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15 Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

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Letting go of someone you truly love isn’t an easy feat. Unfortunately, not everyone we meet and love is destined to be in our lives forever. Here’s a list of all the signs your ex will never come back.

By familiarizing yourself with this list, you can avoid wasting precious and valuable time waiting for someone who is long gone.

I’ve come to realize that when we choose to wait for one person, we are inadvertently rejecting another.

What’s to say that by waiting for your ex to come back, you end up missing out on someone who could have been the next love of your life?

Here’s a quick overview of the 15 signs your ex will never come back:

  1. Your ex blocks you on all social networking platforms.
  2. Your ex has blatantly refused to get back together.
  3. Your ex has initiated no contact indefinitely.
  4. Your ex has gone back to an old lover.
  5. Your ex is married.
  6. Your ex hates you.
  7. Your ex has simply moved on with time.
  8. Your ex speaks badly about you to mutual friends and family.
  9. Your ex tells you to move on.
  10. Your ex never loved you.
  11. Your ex returns all of your stuff.
  12. Your ex is rude and cold towards you.
  13. Your ex is not flirty at all.
  14. Your ex makes up silly excuses for not getting back together.
  15. Your ex is genuinely happy with their life.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these signs. Try to be objective when measuring your situation against these signs so that you can get a good idea of where you stand with your ex.

1. Your ex blocks you on all social networking platforms

I hate to break it to you but someone who intends on coming back isn’t going to cut all communication and burn bridges.

Being blocked on social networking platforms sends across a very straight forward message – I do not want to even be reminded of you anymore.

Your ex is on a mission to move on and is obliterating any and all reminders of you.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of this at some point or another. It hurts and adds fuel to the fire of rejection. It’s one of the modern-day signs your ex will never come back.

But, stranger things have happened so I stand to be corrected.

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2. Your ex has blatantly refused to get back together

If you’ve done everything in the book to get your ex back, whether it be good tactics like no contact or bad tactics like chasing and begging, if none of that works and your ex refuses to reconcile, it might be time to hang up your gloves.

He or she is just not coming back. They’ve made a firm decision to move on and nothing you do or say can change that.

Perhaps in time, your ex may have a change of mind and heart, especially after life throws some perspective-shifting events their way.

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But for now, we’ll take rejection as a blatant sign your ex will never come back.

3. Your ex has initiated no contact indefinitely

No contact is used as a tool for either getting an ex back or moving on permanently. If it’s the dumper who initiates no contact, there’s a higher chance of him or her trying to move on from you once and for all.

The longer you don’t hear from your ex, the more it becomes one of the signs your ex is never coming back.

This is particularly true if you try to reach out to your ex via text or call and they never respond.

Being ignored is a clear sign of an ex who will not come back.

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4. Your ex has gone back to an old lover

It absolutely sucks when you have to watch your partner go back to an ex or old lover because it often casts doubt on their feelings throughout the relationship.

Being in a rebound relationship is dangerous, especially when you know the man or woman you’re currently with is fresh out of a relationship with a ton of baggage and a long history.

These sorts of situations often result in your partner going back to their ex or breaking up with you because they realize that their heart is still attached to an old lover.

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5. Your ex is married

People get married because they are in love with someone, they’re pressured into it by family or they because they feel like they can’t do any better.

The first reason is a clear cut sign that your ex will never come back.

If they got married for convenience, it usually means that he or she thought about all the people they have been with and decided that none of them are worth another chance.

Either way, when your ex gets married, it’s best to just call it a day and move on with your life completely. Don’t wait for them or grasp at straws in hopes of them coming back. It’s not worth it.

6. Your ex hates you

Amicable breakups have a strong chance of reconciliation down the road because it ends with good feelings and respect but when your ex hates you, it’s game over.

Hate is such a strong emotion and is usually triggered by betrayal, abuse or humiliation.

If the cause for the breakup falls within any of the above-mentioned categories and your ex hates you, then that’s one of the strong signs your ex will never come back.

No amount of apologizing is going to change that.

7. Your ex has simply moved on with time

You know, they say that time heals all wounds. And I couldn’t agree with that. With time, we gain new wisdom and perspective. Events in our lives mold the way we think and the people we desire.

Given that all of us are in a perpetual state of change, your ex may not be the same person he or she was.

What they used to like has changed. This means, there’s a possibility that you are no longer the type of person who would connect with your ex. And vice versa.

This is further perpetuated by someone who has actively tried to make peace with the past by looking to the future.

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8. Your ex speaks badly about you to mutual friends and family

Your ex wouldn’t go out of their way to create a bad impression of you if they still cared. Speaking badly about you to common friends and family is indicative of their feelings and opinion of you.

It’s not like they haven’t weighed the possibility of their views being passed on to you. They just don’t care what you think anymore.

And if that is the case, take what they say at face value because they probably mean it.

Respect and love go hand in hand.

If your ex speaks of you in a disrespectful tone, the message is clear – they are no longer in love with you and hold a grudge.

If this isn’t one of the signs your ex will never come back, I don’t know what is.

9. Your ex tells you to move on

When an ex is two minded about a decision, they will usually avoid making any direct and straight forward remarks.

If they see reconciliation as a possibility, your ex will avoid telling you to move on or rejecting you outright. They will be ambiguous and leave it in the hands of destiny to decide what happens.

It’s also a safety mechanism. Your ex will try to keep you on the back burner in case their attempt at finding someone better blows up in their face.

In such an event, there’s definitely a good chance your ex may come back.

Unfortunately, if your ex emphasizes that the two of you will never get back together and you should move on, then believe him or her because they’re being honest.

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10. Your ex never loved you

I think this might be the most disillusioning thing to deal with because we all just assume that an ex who we loved actually felt the same.

Sadly, some people get into relationships for reasons other than love. They could have been lonely, narcissistic, desperate and bored with their life.

I can’t help feeling used in this situation. Once this relationship ends, your ex will never come back because there isn’t a compelling enough reason to do so.

11. Your ex returns all of your stuff

Out with the old, in with the new. We clear up space in our life to invite new people and experiences.

Returning all your stuff is just another nail in the coffin. Your ex is making it clear that he or she wants a clean slate to move on and start over.

They may even threaten to throw your stuff out if you don’t collect it and that passive-aggressive demeanor can be translated to disinterest and/or dislike.

Your ex is trying to cut all ties with you. It’s better to just get your stuff back and move on.

12. Your ex is rude and cold towards you

Soon after a breakup, it’s not a dealbreaker when an ex acts distant, cold or rude.

They’re probably hurting and lashing out.

But, when enough time has passed and your ex seems over the breakup, if they continue to be rude and cold to you, then it’s probably a sign of dislike or hate.

We don’t treat people we care about in this manner, especially when time has passed and wounds have healed.

Observe exes when they meet after years and you’ll find that those who don’t hate each other are warm and friendly. They try to avoid being mean and rude. Nostalgia warms them up to each other.

Exes who actually dislike or hold a grudge against each other will be cold and rude.

If this happens to be the case for you, then it’s definitely one of the signs your ex will never come back.

13. Your ex is not flirty at all

Being flirty with an ex isn’t uncommon because it feels familiar. The attraction is hard to deny, specifically when it resulted in a romantic relationship before.

This is also why people go back to their ex’s. But, if your ex seems to be nothing but friendly towards you, that could be cause for concern.

It’s very difficult to avoid flirting with someone when there is a high level of attraction.

The fact that your ex is treating you platonically for an extended period of time could mean that they are no longer attracted to you romantically or they moved on.

Either way, being friend-zoned despite taking the right action is a sign your ex will never come back.

14. Your ex makes up silly excuses for not getting back together

“It’s not you, it’s me.” “If it’s meant to be, we will be.” “I’m confused with my life and just need to be by myself for some time.” “Maybe one day we’ll find our way back together.” “You deserve better than me.”

These are nothing more than lame and soft ways of rejecting you without hurting your feelings.

Your ex doesn’t mean it. He or she just wants to avoid any drama. They’re trying to let you down easy.

Don’t even waste your time clutching onto these lines because they don’t mean anything other than your ex not wanting to get back together.

15. Your ex is genuinely happy with their life

Why do we go back to an ex? Because we love them, feel sad without them and/or have unfinished business.

When none of these things are present, there’s no reason for your ex to come back.

You may notice it in their demeanor and life.

You’ve heard from mutual friends that your ex is thriving. Their social media is filled with genuinely good and happy updates. They treat you with respect and kindness if you bump into each other or speak.

These are all signs of someone who has made peace with the past. If he or she is genuinely happy with their life, there no reason for them to come back.

Don’t wait indefinitely for an ex

I hope at this point, you have a good understanding of what signs to look out for when trying to figure out whether your ex will come back or not.

It may be tough to deal with this situation but honesty is the best policy. Being truthful to yourself may just save you from a tremendous amount of heartache and wasted effort.

It’s not worth it to sacrifice precious time on someone who opted to leave your life.

Focusing on the people who see your worth and value it is far more rewarding and fulfilling.

Don’t diminish your self worth on someone who will never come back to you.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions or questions in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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