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12 Telltale Signs Someone Is Missing You

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When someone is missing you, they will often engage in certain behavior patterns that will inadvertently reveal their feelings. I’ve seen this happen far too often and in this article, I want to share the 12 telltale signs someone is missing you. 

To someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with dating, these things may fly over your head.

But, don’t ignore these signs because they could be an indication of someone developing real feelings for you. 

What are the signs that someone is missing you?

  • They text or call you often.
  • They are affectionate when they see you.
  • They want all your attention.
  • They can’t stop complimenting you.
  • They dream about you.
  • They’re stalking your social media accounts.
  • They come outright and tell you.
  • They make snide remarks about your new relationship or dating life.
  • They’re nostalgic.
  • They constantly try to meet you.
  • They talk or ask about you to mutual friends.
  • They share pictures or updates about things you both experienced or like 

With that being said, let’s take a closer look into each of these signs so that you completely understand how they show up in real-life situations. 

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1. They text or call you often

Given the dominance of instant messaging, it comes as no surprise that one of the most telltale signs someone is missing you is when they text or call you often.

They can’t help themselves because they’re acting out of emotion. 

Most of the time, they have to feel something before making an effort to text or call someone on a regular basis. 

The more someone texts you, the more likely it is that they miss you and care about you. 

Additionally, if you notice that they are double texting you or reaching out when you haven’t been around for some time because you’re busy, then it’s definitely a strong sign that they miss you. 

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2. They are affectionate when they see you

When someone is missing you, their level of attraction is heightened to such an extent that they may become more affectionate when they see you.

They could hug you, hold you, caress you and even kiss you every chance they get.

Apart from physical affection, you may find that their tone of voice is very excited and caring. 

The enthusiasm of seeing you makes them speak very affectionately and with a ton of flattery for you as a person.

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3. They want all your attention

One of the most popular signs someone is missing you is their constant need for your attention.

They’ll try to do things to catch your eye, they’ll bring up topics that you like and share some of their most attractive pictures they know that you will like.

All of these actions aim to catch your attention and make you notice them in the most attractive light possible. 

Someone who doesn’t really care about talking to you or being with you will not put this much effort into being around you.

That’s something most people will attest to. 

4. They can’t stop complimenting you

Analyze your own behavior around someone you miss and make a note of the times when you said something complimentary to them.

I’m willing to bet that it’s much higher than normal.

In fact, scroll through your texts with someone you like and you’ll probably find that when you’ve been most complimentary, it’s often preceded by missing them.

I can vouch for this because I’m the same and everyone I know has done the same thing.

Think about it, why wouldn’t you be nice and flattering to someone who you missed?

It’s almost an innate desire to express our gratitude for those people we have in our lives that we really truly care about.

By the time we get to spend some time with them, we’re so happy that it’s next to impossible not to compliment them. 

And if you find that someone is being very flattering and sweet to you after not talking for a bit, there’s a great chance that they missed you otherwise they’d be quite indifferent. 

5. They dream about you

At times, when you constantly think about something or have unfinished business, your mind will find ways to work through those thoughts via dreams. 

Someone who misses you is definitely going to be thinking about you. 

The more they think about you without getting to spend time with you again, the more likely they are to dream about you.

When I think about the times when I missed people in my life, it is often followed by vivid dreams about them and I wake up feeling nostalgic or emotional. 

On the flip side, I rarely dream about people I don’t miss and if I do, it’s just chalked up to a random dream and I won’t give it much thought.

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6. They’re stalking your social media accounts

After a breakup or loss of contact with someone in your life, it can be quite daunting and painful for the ones who truly care. 

You may not even realize it but that person who misses you could be watching your social media activity regularly.

Having that last bit of connection and contact helps them to deal with the pain of being apart or not talking to each other.

You would be shocked at the number of people who talk to me about keeping an eye on their exes’ social media activity because they’re hoping to find some kind of solace or opportunity to end their pain caused by missing them. 

7. They come outright and tell you

Someone who is comfortable in expressing their feelings and has no problem in putting themselves out there will jump at the opportunity to let you know that they miss you. 

Take it at face value and be appreciative of this confession because they obviously care about you to some degree.

Whether you feel the same way or not is something you’ll only know in the moment but either way, be respectful about it. 

Be that as it may, a verbal expression of missing you is something you can rely on as the truth because people have no need to say that, especially someone who cares about you and wants to be with you. 

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8. They make snide remarks about your new partner or dating life

When someone misses you, it’s not always going to be expressed in the most pleasant ways. 

For instance, an ex who is upset about the breakup but misses you could actually exhibit passive-aggressive behavior.

To you, it may seem like they’re just being a jerk by insulting your new partner or making a snide remark about your dating life.

However, in reality, one of the main reasons why they care enough to say something ugly is because they’re actually hurting on the inside and miss you but their pride or ego doesn’t permit them to be humble about it. 

9. They’re nostalgic 

To be completely transparent, when I think back to certain breakups in my life and the aftermath that followed, I was usually highly nostalgic during those moments when I missed those people. 

Even beyond relationships, when I think about friends and family who are no longer in my life or who have passed on, there have been many times when I was stuck in the past and missing them.

Reflection on the past is an automatic reaction to feelings that stem from the past..

It’s a means of learning new lessons but also attempting to relive memories that have impacted our lives. 

I would definitely chalk up nostalgia as a sign someone misses you.

This is definitely the case when an ex-partner or friend tends to bring up fond memories from the past related to the two of you. 

10. They constantly try to meet you

This sign someone misses you is more or less a no-brainer. 

Nobody will make an effort to meet you if they didn’t care at all about you or didn’t want to see you.

The fact that they’re texting and calling to hang out or meet is indicative of their desire to be in your presence.

Once you rule out someone who is just trying to see you to get something from you, there’s really no other reason on the planet why someone would want to spend time with you unless they care about you, enjoy your company and miss you. 

And the more effort they make to meet you, the more we can assume that they really like and miss you. 

11. They talk or ask about you to mutual friends

If they’re talking about you or inquiring about you to mutual friends or family, they’re 100% thinking about you. 

And if they’re thinking about you to the point of wanting to talk about you to others, they have some form of feelings for you.

Whether those feelings are positive or negative will depend on the circumstances of the situation between the two of you.

If nothing terrible has occurred between the two of you and there’s no bad blood, it’s safe to assume that this is just another sign someone is missing you. 

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12. They share pictures or updates about things you both experienced or like

Remember how I mentioned earlier that someone who is missing you could try to get your attention or becomes nostalgic?

Feeling this way may encourage them to bridge the gap between you by reaching out or trying to meet you.

However, they could take a different approach to this and try to make you reach out to them by posting social media updates that trigger your feelings.

This could be in the form of pictures of the two of you, things you both like, things you both experience or updates that pique your curiosity and interest.

These subtle online tactics are not uncommon because there’s really no way to really know what their intention is behind a specific post, picture, video or update unless they admit it. 

Either way, it would be foolish of us not to consider the plausibility of this behavior as being one of the many signs someone is missing you. 

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In conclusion

These signs someone is missing you are hard to ignore especially when they appear simultaneously and that will usually happen when they begin to miss you too much.

It’s hard to contain feelings of desire and yearning from those who we genuinely want in our lives. 

This could be your opportunity to rekindle a romance or take it to the next level by noticing these signs.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the signs someone is missing you to be thought-provoking and insightful. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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