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18 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

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Anyone who has been dumped will attest to how good it feels when you learn that an ex regrets dumping you. It leaves you feeling vindicated and more confident after that huge blow to your self-esteem that accompanies a breakup. But, it’s not so easy to tell when an ex wants you back. So, in this article, let’s look at the signs your ex regrets dumping you.

What I would like to add is that the more of these signs are present, the more likely it is that your ex definitely regrets breaking up with you.

Be that as it may, let’s take a quick look at all the signs your ex regrets dumping you.

  1. They keep texting you.
  2. They’re depressed and lonely.
  3. They keep asking about you to others.
  4. They express their regret to you.
  5. They’re nostalgic and sentimental.
  6. They keep flirting with you.
  7. They text you late at night.
  8. They still haven’t moved on.
  9. Your ex is going through a rough time in life.
  10. Your ex got dumped or rejected.
  11. Your ex is highly complimentary of you.
  12. Your ex keeps apologizing to you.
  13. Your ex stalks you on social media.
  14. They find an excuse to see you.
  15. They use grand gestures to win you back.
  16. Your ex is begging you for another chance.
  17. They’re jealous of people you may be dating.
  18. They try to be friends with you.

Okay, now that you know what these signs are, let’s analyze in detail how they appear in real life.

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1. They keep texting you

Constant texts from an ex who claims to be over you or wanted to move on is a telltale sign your ex regrets dumping you.

The more often they text, the more we can assume that they are struggling to move on or let you go.

This is indicative of significant levels of attraction or attachment. 

Either way, it means that they still care about you. If they are battling with feelings of attraction or attachment post-breakup, there’s no way that they don’t feel some degree of regret for dumping you. 

You’ll notice that they initiate texts, ask all sorts of questions and respond with elaborate texts. This is not the behavior of someone who has moved on from you.

For this reason, I would strongly suggest that this is one of the more popular signs your ex regrets dumping you. 

2. They’re depressed and lonely

During those early days of dumping someone, the dumper experiences a sense of freedom and power. They feel in control of their life decisions and enjoy the effects of that big change.

The problem is that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine after a breakup.

The dumper will inevitably experience the lull and depression that accompanies a split from a significant other.

When this occurs and their friends or dates tend to disappear or reduce, that’s when loneliness strikes.

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Being alone with their feelings and fond memories of the past, especially you, can drive the dumper to extreme bouts of depression and loneliness. 

When this occurs, your ex will experience a sense of regret for dumping you.

They didn’t expect to end up like this and that’s when the regret sets in. 

There are obviously scenarios when an ex moves on and is happy. It happens. But, the fact that your ex hasn’t and they’re in this phase means something entirely different. 

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3. They keep asking about you to others

If an ex no longer cares about you or has moved on, why would they need to be asking other people about you?

Sure, there are instances when an ex is curious and asks a random question to a mutual friend about you.

That’s normal.

But, when you start to hear from more than one person that your ex has been asking about you, enquiring about your love life and how you’re holding up, it’s usually one of the signs your ex regrets dumping you.

They’re trying to ascertain information as to whether you miss them or moved on. 

They also feel some degree of attachment to you which is also why they seem curious about your whereabouts and state of being. 

4. They express their regret to you

You may notice that an ex gets in contact with you, appears to be normal and fine, claims to be great but then they start talking about their regrets.

They express regret for their failures in the relationship, for not communicating better, for not being a better partner and for walking away so easily.

More often than not, this is a walk-around way of simply stating they regret dumping you. 

In some instances, they might just come outright and declare their regret for dumping you. 

5. They’re nostalgic and sentimental

When an ex seems to positively talk about past memories with you and appears extremely nostalgic, consider it one of the signs your ex regrets dumping you.

Nostalgia, sentimentality and regret are often connected to each other.

Where one of these feelings appear, the others tend to follow.

And an ex who can’t stop talking about the past is one who hasn’t made peace with it. When someone struggles to make peace with the past, regret is usually a culprit. 

6. They keep flirting with you

If an ex flirts with you, that’s an obvious sign of attraction and attachment. But, attraction alone will not influence an ex to go against their decision to stop being romantically involved with you.

There has to be another influence that makes them take action like this.

Usually, it’s regret. 

What brings about that regret can vary but it’s definitely a factor. An ex would not want to open a can of worms just because they still have some attraction and attachment for you. 

There’s regret in this scenario and it’s the feeling that tips them over the edge. 

7. They text you late at night

Anyone who has ever reached out to an ex at night understands how this decision is fueled by regret and loneliness.

Your ex doesn’t have much going on right now romantically and so they’re reaching out. 

Most of us tend to reflect on our decisions and life when we are alone in bed at night. That’s when regret strikes at its worst. 

The subject matter of this text matters as well but more often than not, it’s one of the many signs your ex regrets dumping you.

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8. They still haven’t moved on

A lot of the time, the dumper has this expectation that they will easily find someone amazing and fall in love as soon as they end their relationship. But, life doesn’t work that way.

If anything, the dumper ends up feeling disillusioned by the dating world.

It becomes harder to find someone to connect with, especially during these uncertain times and then reality strikes.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

And that realization can cause a number of different feelings. One of those feelings being regret.

So, if your ex still hasn’t moved on, it could be one of the signs your ex regrets dumping you. 

I’d just like to add, not moving on could also be a choice. Perhaps, your ex still feels strongly about you and doesn’t want to find others.

Regret would obviously be a factor but not because they can’t find someone better.

It’s just a sincere feeling of regret for dumping someone they still love or care about deeply. 

9. Your ex is going through a rough time in life

When life throws us lemons, it’s not always easy to make lemonade. There’s a period in which you need to endure some hardship and work really hard to get through it.

The thing about hardship in life is that it makes us reflect on the good times. 

We start to romanticize the idea of going back to a time when we were happy and in love. 

And so your ex may begin to isolate and obsess over good memories and times with you.

I wouldn’t be surprised that part of the reason your ex is going through a rough time is because they dumped you.

That, in and of itself, can create regret.

So, in some cases, this is one of the signs your ex regrets dumping you. 

10. Your ex got dumped or rejected

The dating world appears promising and exciting from afar but once you’re in it, the illusion is lifted and you start to realize that finding true love isn’t as easy as you thought.

It’s common for an ex to end a relationship, jump into a new one or chase after someone only to get dumped or rejected.

When this happens, they will absolutely experience regret for dumping you.

Why wouldn’t they?

Imagine leaving a relationship under the impression or with the expectation that better times away with someone else only to get tossed aside.

If that doesn’t spark feelings of regret, I don’t know what would. 

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11. Your ex is highly complimentary of you

Usually, when an ex is highly complimentary of you, it’s a sign of attraction.

In essence, they’re trying to create rapport and approval by showering you with praise.

When their compliments seem to have a romantic or flirty connotation to them, it becomes more apparent that your ex is trying to win you over.


Well, most likely because they regret dumping you and want to undo some of that damage before making a move.

12. Your ex keeps apologizing to you

There’s a difference between an apology for hurting you and an apology for ending the relationship, not communicating more, not working through issues and not being a better partner.

When the dumper starts to experience regret, that’s when they become self-critical.

Rather than focus on the reasons for leaving the relationship, they focus on what they could have done to make it work or how things could have been had they not bailed.

If you seem to receive unending apologies from your ex, take comfort in knowing that this is one of the signs your ex regrets dumping you. 

13. Your ex stalks you on social media 

This is one of those signs your ex regrets dumping you that can go unnoticed because you don’t have access to your ex’s social media activity.

However, people slip up from time to time. 

During weak moments, an ex can scroll through your accounts and accidentally or intentionally like your posts. 

Alternatively, they could be liking and commenting on every single thing you post or share online. 

This is a way of getting your attention.

Not only that, they’re hoping that by ‘stalking’ you in this way, it will encourage you to contact them and possibly rekindle things. 

14. They find an excuse to see you

It’s funny how you randomly bump into an ex at a location that you frequent, isn’t it? That’s my sad attempt at being sarcastic.

But, I’ve noticed this to be one of those sly moves an ex uses when they miss you.

They’re too afraid of contacting you to meet them so they opt for a method that avoids any awkward rejections. 

Alternatively, they may contact you for some random item they left at your place. 

This is just another excuse to see you.

In fact, some people will purposely leave an item behind so that they have a reason to see you after the breakup.

Listen to your gut. 

You know how your ex thinks and behaves.

If you feel like this is just an excuse to see you, then it probably is. 

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15. They use grand gestures to win you back

Grand romantic gestures are considered one of the top signs your ex regrets breaking up with you. 

They are committed to winning you back and feel strongly about undoing their mistake.

A motivation of this caliber usually stems from love and regret. 

So, if you find your ex pulling out all the stops to win you back over an extended period of time, they probably regret their previous decision of dumping you. 

16. Your ex is begging you for another chance

What I’ve come to realize is that when regret is so powerful and overwhelming, it can lead to an ex discarding all of their egos and sometimes even dignity to undo their mistake.

This is when you encounter an ex who can’t stop begging you for another chance to be together.

Yes, they probably still love you and that feeds their regret more than I could even express in words. 

Constant text messages, calls and grand gestures that end with pleads of redemption are surefire signs of regret. 

17. They’re jealous of people you may be dating

The green monster known as jealousy is a nasty symptom of regret. It can turn even the most confident and secure person into a jealous mess.

We’ve all been in this situation at some point or the other.

Either we experience jealousy or an ex who witnesses us move on goes through a bout of jealousy.

They can’t help but drop sarcasm, judgment and insults about your new lover because it’s the jealousy from regret for dumping you that’s talking. 

18. They try to be friends with you

A lot of the time, an ex will suggest being friends after dumping you as a means of easing their guilt for hurting you as well as making the process of moving on be as smooth as possible. 

This is not a sign of regret.

But, when an ex walks away without any contact and then comes back into your life under the pretense of friendship, there’s something fishy about that.

More often than not, this very same ex will start flirting with you and acting romantic. 

At this point, it’s quite obvious that their plea for friendship was a result of regret for dumping you. 

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In conclusion

That brings us to the end of this article on the signs your ex regrets dumping you.

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that an ex shouldn’t be making a lot of effort to spend time with you or win your approval if they are actually happy with moving on.

So, if they are, it usually indicates some degree of interest and unfinished business.

With that being said, if you require any coaching or consultations on winning back an ex or moving on, be sure to check out my services page for more information.

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