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15 Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You

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The early phases of courtship are so thrilling and exciting but I would be a liar if I said that it wasn’t full of uncertainty. So, I put together this list of signs that a man is pursuing you. This should help you find some comfort and certainty in your love life.

More importantly, this list of signs that a man is pursuing you will prevent you from wasting your time, energy and effort on men who are not interested.

It will save you from unnecessary drama and embarrassment. 

Here’s a look at the list of signs that a man is pursuing you. 

  1. He texts you first.
  2. He calls you all the time.
  3. He asks you out on a date.
  4. He flirts with you.
  5. He compliments you often.
  6. He includes you in his future plans.
  7. He constantly tries to impress you with romantic gestures. 
  8. He wants to know everything about you.
  9. He opens up to you.
  10. He asks about you to others.
  11. He comes to your rescue unexpectedly.
  12. He wants to know about your relationship status.
  13. He drops what he’s doing to be with you.
  14. He shows an interest in things you like.
  15. He is consistent.

Now, let’s analyze each of these signs in more detail so that you know what to look out for in real life. 

1. He texts you first

In this day and age, the majority of guys will express their attraction and desire over the phone. 

Not just by what they say but how frequently he texts as well as whether initiates a conversation.

When a man texts you first on more than one occasion and you can tell from the context of the texts that he is trying to get your attention and connect with you on a romantic level, then this is one of the top signs that a man is pursuing you.

Those good morning texts are a very popular tactic used to pursue women. 

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2. He calls you all the time

It’s weird how most people shy away from calling others. In fact, according to Mediapost, approximately 75% of millennials prefer texting over calling. 

So, when a man goes out of his way to call you frequently and the nature of these calls are flirty, upbeat, personal and to set up dates, without a doubt, it’s one of the top signs that a man is pursuing you. 

He must really be interested if he calls you all the time. That’s for sure. 

3. He asks you out on a date

A guy who has no interest in you will rarely ever spend any of his time in person with you let alone make an attempt to ask you out on a date.

This is further perpetuated by his persistence to see you even when you are unable to meet him on a specific date. 

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When a man suggests meeting one on one for dinner or some romantic type date, he’s pursuing you for sure. 

4. He flirts with you

Flirting is one of the very early signs that a man is pursuing you. It shows interest and it is almost an instinctual action on his part.

He sees a woman whom he finds attractive and interested.

These feelings of attraction create a desire which in turn, creates excitement and passion which manifests themselves as flirting. 

So, when he teases you, drops slightly sexual innuendos, uses pick-up lines and tries to charm you, that’s him flirting with you.

And if he’s flirting with you, then he is sure as hell pursuing you. 

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5. He compliments you often

Something most men struggle to control is their desire to express their level of attraction to the source of their attraction.

Put simply, men will vocalize their awe and appreciation for women they find attractive.

It starts with subtle words of endearment and ramps up to flat-out compliments about your physical, intellectual and emotional beauty. 

The more he pursues you, the more likely it is that he’ll drop compliments into most conversations. 

6. He includes you in his future plans

As a way of determining whether you are interested in him and out of sheer desire, men can get carried away and start planning future events with you.

On one hand, this can be presumptuous and scare some women off. On the other, it can be a blatant sign that a man is pursuing you. 

The more he talks about the future with you in it, with the inclusion of romance, then he’s definitely into you or pursuing you. 

7. He constantly tries to impress you with romantic gestures

Trust me when I tell you that men are not like women in that they won’t go out of their way to do sweet, cute and romantic gestures for girls that are just friends or who they don’t like at all.

More often than not, those chocolates, flowers, random gifts, notes and so forth is his way of impressing you.

He wants to show you exactly how romantic he can be so that you fall for him. 

Some guys get way too carried away with this but it’s still one of the many signs that a man is pursuing you. 

8. He wants to know everything about you

All those questions about your past experiences, your childhood, your likes and dislikes are not something guys have an interest in with women they friendzone. 

On the contrary, these questions pop up from a guy when he has a high level of attraction for you.

He’s trying to establish a strong bond and connection with you. These questions stem from a genuine desire to know all about you.

That, in and of itself, is proof that he’s pursuing you.

Why would he be investing so much time in a positive way having these long, detailed and engaging conversations with you if he didn’t have some degree of interest in you! 

9. He opens up to you

Have you noticed how the men who you’ve had a hard time getting at all were the ones you had the hardest time communicating with?

They came across as mysterious at first because they never really opened up.

Then, you learnt over time, that he wasn’t interested in you and things didn’t work out  or he disappeared. 

Off that premise, we can deduce the exact opposite to be true in terms of pursuit and attraction. 

A man who is pursuing you will be more inclined to open up to you on deeper and meaningful conversations and topics because of his attraction and desire to be with you. 

10. He asks about you to others

As a guy, I can attest to this.

When there are mutual friends in the picture, we can’t help but ask questions about you as a means of acquiring more information on how to win you the right way. 

Some guys are a lot more subtle and may just inquire about whether you’re seeing someone or like someone.

These are subtle telltale signs that a man is pursuing you. 

Trust me, he wouldn’t ask about you if he didn’t care. 

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11. He comes to your rescue unexpectedly

The majority of men in this world who are actively pursuing you will adopt this provider/savior mindset with a woman they want.

It’s an instinctual way of showing you that we can take care of you. 

It’s the white knight syndrome.

We want to come galloping on a horse and swoop you off your feet after saving you from some kind of danger.

You may not even ask for his help but he’ll offer and go out of his way to fix things for you. This is a highly common sign that a man is pursuing you.

12. He wants to know about your relationship status

A roundabout way of projecting interest without being obvious is to ask about your supposed boyfriend.

You may have never brought the subject up but he’ll ask as if it’s a matter of fact.

If you reply to his question with affirmation that you are single, he’ll most likely follow that up with a shocked reaction and compliment you.

“I can’t believe someone as amazing as you is single! Why are you single?” 

He’s not actually asking that question in a real way. It’s a subtle way of letting you know that he is looking at you in a romantic light.

Hence, he brings up your relationship status or lack thereof. 

13. He drops what he’s doing to be with you

The only time a man will go out of his way to drop everything he’s doing to see you or be with you is if he is pursuing you.

This is something that I can attest to as a man.

We will make the time to see you even if it means making some sacrifices.

That’s the difference between a guy who is pursuing you and a guy who is not really all that interested. 

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14. He shows an interest in things you like

It’s not just that he shows an interest in your likes, it’s that he will show an interest in it only because you like it.

He may not care at all about it but because you do and he wants to win you over, even that thing he once had no interest in will seem great.

Essentially, he wants to build a rapport with you and this is one of the ways he goes about doing it. 

15. He is consistent

An overlooked sign is one of consistency. I’m sure as a woman, you’ve dealt with many flaky guys. 

One minute they’re hot, the next they’re cold.

That behavior is problematic and not a good sign.

Whereas, a man who consistently displays the behaviors mentioned above is one who is definitely pursuing you.

He is committed and wants a chance at being with you.

For this reason, he is consistent and persistent. 

In conclusion

When trying to determine whether a man is pursuing you, look at the above signs and try to identify which of these apply to him. The more of these signs apply to your situation, the more likely it is that he wants you. 

Just keep in mind, it might be too soon to see a lot of these signs.

As long as at least two of these signs are present, then he is interested in you. 

Give it time and as he starts doing more of these things we discussed in this article, the more we can agree that he definitely is pursuing you. 

Try not to overthink everything.

Instead, focus on having a good time and enjoying the experience of getting to know someone new.

If it’s meant to be, trust me, it will be.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on the signs that a man is pursuing you. If you would like personalized coaching or help, be sure to check out my Services page for more information.

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