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8 Signs He Regrets Rejecting You

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Rejection stings and it can often feel like a dead-end. But, in reality, attraction is not so clear-cut. And so, you may find that a guy who once rejected you has now changed his mind. In order to know this for sure, you need to know about the signs he regrets rejecting you. 

As a guy, I can attest to this. 

We may reject a girl only to later have a realization that we find her attractive and amazing. At which point, the desire to win her heart overtakes our mind and we begin to exhibit certain signs. 

Let’s take a quick look at the signs he regrets rejecting you.

  1. He keeps texting you.
  2. He tries to flirt with you.
  3. He drops subtle hints that he feels regret.
  4. He asks you out.
  5. He apologizes.
  6. He remains single. 
  7. He gets jealous.
  8. He appears nervous or shy around you.

Okay, now let’s discuss each of these signs in more detail as well as what you need to look out for in his behavior and overall demeanor. 

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1. He keeps texting you

One of the most common telltale signs he regrets rejecting you is when he starts to text you more and keeps at it. 

Even if you aren’t taking the bait, he’ll consistently make an effort to reach out to you and chat.

This sort of change in his behavior after backing off is in keeping with a guy who has either changed his mind or is reconsidering his decision to reject you. 

All of those good morning texts are not for nothing.

You’ll also notice that he double texts you when he doesn’t hear back from you for a few hours or so.

Along with that, he initiates more conversations these days and his texts are a lot more longer, detailed and genuine compared to what they were in the past.

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2. He tries to flirt with you

When a guy regrets rejecting a girl and wants to regain her attention or test the waters, he will try flirting with her.

His texts will start of normal but turn flirtatious and romantic the more comfortable he feels with your responses.

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Teasing you, complimenting you and using sexual innuendos are but some of the ways a guy will flirt with you.

3. He drops subtle hints that he feels regret

For a lot of men, ego plays a role in their lives. 

It keeps them from coming outright and admitting to a mistake. 

Instead, they’ll drop subtle hints of regret like talking about what an idiot they were for rejecting you or about how you are such a catch.

4. He asks you out

After putting in some work to soften you up with texts and calls or subtle hints of regrets, he may muster up the courage and ask you out on a date.

In doing so, he’ll pretend like everything is great and that he didn’t reject you in the past.

This is his way of avoiding any awkwardness as well as rejection. 

Additionally, he may feel so strongly about you right now that he wants to push things forward and try to recreate the magic that passed on before. 

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5. He apologizes

If he rejected you poorly and he senses a wall that is preventing him from courting you, he may feel like it’s necessary to apologize.

By acknowledging that he regrets his decision and that he feels terrible for how it must have made you feel, he hopes to make amends.

This apology may come out of left-field. 

Perhaps, things may be going well right now and you have been receptive to his advances. 

And because he is developing feelings for you, he feels regret for dumping you and putting you through that experience. 

At the end of the day, regret is closely linked to care. Without caring about someone, very rarely would we regret rejecting them.

6. He remains single

Rather than moving on by dating other people or jumping into a relationship, you may notice that he stays single and seems to be committed to this.

He may even post about it on social media along with hints that he’s interested in someone and hoping to get a chance with her.

This, coupled with the above-mentioned behavior, is guaranteed to be one of the signs he regrets rejecting you. 

I’d go so far as to argue that it’s a sign he really is developing feelings for you and wants a chance at taking things further. 

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7. He gets jealous

Jealousy, irrespective of age, is an emotion experienced by most people. Even those who claim to not feel jealous actually do. They just have a better handle on this feeling and a deeper understanding of emotional self-control.

But, jealousy is a surefire sign he regrets rejecting you.

He wouldn’t be jealous if he didn’t care about you and feel threatened by some other guy.

This is evident by him comparing, insulting or taking jabs at other guys if you even bring up someone in a conversation.

He may also become weirdly possessive all of a sudden or even bitchy. 

We men tend to resort to our boyish habits during bouts of jealousy, that’s for sure! 

8. He appears nervous or shy around you

As a man, I can tell you with absolute certainty that we still get nervous or shy around you when we develop feelings.

Even if we are confident, the way we look at you changes when feelings of attraction and fondness are nurtured.

Given that he also regrets rejecting you, the stakes are higher and he probably feels the pressure of not messing up at a chance of undoing his mistake.

As such, his behavior around you changes.

  • He seems more self-conscious or flabbergasted at times.
  • He stammers or falls over his own words.
  • You may catch him staring at you.
  • He may suddenly look away and pretend like he’s distracted by something else when you catch him looking at you. 

This behavior is usually associated with someone who is nervous and shy.

The only reason he would feel that way is if he likes you.

And if he likes you then I’m willing to bet that he definitely feels regret for rejecting you.

In conclusion

Facing rejection is difficult and I can understand your confusion. One minute he seems disinterested and the next he’s giving off signs that he likes you.

A lot of the time, guys don’t realize the value of someone or something until they lose it.

So, perhaps, in rejecting you he actually set himself up for realizing just how amazing you are. 

Also, what I’ve learned is that if you can handle rejection appropriately, it can have a positive effect on attraction and turn things around.

For this reason, I advise most women not to chase a guy after rejection. Walk away respectfully and with your dignity intact.

That action alone could be the turning point in the potential relationship.

You may want to consider using the no contact rule as well.

It is known to help people move on after rejection or a breakup as well as re-attracting someone who has rejected or dumped you.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the signs he regrets rejecting you to be insightful and helpful. Please feel free to check out some of my other articles on this topic or get in contact with me for email coaching and help.

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