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15 Signs Of A Creepy Guy To Avoid

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Dating in this day and age has never been easier and yet, it hasn’t been more complicated in history. People present themselves to be one thing online but after a few months, you end up discovering that things aren’t as they seem. In this article, I want to share the signs of a creepy guy to avoid.

I’m sure if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably encountered a few guys or had a few relationships that turned toxic and sour.

It left you feeling heartbroken and frustrated. You don’t trust your skills and level of knowledge to decipher between a good guy and a creepy guy.

Thankfully, I can share a list of signs of a creepy guy that will help to filter out the good from the bad. 

Let’s take a quick look at the 15 signs of a creepy guy that we will be discussing below. 

  1. He won’t stop texting you.
  2. He comments on every single social media post of yours.
  3. He watches your online activity. 
  4. He questions you about your sexual preferences or history too soon.
  5. He doesn’t think age is a problem.
  6. He shows up to your home or workplace unexpectedly.
  7. He thinks everything you do is to play games with him.
  8. His moods are incredibly erratic. 
  9. He has fake social media profiles.
  10. He creates drama in your life to be a white knight.
  11. He tries to manipulate you into seeing him.
  12. He takes pictures of other women in public.
  13. He won’t take no for an answer from you.
  14. He’s way too insecure and fake.
  15. He lacks morals and ethics.

For this list to be of any benefit to you, it’s imperative that you observe the behavior of a guy against his words. 

It’s difficult when you’re enthusiastic about someone or feel a great deal of physical attraction.

But, if you can maintain some degree of skepticism at first and watch how he interacts with you and others, you’ll get a good sense of whether he has any creepy behaviors that disqualify him from being a potential partner. 

Keep in mind, nobody is perfect and he’ll have a trait or two that isn’t ideal. But, certain things should be non-negotiable for you and when you encounter a guy who lacks morals, is overly controlling and so forth, you need to be strong enough to back away. 

With that being said, let’s discuss each of these signs of a creepy guy in more detail so that you know what to look out for. 

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15 Signs Of A Creepy Guy

signs of a creepy guy

1. He won’t stop texting you

A man who is pursuing his purpose and is building a life for himself does not have the time to sit on his phone all day texting.

It may not make him creepy but if he barely knows you, what becomes noticeable is that he won’t stop texting you about himself.

Whether it’s a backstory of all his relationships or his innermost thoughts, he’ll share everything with you over text without even knowing you.

You won’t get any space from a guy like this.

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He’ll send you texts all the time, even when you’re busy.

He’ll have full on conversations with himself by texting you and instead of allowing things to flow naturally, he’ll force it with his texts.

It will get to a point where you can’t even be online because he’ll text you and demand a conversation.

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2. He comments on every single social media post of yours

Have you noticed how the men who are confident, content and in their masculine energy aren’t the ones blowing up your social media.

It’s usually the desperate, needy and non-challenging men who are liking all your posts or commenting on all your pictures.

Why would a guy who barely knows you and is not in a relationship with you chase you this incessantly? Why would he try to be all over your social media? 

On one hand, he’s trying to win your approval and validation this way but on the other hand, it could be a ploy to let other guys know that he’s interested in you. 

Men who behave this way with you have done this with other women and will continue to do this if you show no interest.

He just hands over all this effort and affection to anyone they find attractive. 

More so than that, he’s not going to stop with your politeness. He’ll be there and continue to chase you irrespective of how you try to avoid him or let him down gently. 

You won’t get a break from this guy at all and he’ll start socializing with your own friends and family on social media because he has no concept of boundaries. 

3. He watches your online activity

Why would a guy who is just getting to know you spend so much time on your social media? Why is he liking all your pictures or commenting on all your posts? If you’re not encouraging this behavior, why is he doing it?

Why is it that he texts you the minute he sees you online? 

As much as everyone acts differently, no self-respecting man who is pursuing a life of meaning has the time to watch some random girls online activity all day.

He’s evidently showing extreme levels of interest and effort without any cause for it.

This is unhealthy and a sign of a creepy guy who may start to stalk you.

4. He questions you about your sexual preferences or history too soon

What we need to establish about creepiness is that it often relates to behavior that does not respect boundaries as well as goes against the status quo for acceptable behavior.

A man who interviews you in this regard is obviously thinking about sex and is trying to tick some form of sexual criteria in this mind.

In essence, we can argue that he’s not actually interested in you as a person but more about what he can get from you or whether you meet his criteria.

There’s a time and place for these types of conversations and if you feel like it’s inappropriate that he’s asking you these intimate questions so quickly or on the first date, then listen to that feeling because that is creepy behavior in your books. 

5. He doesn’t think age is a problem

Creepy men will often use this line in regards to younger women.

It’s weird and odd for a 40 year old man to be pursuing a 19 year old girl.

What this illustrates is a lack of regard for maturity on his part.

Most of us are aware that at 19, we haven’t really matured mentally or emotionally enough to be sustaining any sort of wholesome relationship with someone who is almost double our age. 

You have to pay attention to why he doesn’t think age is a problem to determine his true motives. 

6. He shows up to your home or workplace unexpectedly

Unless you’re in a romantic relationship with him or know him for long enough to be comfortable with this, a guy showing up unannounced to your home or workplace is creepy.

He clearly has a desperate or eccentric mindset to be doing something of this nature when you barely even know each other. 

If you’re in a relationship and a guy who claims to be a friend shows up to your home or workplace to ‘chill’ even though you know he’s attracted to you, please believe that his intentions are not good.

He’s trying to worm his way into your life or pants using the friendship approach.

He’ll pretend as if he respects your boundaries or relationship but in reality, he doesn’t and is waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

The thing is this, falsely entering a friendship with the intention to sabotage a relationship or win you over is creepy because it shows that he’s capable of being inauthentic, desperate, weak and manipulative.  

7. He thinks everything you do is to play games with him

I’ve come across a few guys during my time as a coach who would contact me about a girl they’d like. 

They’d make it seem like there was this huge love story unfolding but it would quickly become abundantly clear to me that this was a one sided obsession.

Everything the girl did, anything she posted online, even the way she would look at them was interpreted to mean something to these guys.

They felt like she was playing this game alongside them when in reality, these girls were just living their life and going about their day whilst these creepy guys were interpreting her every action as something related to them.

Guys like this are creepy because they’re living in a false sense of reality and refuse to accept otherwise. 

When you reject him or find someone you actually like, you’ll notice that he suddenly feels betrayed or bitter beyond what’s normal.

8. His moods are incredibly erratic 

I want to be very careful and selective about how I explain this because I don’t want to confuse it with that of someone who is dealing with genuine mental health issues.

I am referring to someone who is hot and cold in extremes because he’s either narcissistic or not centered as a man.

One of my friends had narrated a story to me about a guy she was involved with. He hid it well for a few months but once they spent more time together, she learnt that he was incredibly erratic as a man. 

Anything could tick him off into a state of rampant insecurity or he would burst out into tears whenever his fragile ego was tested.

This is creepy behavior within a relationship and leaves very little room for you to be free and open as a woman with your man.

You deserve someone who is centered with mental fortitude. 

The expression of emotions is important but you don’t want to be drying tears off your man’s face because he felt emasculated by some other guy being richer than him or whatever it may be.

9. He has fake social media profiles

Here’s what I’ve come to realize, maturity doesn’t have room for pathetic games of this magnitude. For a man to create fake social media profiles to stalk, communicate or interfere with someone, he has to be slightly unhinged.

Why do I say that?

Because this behavior is congruent with that of a teenager. A teenager or someone who is just beginning to understand the depth of morals and ethics.

When a fully grown man in his 20’s partakes in behavior of this magnitude, we can only deduce that he has bad intentions, is incredibly immature, unhinged or all of the above. 

It’s even worse if you suspect that he’s using these fake social media profiles on you! 

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10. He creates drama in your life to be a white knight

There are many guys in life who adopt a white knight persona in which they feel like they’re purpose is to save a woman, even if she doesn’t ask or need the help.

It’s honorable except a lot of these men don’t behave in this manner out of the goodness of their hearts.

On the contrary, they’re building a subconscious expectation for you to reward them with your time, energy, affection and love.

When you don’t, that’s when they fall apart and reveal their true nature. 

But, there’s a worse kind of a guy.

There’s the type who will manufacture problems in your life in order to pull you towards him.

He’ll romanticize destroying your life and coming to the rescue whilst you’re oblivious to his intentions. 

Be careful of these men.

Their generosity comes at a price that you may not be willing to pay in the grand scheme of things. 

11. He tries to manipulate you into seeing him

A guy who is willing to create lies and fake situations to lure you into a date is just creepy.

If you weren’t interested, why can’t he respect that and move onto someone else?

Or why couldn’t he just ask you out directly instead of creating some weird reason for the two of you to hangout?

There’s something going on beneath the surface and you need to examine whether it’s just a lack of confidence or something more sinister like a deceitful and manipulative character who enjoys playing games with women to get what he wants. 

You’ll never be able to trust him to be open and honest.

12. He takes pictures of other women in public

I don’t even need to tell you how creepy it is for a guy to do something like this. 

In fact, it’s called creep shots for a reason! 

If he’s doing this now, what’s to say that when he’s with you he won’t be taking pictures of other women and lusting over them in this manner.

He clearly is losing sight of personal boundaries and is disregarding what’s right and wrong for the thrill of instant gratification that comes from taking pictures of women he doesn’t know and without them knowing. 

What you want is a man who respects women and treats them with dignity, despite his sexual desire.

13. He won’t take no for an answer from you

So many people mistake a man who doesn’t take no for an answer as masculine or strong willed only to discover that he’s actually a control freak or dictator.

One who exerts their own power over others regardless of their feelings is a creepy person.

You never know what they’re capable of doing and the last thing you want is to end up entangled with a man who is controlling.

He won’t respect your opinion or feelings if it’s in conflict with what he thinks or feels. 

Furthermore, I’m sure you don’t find it attractive when a guy responds to rejection by chasing you more and abandoning all of his self worth just to get your validation!

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14. He’s way too insecure and fake

Men who are insecure and fake tend to wear different personalities to please others.

They’re threatened by anyone who seems remotely on their level and they can’t handle a woman who has her shit together.

They will constantly be measuring their worth in the relationship or having arguments with other men who may not even be interested in you.

You won’t feel safe or comfortable around him because his fake or insecure energy will overpower the dynamic between the two of you.

If you do give him a chance, you may find that he’s constantly in need of validation and assurance of his worth in your eyes. 

This can turn into a creepy situation wherein you walk around on eggshells trying not to hurt his feelings by just being yourself. 

15. He lacks morals and ethics

One of the greatest signs of a creepy guy is when he lacks morals and ethics. Some women assume this dangerous demeanor will not apply to them because they’re ‘special’ in some way.

Unfortunately, how a man shows up in his day to day life is how he’ll show up in a relationship.

If he lacks morals and ethics, you can be certain that when he’s not feeling happy with you or in a good space with you and the temptation to do something self-serving and bad comes along, he’ll do it despite your feelings.


Because he doesn’t place a high value on morals or ethics in his life.

A man like this can only be trusted for as far as you can throw him. 

If he’s into illegal activities or is known to be a player or cheater, don’t waste your time trying to fix him or thinking that he’ll see how awesome you are that he’ll change.

A person will only change if they intrinsically want to. 

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In Conclusion

Far too many of us waste time settling or being persuaded by sweet words or good looks.

But, the value of character cannot be ignored or overstated in relationships.

It is far too important to ignore. 

My hope is that you leave this article able to spot creepy guys and maintain some degree of skepticism instead of just allowing these guys into your life and inviting the drama that comes along with them.

When you maintain a high standard for the quality of people you allow into your life, you’ll naturally filter out the people who are toxic, abusive, rude, morally corrupt and creepy. 

That can only be achieved when you develop a greater sense of self love and self respect.

So, work on the relationship you have with yourself and become the kind of person who you would like to attract.

With that being said, I hope this article on the signs of a creepy guy was eye-opening and insightful. If you would like for me to discuss a specific topic, please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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