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7 Signs You Are Chasing Her And Why You Should Stop!

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I cannot begin to emphasize enough the importance of knowing the signs you are chasing her. Why? Because chasing her sets you up for rejection and disappointment.

Rather than get her to fall head over heals inlove with you, it’s highly possible that you chase her into the arms of another man.

That’s how dangerous it is to chase a woman incessantly without realizing it.

My goal for this article is to educate you of the signs you are chasing her so that you can readjust your approach to shift the power dynamic of the relationship in your favor.

Let me ask you this question – Do you want to chase women or have women chasing you?

My money is on the latter.

Rather than find yourself investing time and effort into chasing women who may or may not be interested, you can focus your attention on behaving in a way that gets them to chase you.

It’s not all that difficult either, despite how tough it’s been for you in the past.

But to get women to chase you, it is imperative that you avoid chasing them in ways that are off-putting. Check out this article on the art of double texting without looking desperate.

Remember, subtle pursuit is not the same as chasing.

One keeps a woman invested, builds attraction and sexual tension, the other spoon-feeds her all of your attention and love without any cause.

Okay, let’s not waste any more time and get into the list of signs you are chasing her.

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1. You’re always the one initiating conversation with her.

Perhaps you’re the one messaging her first, calling, or just trying to create an in-person conversation. Never does she do the same. If anything, she takes her time replying to you and the topic of discussion never shifts beyond what you bring up.

2. You are the one carrying the conversation.

Despite you making an effort to start a conversation with her, she never seems interested or invested.

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This may come in the form of short replies that close-ended. This is usually a sign of someone who does not have a high interest in the conversation or the person initiating the conversation.

You will be hardpressed not to find a disparity in the length of messages and replies from her compared to yours.

3. She doesn’t bring up meeting, you do.

Without a doubt, if a woman has an interest and finds you attractive, she will either hint about meeting or outright express her desire to see you again. If she doesn’t and she has excuses for why she is unavailable to see you, then there’s a problem.

A typical sign that you’re chasing her is if you keep asking her out despite her making excuses or canceling at the last minute.

4. You’re constantly complimenting her

I see this all the time and it makes me cringe. The way to a woman’s heart is not through compliments. They mean very little, especially when they come from someone she is either not interested in or has no connection with.

Men who chase often compliment a woman all the time for insignificant reasons.

Women are bombarded with compliments from random men all the time, it really doesn’t mean much to them at all.

Just take a look at the comment section of most pictures on social media and you’ll see what I mean. Do these guys get the girl? Nope. So what makes you think it will work for you?

5. You drop everything to be with her or talk to her

Imagine, you’re a guy or a man who supposedly has nothing better to do than come running when this woman you’re ‘chasing’ calls for you.

Is that attractive?

It’s so easy to get your attention that she doesn’t have to do a thing to earn it.

Women are attracted to men who are purpose-driven. Meaning that their life is not one-dimensional and not only driven by lust or attraction.

6. You keep bringing up exclusivity.

Any man who is good at attracting women will vouch for the claim I am about to make – if a woman really likes you, she’ll bring up commitment in some form or the other.

You won’t have to.

There will always be a sense of exclusivity in her words or her actions.

When you find yourself always trying to persuade her to be with you but to no avail, that means you’re chasing her and trying to lock her down. The power dynamic has shifted.

When a woman has feelings for you, she will absolutely bring up exclusivity to you. And if she’s not, then you’ll find yourself being the one chasing after a relationship or commitment.

7. You send her gifts

The only person you ought to be buying gifts for is your family, friends and partner.

I used the word gifts in its plural form because I’m not referring to a once-off gift you give someone at an office party and so forth. This is in direct reference to women you are pursuing and buying them gifts.

From flowers, chocolates, perfumes to accessories, this is completely unnecessary and usually a typical sign of a man chasing a woman, hoping to buy her affection with material items.

Here’s the truth – if she wants you, you won’t have to chase her

Ask any woman this question and she will agree with me.

She may test you or even expect some subtle pursuit from you such as setting dates and working for her affection but she will not make you chase after her like a dog.

Your calls will not go unanswered often. Your messages will not be ignored or replied to without interest. She will not ignore or cancel dates often.

She will help you do the right things to make the romance brew into a relationship.

Rather than find yourself feeling a deep desire to convince her of how amazing you are, you will be feeling amazing at how she notices and appreciate those fine qualities you possess all by herself.

When a woman opens up to a man, she can be extremely expressive of her adoration for him, either verbally or physically and in her own love language.

If you find yourself having doubts that this woman is interested in you, then that’s not something to ignore.

More pursuit won’t fix the problem or change the situation to your benefit.

You have to observe her actions and speech to you and identify the less than ideals actions you have taken.

Intellectual honesty is paramount in this situation. You have to recognize whether or not your actions and behavior amounts to chasing. Don’t make excuses for yourself to justify desperation.

Start there and taper off.

Make a note of all these signs you are chasing her and try to match your actions to them.

If you find there is a correspondence between your actions and the signs you are chasing her included in this article, then it’s high time to make a change and stop.

How to make her chase you

I’ve written extensively about how to be attractive, mysterious and sexy but for the sake of this article, I want to touch on a few points that could shift the odds in your favor.

I started off by asking you to consider this for a second – would you rather chase her or have her chase you? Better yet, would you rather both of you chase each other?

Why do I ask that?

Well because, if you want her to chase you or be equally interested in you, then you need to think of yourself as a catch or as someone of value.

A person who has a high sense of self-worth won’t hand themselves on a silver platter to someone who has done nothing to earn them.

That’s a recipe for getting used and tossed aside.

You’re doing a disservice to yourself. So, first things first, focus on improving your confidence and readjust your self-image to project value.

Secondly, only put in as much effort as you receive. This equals the playing field so that you both invest in the situation or relationship equally. Nobody feels unappreciated or used.

This is an ideal situation for love to develop.

Finally, don’t try to convince someone to see your worth, just be. In other words, live your life to the beat of your own drum.

Spend your time just being who you are and give women the opportunity to see your worth and miss you.

Those who do get to win your attention, affection and effort.

Those who don’t can take a hike. I don’t mean you need to be bitter about it but you need not convince them of anything.

When you live life focusing on that which is meant for you or you believe is right for you, that’s when things start to work in your favor.

With that being said, I’ll write a detailed guide on how to make her chase you or the right way to pursue her soon.

I hope you found this article on signs you are chasing her to be eye-opening and informative.

Stop settling and selling yourself short. You’re a great guy. Focus on those who see that.

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