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The No Contact Rule For Guys

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If you’ve been dumped or rejected and everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked to win her back or help you move on, then you need to know about the no contact rule for guys. 

It will save you from making embarrassing decisions that get you humiliated and further rejected by women. 

When I was younger, all these romantic movies brainwashed me into believing that chasing after a woman, even when she dumps or rejects you, is a surefire way of winning her back. 

Being over the top and a lovesick puppy was supposed to make her fall in love with me because I thought that this was what women wanted in a man.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

All of those things only work when you’re courting or in a serious relationship with a woman.

If you pull these stunts after being rejected, you’ll get blocked and labeled as a desperate nice guy who lacks confidence and mental fortitude. 

You will absolutely avoid all of these unnecessary issues by simply using the no contact rule and in this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about it to successfully win her heart back or move on once and for all.

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What is the no contact rule for guys?

When a guy has been dumped or rejected, he has one of two options: try to win her back or move on from her. 

Guys assume that chasing her with over the top romantic gestures will do the trick but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you decide to take this approach, you’ll end up rejected even more or worse, friend-zoned.

If you have any desire to get back with your ex, never agree to be friends. This is the number one most effective way of turning into a cuck. 

So, what do you do?

The illusion of action makes you think that doing more will fix things.

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That may not be the case.

The only time you should up the antics and be ultra-romantic to get an ex back is if you were dumped or rejected because you failed to be romantic or interested enough in the first place.

Apart from that, your only option is to use the no contact rule.

Essentially, do nothing and wait for her to either come back or for enough time to pass that you are able to move on with your life. 

Trust me when I tell you that the no contact rule for guys is designed to prevent you from making decisions that leave you humiliated and dejected. 

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When should a guy use the no contact rule?

As mentioned above, use the no contact rule when you were dumped or rejected.

Never give a woman the satisfaction of seeing you chase after her if she dumped or rejected you for another man. 

Additionally, you can use the no contact rule to undo the damage of your mistakes.

Let’s say that you have been chasing and begging your ex or a girl to give you a chance and she hasn’t budged until now.

This would be the perfect opportunity to use the no contact rule because it goes against what she expects from you.

And that’s the key takeaway from this – the no contact rule is an unpredictable result of being rejected or dumped.

She’s not really expecting it because she knows that you’re really into her.

But, walking away flips the script.

If you’re looking to change her opinion of you from a weak, needy and desperate guy to a strong and confident man, use the no contact rule.

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Why is the no contact rule effective?

It’s effective because it’s so unpredictable and powerful.

Most women who reject or dump you expect that you’re going to be desperate to win them back. They’ll expect you to chase after them like a lovesick puppy.

And maybe, that’s exactly what you’ve been doing. 

But, imagine the surprise they get when you do the opposite and leave them alone altogether. 

Everybody goes through the fear of loss and sadness from loneliness.

It’s unavoidable, especially if you have been in a relationship for any significant amount of time. 

When those feelings hit your ex and they have absolutely no idea where you are, what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, it’s going to present a case of uncertainty, anxiety and fear for your ex.

She’s going to consider the possibility of her being too impulsive when ending the relationship or of you moving on altogether.

This will strongly influence her to reach out.

If there’s a base level of attraction leftover and she still cares about you, then I’m pretty sure that she will reach out. 

Another reason why the no contact rule for guys is so effective is because of the fight or flight reaction people go through when dealing with an overwhelming and scary situation.

Women go through this very scenario when you chase them.

They either fight by rejecting you harshly or blocking you off all social media or they take flight by asking for space from you or ignoring your efforts of remaining in contact.

You can completely avoid this scenario by not begging, pleading or arguing with your ex after a breakup.

But, what you can do is put them in a fight or flight situation of a different kind. Imagine walking away and leaving her with radio silence.

When the loneliness and fear creep up on her and she has to face the reality of you completely moving on or her not finding someone better than you, she’ll enter a fight or flight reaction.

She’ll either fight to win you back or she’ll take flight and try to avoid the situation altogether. 

There’s a 50% chance that she comes back and if this is what you want, then no contact is essential for you.

On the other end of the spectrum, if what you’re looking for is a faster and more effective way of moving on, nothing comes close to beating the no contact rule.

It rips the band-aid off and forces you to face reality in the toughest way possible.

Thing is, if you face your biggest fears and problems head-on, things can only get better.

Distance and no interaction with your ex will give you space, time and freedom to work through your feelings.

This is a vulnerable time for you.

The last thing that you want is to remain in contact with your ex who can say or do things that tip you over the edge.

It might be difficult at first but ending all communication with your ex will help you move on and forget her. 

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How to use the no contact rule for guys

The no contact rule for guys dictates a complete elimination of all communication with a girl who has rejected you or dumped you.

When using the no contact rule, you absolutely cannot text, call or speak to your ex under any circumstances. Don’t even interact with your ex on social media unless you receive a direct message.

This might sound morbid but you need to imagine that the girl you are trying to win back or move on from doesn’t exist anymore.

She’s completely gone and no matter how much you want to talk to her, you can’t.

The only time you can communicate with her is if she reaches out to you. Even then, depending on your goal, you can choose whether to reply or not. 

If you’re trying to win her back, feel free to reply.

If your goal is to move on completely and having her in your life makes that impossible, just ignore her

There are coaches who promote the idea of a 30 day no contact rule followed by an initiation of communication from you.

This is an incorrect application of this rule.

These coaches are assuming that 30 days is enough time for someone to start missing you and feeling uncertain about their decision to split.

But, you and I know that real life doesn’t work on any specific timeline. It could take her 30 days or 30 weeks.

Reaching out before she’s in that headspace will achieve nothing good. 

For that reason, I do not recommend breaking no contact after 30 days.

It is far more productive to use the no contact rule indefinitely.

When she does reach out, at least you’ll know that she actually misses you to some degree and wants to have you around.

And if she doesn’t reach out, it won’t be a waste of your time because you’ll be focusing on yourself during no contact.

The no contact rule is not just a tool for getting an ex back.

It’s also a useful tool for working through your feelings after a breakup, reflecting on what you want in your life and from a partner as well as an opportunity to improve yourself physically, emotionally and intellectually. 

Don’t just sit around waiting for your ex to reach out to you.

This is a recipe for disaster.

You’ll waste weeks of your life sitting around and doing nothing when you could have used that precious time to make strides in your personal goals.

Make a list of 100 things to do, be or become.

This list will greatly help you to work on creating the life of your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself.  

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In Conclusion

If you can muster up the courage to use the no contact rule appropriately, I’m more than certain that it will serve you well.

Remember, when a woman reaches out to you after no contact, don’t revert back to the old ways that got you dumped or rejected.

Get her back into a good space with fun and laughter.

This will build on her attraction.

Additionally, don’t be scared to make a move on her when she’s ready. There’s nothing admirable about being a coward. 

One more thing, the no contact rule will test your mental resolve. Your fears and mind will plant ideas of doubt and uncertainty into your heart.

Don’t let it fool you into breaking no contact prematurely. 

At the end of this experience, I can assure you that your mental strength and emotional self-control will drastically improve to the point that it benefits your life and future relationships.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the no contact rule for guys. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns about using the no contact rule, go ahead and leave a comment down below and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can.

1 thought on “The No Contact Rule For Guys”

  1. I’ve been doing this for years and it works!! Got me through my teenage years and adult years as well I’ve been cheated on and rejected, this one in particular I asked her out she said no that was 20 years ago, I still see her from time to time, and I walk right passed her as if she doesn’t exist, she may say hello, I’ll say hello back, and then walk away but for the most part I haven’t said more than two words to her since she rejected me, and it saved me embarrassment and regret, I’m now an a hole according to her and I think it’s funny, and I no longer care about her or what she thinks, it helps.

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