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12 Undeniable Signs She Doesn’t Like You

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The problem with liking someone is that it often creates an internal expectation for reciprocity. We end up reading into things too much and get the wrong idea. This is why it’s imperative to understand the signs she doesn’t like you.

Not only will this save you from much heartache caused by rejection but it saves you time and effort from pursuing someone who just isn’t that into you.

The signs she doesn’t like you are as follows – she never texts or calls, cancels dates at the last minute, is always too busy to meet, doesn’t show any interest in your life, doesn’t flirt, is rude, never makes physical contact, is seeing other guys, calls you a friend only, makes excuses for not wanting a relationship, disappears for days and seems bored around you.

Recognizing these signs should be easy and simple.

But when your feelings are engaged, they will cloud your judgment.

I’ve been through this before and I’ve seen countless men go through the same thing. 

It’s hard to detach from our feelings of desire and care to be relatively objective about reality. But, it is imperative that we try. 

One of the things I wished for during my early years of dating was to be guided by someone who had experience on the signs she doesn’t like you.

At least then, I could have adjusted my approach and not made so many mistakes that often led to wasted time as well as unnecessary rejection.

Thankfully for you, I’m that wise experienced friend who can offer you some insight into the signs she doesn’t like you and how to turn things around. 

Let’s analyze each of these signs in more detail so we can identify how they appear in real-life situations. 

1. She never texts or call your first

A woman who likes you will always look for an excuse to reach out. She’ll crave your presence and attention. It’s a natural element of attraction and desire. 

The opposite is true as well.

A woman who barely likes or desires you will not go out of her way to initiate a conversation. 

Open up your recent chat history or call log with her and make a note of the ratio between the conversations you initiate and the ones she does.

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If there’s a significant disparity in the ratio and you are doing the majority of calling and texting, it’s indicative of your high-interest level or her low-interest level. 

An easy way to test her interest level would be to cut down or stop texting and calling her first.

Wait and see if she reaches out.

If she does, then the reason why she barely made an effort was because you never gave her an opportunity to do so by over pursuing.

If she doesn’t make an effort, then this can be classified as one of the classic signs she doesn’t like you. 

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2. She cancels dates at the last minute minute

The odd cancellation is nothing to be worried about, even though I’d be quite annoyed. 

Unfortunately, when a woman constantly cancels on you at the last minute, it’s a problem. A big one! 

Unless her reasoning is sound and serious, it’s inexcusable. She doesn’t like you enough nor does she respect your time.

It is inconsiderate to constantly flake on plans without proper notice. 

The moment when it becomes abundantly clear that her flakey behavior is a sign she doesn’t care about you much is when she doesn’t seem very apologetic nor does she make an effort to offer an alternate date to meet that’s definitive and certain.

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3. She’s always too busy to meet you

Forget cancellations for a second, if you can’t even get her to agree to meet because she makes lame excuses like she’s busy with work, you are fighting an uphill battle.

This is one of the telltale signs she doesn’t like you.

I know of so many women with demanding lives and careers who still manage to prioritize their desires, especially when it comes to being around men they really like. 

Always being busy without any suggestions of when she can definitely hang out or go on a date is just a subtle and common way of rejecting you.

I would get the message and never ask this girl out on a date again unless she initiated something with me. 

4. She doesn’t show any interest in your life

Take a moment to analyze the behavior of people who like each other and you’ll notice that they subconsciously display a desire to assimilate into each other’s routine and schedule. 

It’s natural when you spend lots of time with someone you like.

This overwhelming desire to unwrap their personality like a gift on Christmas eve is undeniable.

For this reason, you may find yourself bombarding her with questions about her life, her thoughts, her past and her family. 

This isn’t a chore for you nor is it forced.

You want to feel close to this individual and part of that comes from understanding them on a deeper level as well as keeping up with the events of their life.

Women tend to show this type of initiative with men they like.

She’ll go above and beyond to find out more about you, especially if you were courting her correctly and maintained an air of mystery to yourself. 

Unfortunately, if the girl you like has been exhibiting no interest at all into what you’re doing, how you’re feeling and where you’re at, she doesn’t like you yet.

She’s just not that invested in you.

That’s not to say she won’t be but right now, she isn’t. 

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5. She doesn’t flirt with you

If she isn’t playful around you, complimentary of your good qualities and if she never teases you, I’m sorry to say but she isn’t flirting with you at all.

And you’ll notice this by her reactions and responses to your messages or statements that are flirty.

She may thank you and deliver the most basic and polity reply to you.

But, you won’t find her being naughty, sexy or reciprocal. 

Not because she’s shy. If she were, you’d know it and she’d say it.

She’s not flirting with you because she doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea.

She’s not feeling a strong enough desire to enter that sphere with you. 

One could argue that your approach isn’t good, hence her lack of flirtiness.

Otherwise, it’s just one of the many signs she doesn’t like you.  

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6. She’s rude and insulting

There’s a fine line between playful banter and insulting remarks or critiques.

As men, we are often exposed to this stuff from other men, so we pay no heed to it.

In fact, we take this as a sign of connection because we only behave this way with fellow-men whom we consider as friends. 

Unfortunately, this does not have the same undertone with women.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that insults and rudeness are a key sign of a woman who either has a low interest in you or doesn’t like you at all.

Even sarcastic and witty women will measure what they say to guys they like. 

Allow me to generalize for a second – women are more in touch with their feelings and often exhibit a greater understanding of feelings.

They fully comprehend the weight of ill-spoken words.

This is why you won’t find them being rude and insulting to you if they like you unless of course, you both are having an argument that has devolved into an ugly and inexcusable war of words. 

7. She never makes physical contact

No matter who you are, it is undeniable that the development of feelings, particularly desire, creates a longing for physical intimacy. 

Understandably, depending on your religious beliefs or cultural background, a physical connection may be limited before marriage but the desire itself is what we are talking about. 

A woman who likes you will often have a hard time engaging in some form of physical contact. 

Whether that means kissing you to even bumping into you as the two of you walk alongside each other. 

On the flip side, if she does none of that and even avoids your propositioning like giving you the cheek when you try to kiss her or fist bumps you instead of hugging you, it’s not a good sign.

Ask any girl who was into you whether they wanted to hug you or kiss you on a date during the courtship, you’ll find that they not only wanted to but struggled not to.

They’ll probably tell you how nervous they were but still wanted you to make a move.

That’s the natural desire or reaction from a woman who really likes you. 

8. She’s seeing other guys

The minute a woman really starts to like a guy, I mean Really fall for him, everyone else will take a backseat and he will be a priority.

Once she gets the guy, she’ll drop the rest like a sack of potatoes. 

Unfortunately, when you find her entertaining other guys as well as dating them, it could mean a number of things. 

Either she’s not ready for a relationship, she wants to casually date, she doesn’t like you or she hasn’t decided how she feels about you as yet.

9. She friend zones you

Once a woman decides that you are not the right one for her, she’ll friend zone you.

So much so, that she’ll constantly emphasize just how much you mean to her as a friend. 

She’s not playing hard to get. She isn’t joking around (unless of course, she says so) and neither are you going to get out of there any time soon. 

Being a friend is one of the dumbest approaches a guy can use to get a girl.

You’re not going to turn her on or convince her to look at you romantically by becoming her gay male best friend. 

She’ll talk about how much she likes you but not in the romantic sense at all. At which point, you’re wasting your time and this entire situation is a lost cause for now.

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10. She makes excuses for not wanting a relationship

From experience, I can tell you with certainty that most of the reasons a woman gives you for not wanting a relationship are just excuses to reject you in the least painful way possible.

  • I’m just not ready for a relationship in my life right now.
  • You’re a really nice guy but I feel like you deserve someone better. 
  • I just don’t know what I want in my life right now

These are but some of the many ‘reasons’ women will give you when they just don’t like you enough or at all.

But, they’re too polite to say it up front so they come up with a less direct way of rejecting you. 

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11. She disappears on you

Getting ghosted absolutely sucks. It’s horrible because you often don’t see it coming and you’re left with so many unanswered questions.

A less extreme version of ghosting is when she regularly disappears on you. I’m talking days to weeks.

She comes back at times, replying to your barrage of messages but provides little to no real explanation for where she’s been. 

When a woman exhibits flakey behavior like this, even over text, the sirens in your head should be going off. 

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12. She’s seems bored around you

Spend enough time with someone and that initial honeymoon phase and excitement are bound to pass to some extent.

But, if you’re noticing that she’s bored and disinterested before you guys even make it into a relationship, then it could very well be one of the signs she doesn’t like you.

Think about it, falling in love is one of the most exciting and invigorating feelings you can ever experience. 

Even the most mundane things start to feel enjoyable when you’re in the presence of the person you like. 

Simply ask yourself this – do I feel bored around her? If you genuinely like her, the answer is probably no. 

The signs of someone who is bored are as follows: 

  • She’s distracted and not paying attention to you.
  • She barely makes eye contact with you.
  • Her body language is closed off. 
  • She’s constantly glancing at her phone.
  • She barely asks you anything nor does she engage the conversation on a deeper level.
  • She’s not smiling much nor is she laughing either.

So if she’s bored around you, well then we know what to infer.

Either she doesn’t like you or the dates you’re taking her on are predictable and dull at this point. 

Either way, you need to readjust your approach and try doing something different and spontaneous to reignite the romance and attraction otherwise it’s only a matter of time before she’s gone. 

In conclusion

Just because she doesn’t like you right now doesn’t mean she never will.

If the reason for her disinterest is due to certain mistakes you have made like chasing her or being a nice guy, you can turn things around.

As long as she has even a sliver of attraction left for you, winning her back is a possibility.

Rather than resort to desperation and chasing her, opt to remain calm and put some distance between her and yourself.

Prioritize your own well-being, focus on other women, stop reaching out as much, be spontaneous when you see her and make bold moves.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the signs she doesn’t like you to be informative and helpful, even if it was a tough cookie to swallow. Please share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to reply.

2 thoughts on “12 Undeniable Signs She Doesn’t Like You”

  1. Very good article
    I gave the relationship a chance
    Then I had to stop seeing her
    She didn’t do her share
    No loss on my part

    1. I’m sure it’s hard at first but you’d be a lot happier and fulfilled when you meet someone who does like and appreciates you. At that point, you won’t even be thinking of this person.

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