convenient and accessible form of communication at our disposal, it’s not far-fetched to claim that she’ll double text you. 

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What to do when a girl double texts you

Here’s the deal, if you really like this girl, now would be a great time to text her back and give her attention.

She has just put herself out there by texting you two times in a row before you could even reply to her first text. Clearly, she needs to be in contact with you.

If this is a romantic situation, reward her effort with your time, attention and affection.

By doing this, not only will she be super excited to hear from you but it will encourage her to reach out more because she’ll learn that you are receptive to her effort.

If you choose not to reply or continue to make her wait for a response indefinitely, don’t be surprised if she feels hurt, annoyed or rejected.

In fact, if she gets put off and starts acting distant, it’s because you made her feel unimportant despite her many double texts.

Keep this in mind when deciding what to do when she double texts you.

In conclusion

Most of the time, double texts are a good sign especially when a girl is just trying to get your attention and keep the conversation flowing with no ulterior motive.

This is a sure fire sign of interest and attraction.

She’s hit the ball over to you, now it’s up to you to hit it back or not. If you’re interested in her, definitely reply and be enthusiastic.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on what does it mean when a girl double texts you. If you’d like me to write about a specific topic or problem, leave a comment down below for me and I’ll be sure to feature it in a future article.

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