25 Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

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There’s nothing better than falling in love and knowing that she is feeling the same way about you. The problem is finding out how she feels because women can be quite protective and discreet about their feelings. This is why I encourage you to check out this list signs she is developing feelings for you. 

More often than not, she may display a number of the signs below concurrently. This will be the case as her feelings begin to grow and develop into real love. 

Here’s a quick overview of all the signs she is developing feelings for you. 

  • She texts you all the time.
  • She instantly lights up when she sees you.
  • She looks for any excuse to see you.
  • She flirts with you.
  • She compliments you often.
  • She uses terms of endearment on you.
  • She talks about the future with you.
  • She brings up the possibility of dating you.
  • She gets jealous at the thought of you with other girls.
  • She is very supportive of you.
  • She misses you when you’re busy.
  • She wants to know all about you.
  • She seems shy and nervous around you.
  • She talks fondly about you to her friends.
  • She likes and comments on most of your social media posts.
  • She confides in you.
  • She laughs at your silly jokes.
  • She tries to impress you.
  • She’s caring and affectionate.
  • She bites her lip when looking at you.
  • You catch her secretly checking you out.
  • She remembers the little things about you.
  • She associate’s things with you.
  • She buys gifts for you.
  • She teases you

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at each of these signs she is developing feelings for you in more detail so that you can identify them in real life. 

1. She texts you all the time

Most guys know that when a girl isn’t interested, you’ll have the hardest time getting a reply from her. If she does reply, it’s often close-ended without much depth. 

As such, the conversation is often dragged along by you until it dies off altogether.

On the flip side, one of the signs she is developing feelings for you is when she texts you all the time. 

Furthermore, her texts are now engaging, in-depth and exciting which is indicative of her attraction level for you.

This is even more apparent when she starts to double text you whenever you’re busy or unavailable and she starts missing you. 

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2. She instantly lights up when she sees you

You’ll notice it almost immediately but her eyes will widen, she’ll start to smile and her energy will be through the roof. 

You’ll get a sense of enthusiasm from her overall demeanor and she’ll be excited when you are in her presence. 

Even if she was having a bad day or feeling low, that shift in energy is a sign she is developing feelings for you that are positive and optimistic. 

When a woman feels good around you, there’s a strong chance that she may start to like you. 

3. She looks for any excuse to see you

No woman is going to actively make an effort to meet and see you if she doesn’t like you.

Why would she want to waste her time on someone she doesn’t have any interest in? 

This excludes a long standing friendship, ofcourse. 

If the entire context of your relationship has been to establish romance and she starts looking for more opportunities to be with you in person, then she is definitely fond of you and probably attracted to you.

She might leave something of hers in your car or at your place as an excuse to call you up and come over. 

It’s these little but frequent excuses to see you that becomes a sign that she is developing feelings for you. 

4. She flirts with you

Ask any woman and she’ll vouch for this – women will only flirt with men they find attractive in some way or another.

If she has absolutely no interest in you, she’ll never flirt with you. 

When she sends flirty texts, touches you, makes flirtatious remarks around you, bats her eyelashes and seems receptive to you being close to her, then there’s a good chance that she’s flirting with you because she’s developing feelings for you. 

The more this happens, the more likely it is that you have a fair chance of developing romantic feelings with this girl. 

5. She compliments you often

Compliments alone are not anything to read into beyond a sign of fondness but when this becomes a norm in your interactions and her compliments are very detailed and are accompanied by other signs on this list, then she’s definitely attracted to you and developing feelings for you.

People who like each other have the hardest time containing their expression of adoration. 

They want to share exactly what they like about you because it makes them feel good as much as it makes you feel good to receive a compliment. 

The more compliments you get that are personal, the more we can assume that she likes you. 

6. She uses terms of endearment on you

Some women are natural sweet talkers with most people but most aren’t.

In this day and age, women are not going to take the chance of being even remotely flirty or romantic with a man she has absolutely no interest in.

This is why it’s important to note when she starts calling you names like the following – honey, sweetheart, love, babe and so forth.

These little terms of endearment are a good sign that she is fond of you, feels comfortable around you and feels like being affectionate towards you.  

7. She talks about the future with you

This is something that applies to anyone.

A person who doesn’t shy away from making plans for the future that include you is someone who has every intention of having you in their life.

Furthermore, they must really be fond of you or have feelings for you to be actually designing their future life plans around you.

This could even be a way in which she tests and gages whether you are also interested in her or not. 

What we do know is that a woman who shies away from making any future plans with you and is non-committal probably doesn’t have many feelings for you, if any at all. 

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8. She brings up the possibility of dating you

When a woman brings up being exclusive with you or questions whether you’re looking for something serious, she’s fishing.

She wants to find out whether you have caught feelings for her.

Most of the time, she would only do this if she has developed feelings for you and wants to find out whether this is worth pursuing.

The last thing a woman will do is confess her feelings for you if she feels like you’re not really interested in her or in having a serious relationship with her. 

This is one of the first major signs she’s developing feelings for you and also wants a relationship. 

9. She gets jealous at the thought of you with other girls

This is something most of us will experience in our lives when we start to develop feelings for someone because with love comes a sense of protection and possessiveness.

This can be endearing, especially in healthy amounts. 

You’ll notice that if there’s a really attractive girl around you, she may gravitate closer to you, size up the other woman, hold you tighter or analyze your behavior.

She may even turn slightly irritated in the moment.

10. She is very supportive of you

When a woman cares about you, she’ll care about every aspect of your life. She’ll want what’s best for you and she’ll be affected by things that affect you.

Whether you’re pursuing an outlandish goal or enduring pain and suffering from an unexpected loss or event in your life, she’ll be present and supportive.

She’ll make an effort to check up on you, she’ll provide you with comfort and her affection will be infectious.

This is a surefire sign she is developing feelings for you that are deeply sincere and genuine. 

11. She misses you when you’re busy

When you form an attachment to someone that stems from feelings of affection and attraction, not being with them or hearing from them for some time, even a few hours, can make you miss them. 

Wanting and desiring to be in the presence of those who we care about is a natural effect caused by distance.

A woman will be very forthcoming about missing you either in her words or actions.

She’ll be visibly happy to see you and very open when you do spend time with her after some time apart. 

You may even notice that she double texts you during that time apart or lets you know that she’s thinking about you (code for – I’m missing you).

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12. She wants to know all about you

The more feelings she develops for you, the more she’ll want to know about you. She’ll show a keen interest in your likes, thoughts, feelings and opinions on a number of matters.

She’ll ask questions about your past and she’ll try her best to connect with you on a deeper and more meaningful level.

It might be intentional or just a subconscious effect derived from the feelings she has for you. 

Either way, this desire to know more about you is closely and directly linked with her desire to be with you. 

13. She seems shy and nervous around you

Being shy and nervous is another sign she is developing feelings about you. She thinks you’re attractive or a high-quality man. 

Additionally, when you’re focusing on her and she already thinks highly of you, it’s natural for her to feel some degree of shyness and nervousness.

During those early stages of courtship when it isn’t apparent how you both feel for each other, uncertainty and anticipation can create a lot of intense feelings. 

This can translate into shyness, especially when you’re being flirtatious or romantic around her.

It’s a good sign because she wouldn’t be so affected by your presence if you didn’t tick some of her boxes. 

14. She talks fondly about you to her friends

Trust me when I tell you that a woman who is falling for you will not be able to shut up about how amazing you are.

She will analyze everything with her friends and constantly update them on the situation between the two of you.

When she is trying to escalate things without coming across as desperate, she’ll run things by her friends and share things you say to her so that they can figure out exactly how you feel or what you’re looking for. 

To be honest, even guys do this to some degree. 

When you start to develop feelings for someone, it’s natural to dote on them and want to share your fondness with the people who are closest to you. 

15. She likes and comments on most of your social media posts

Given that we live in a digital era, instant messaging and social networking gives us the opportunity to act on our feelings of attraction and love almost impulsively. 

Women are inundated with men hitting on them online.

They don’t really have the time to be actively stalking or liking a guy’s pictures and updates unless she is attracted to him.

That’s what I’ve noticed first hand. The more she likes you, the more she’ll be all over your page.

Not just because she wants to get your attention or to shower you with affection but to also try and mark her territory. 

She wants to be yours and she wants you to be hers.

This is one of the ways she starts escalating things into something more serious.

16. She confides in you

For any amount of feelings to develop, there must be a sense of trust at a base level. Without trust, you’ll have a difficult time making anyone fall for you. 

When a woman starts confiding her secrets, feelings and thoughts about touchy matters with you, it’s often due to a rising sense of trust in you.

If she trusts you, she probably cares about you.

And if she cares about you, there’s a chance that she could be developing feelings for you, especially if she exhibits more of the signs in this article at the same time. 

17. She laughs at your silly jokes

I think that I’m hilarious but I’ve come to learn from the closest people in my life that I tell some of the cheesiest jokes on the planet.

Not everyone finds me amusing but one thing that I’ve always noticed is that when a girl starts developing feelings for me, she finds all of these silly jokes hilarious. 

It’s a common trope that’s depicted in most books and movies because of how frequently it occurs in real life.

Make a note of her reaction to your silly jokes compared to those of other women. It will paint a good idea of how interested she is in you. 

18. She tries to impress you

If there’s one thing we can establish by now, it’s that a woman who is developing feelings for you will make every effort to win your affection.

She’ll dress up well, she’ll style her hair, she’ll carry herself with class and do her best to highlight those qualities she’s most confident about. 

Similarly, guys do the same thing. 

When we look good, we feel good and when we feel good, we do good.

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19. She’s caring and affectionate

Once you engage a woman on an emotional level and her feelings are triggered, she’ll become one of the most loving people in your life.

She’ll be considerate of your feelings, she’ll make an effort to ensure that you are okay, she’ll shower you with hugs and more. 

All this real-life affection is just a physical manifestation of her internal feelings. 

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20. She bites her lip when looking at you

A subtle but physical sign she is attracted to you and wants you is when she bites or licks her lips while looking at you or your lips.

It may be intentional or something she does subconsciously.

The thought of kissing you crosses her mind and this is one of the ways it presents itself.

The next time you’re alone and talking to each other, glance from her eyes to her lips a few times in a row. 

If you notice that she starts looking at your lips and starts biting or licking hers while she’s looking at you, she’s probably thinking about kissing you. 

21. You catch her secretly checking you out

Women are sneaky when it comes to these kinds of things. 

They want to be discreet for whatever reason they may have. 

At times, she may think you can’t see her looking at you because you’re occupied with something but you may glance her way and find that she immediately turns away pretending like she wasn’t really looking at you.

Alternatively, she may be eyeing you from the corner of her eyes or just catching quick glimpses of you while you’re looking away or talking about something.

These are usually the ways in which a woman is checking you out. 

Some women who are more confident and bold will just check out you without being shy or nervous at all.

They have no problem with you knowing that they find you attractive. 

22. She remembers the little things about you

When you start developing feelings for someone, they’ll very easily catch your attention and hold it without issue. 

Because you care about them, things they do and say to you become more meaningful. You value these memories and information.

Similarly, a woman who is developing feelings for you will surprise you with all the little things and details about you she remembers. 

From what you wore on the first date to the littlest of things you may have said or done that touched her heart.

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23. She associate’s things with you

Don’t be surprised if you find that she texts you or calls you up when she starts thinking about you after witnessing things.

Sometimes it can be something like the light drizzle on a rainy night or the smell of coffee as she walks past a coffee shop you once visited together.

These things, places and experiences will start to remind her of you.

The more things she associates with you, the more she may actually care about you or else she wouldn’t really be experiencing this. 

24. She buys gifts for you

Either she’ll buy gifts for you unexpectedly, she may bake or cook something you really like, she might write you letters or just do sweet things because she cares about you.

Yes, she might just be a generous person but the more she goes out of her way to gift you or do things for you, the more she probably likes you. 

She’s definitely not going to make such an effort for someone she doesn’t give a damn about, that’s for sure. 

25. She teases you

Last but certainly not least, women tend to become playful as their feelings develop for you and this might present itself in playful banter.

Being teased in a playful and endearing way is just another expression of feelings. 

You’ll often find that she claims you’re so cute when you get defensive or react to her innocent taunting and teasing. 

This is without a doubt one of the many signs she is developing feelings for you.

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In conclusion

Falling in love is a truly magical experience and it can bring about a ton of anticipation, uncertainty and excitement.

I hope that this article provided you with as much information as you need to decipher the signs she is developing feelings for you.

Hopefully, you’ll use this knowledge to escalate the relationship into a serious and meaningful love story that lasts for a long time.

With that being said, please be sure to leave your thoughts or questions on this article about the signs she is developing feelings for you in the comment section below.

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