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30 Signs He Is Developing Strong Feelings For You

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In this article, you will learn about the signs he is developing strong feelings for you.

The courtship phase of any potential relationship can be super exciting but confusing as well. Some men hold their cards close to their chests, which is why I wanted to share a list of signs he is developing strong feelings for you.

This list of signs should help you figure out whether he is serious about you and wants to nurture a relationship.

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How To Tell If A Guy Loves You

signs he is developing strong feelings for you

1. He initiates contact first

In this modern era that we live in, impulse control is a thing of the past. When a guy develops strong feelings for you, the desire to text or call you first will be undeniable.

He’ll reach out and initiate contact first on more than one occasion.

The more frequently this occurs, especially after a date or a romantic conversation, the more likely it is that he’s falling for you.

2. He replies to your texts excitedly

One of the underrated signs he is developing strong feelings for you is enthusiasm. It’s not just good enough to receive replies. It’s the quality that matters more than anything.

If you find that his texts are detailed, enthusiastic, passionate, and upbeat, he clearly has a fondness for talking to you.

He wants to communicate, and that’s a very positive sign of attraction.

This is even more apparent if this excitement to communicate is a recent development or if he double texts you often.

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3. He wants to see you more often

A man who is genuinely developing strong feelings for you will carve out more time to see you. You’ll notice that he asks you out more than he has in the past.

Rather than seeing him once every two weeks or something, he tries to see you every week or more.

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As the courtship matures, so does the desire to close the gap of distance between the two of you.

This is 100% one of the signs he is developing strong feelings for you.

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4. He compliments you all the time

Compliments tend to be one of the most popular ways a man knows how to express his feelings for a woman.

Whether it’s a feeling of attraction, love, or lust, compliments tend to be his weapon of choice.

What’s interesting to note is that as a man starts to fall for you, his compliments tend to develop into something more meaningful.

You can sense this by how specific they are to you as a person, rather than just your appearance.

It’s usually when a guy doesn’t have to try to get you but still compliments you that he really means it.

He’s not saying it for the sake of winning your approval in this case.

He’s saying it because he genuinely feels it.

5. He talks about the future with you

As a guy, I can tell you that I would rarely talk about the future with a girl unless I was certain of her or how I felt about her.

I may entertain the topic if she brings it up but I’d never commit to those ideas.

The opposite takes place when I really am developing strong feelings for a girl. I can’t help but imagine and vocalize my desire for a future with her.

It’s not even talks of marriage or anything like that. I’m referring to simple plans that include you in them for the future. 

A guy would never commit to future plans unless he had serious feelings for you.

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6. He treats you with respect

Respect is at the forefront of any relationship, and what you’ll notice is that a guy who doesn’t really have feelings for you won’t care about that.

He’ll focus primarily on what he wants, and if you’re not it, then he isn’t going to worry about respecting your time.

In contrast, a man who cares about you will respect you.

How, well to care means to consider the feelings of another and how your actions or lack thereof may affect them. More important, it is to act on what you considered.

So, when a man behaves in such a manner that you feel respected around him, it’s usually because he’s developing feelings for you.

He will respect your time, effort, presence, preferences, and needs in even small ways.

7. He tries to be your hero

A lot of guys have a white knight or hero complex when it comes to love. In other words, we want to tap into our primal nature of being the protector and provider.

So, when you’re dealing with a problem or possible challenge, he’ll be one of the first people to show up and help you.

Sometimes, you won’t even need to ask. He’ll volunteer to take care of you and fix a problem even if you are perfectly capable of doing so.

It isn’t that he doubts your ability to take care of yourself.

It’s that he is developing strong feelings for you and can’t help but show you his strength as a man.

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8. He flirts with you on a serious level

Surface-level flirting that requires you to consider whether he’s actually interested in you or not is a lot different than the kind of flirting that occurs when a guy likes you. 

Things tend to get quite serious and passionate as the romance develops and his feelings mature.

You’ll find that he pulls out all the stops and struggles to contain his desire for you.

9. He opens up to you about his feelings 

One of the many complaints women have is that they can’t read a guy, and he won’t open up about his feelings.

This can be relatively frustrating, but it tends to be the case when there’s either a relationship issue, a lack of feelings, or a poor communicator.

When a man starts expressing his feelings to you, it’s obviously a sign he is developing strong feelings for you, or else he wouldn’t take the risk of facing rejection if you don’t feel the same way.

10. He confides in you

No relationship or potential relationship could ever exist or survive without a base level of trust.

As this trust matures and his feelings grow, so will his desire to confide in you.

Whether it be secrets or memories from his past, he will actually allow himself to be vulnerable to you because he trusts you.

The fact that he trusts you is a prerequisite for the development of feelings, so it’s safe to assume that he is actually in the process of developing strong feelings for you.

11. He has become protective

Men tend to be protective of things and people they care about. It’s just in our nature, and this is a key feature in the behavior of a man who cares for a woman.

Just think about the number of fights men get into at the mention of their mother.

That should tell you how protective we can be about the women we love.

So, when you find that he comes to your aid and defense whenever it seems like you’re in any sort of danger, it’s definitely one of the signs he is developing strong feelings for you.

12. He gets jealous 

Jealousy is usually aroused when our connection with someone we care about appears to be threatened by someone else.

Even the most secure and confident men can and will experience jealousy, even if they are relatively good at processing and dealing with these feelings.

Most men aren’t and so you’ll find that he becomes a bit insulting to those who he perceives as a threat.

He’ll make snarky comments or even be slightly standoffish with you.

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13. He confesses to loving you

Confessions and declarations of love are pretty obvious signs that he has already developed strong feelings for you.

Here’s the thing: some men fall in love faster than women do.

So, even though you’re still in the process of getting to know him on a deeper level, he may already be falling in love with you.

14. He brings up the topic of relationships often

As a guy with commitment issues, I can tell you with certainty that we will never bring up relationships and commitment unless we genuinely like you.

And I’m not referring to those guys who start talking about relationships after knowing you for just one week.

I’m talking about a man who you have been seeing for a few weeks or months, and now he can’t seem to stop teasing and hinting about a serious commitment.

Without a doubt, this is one of the top signs he is developing strong feelings for you.

15. He wants to know everything about you

Men without an ulterior motive and who actually want to develop a strong connection with you will show a keen interest in your personal life and experiences.

He wants to strengthen the bond, and so the desire to do so will create an interest in listening to you.

Even talking about your problems or work issues would be something that holds his attention because it gives him a deeper look into you and your life.

Additionally, the types of questions he asks you will determine his interest level.

Wanting to know about your likes, opinions, experiences, regrets, and proudest moments without judgment are all little signs he has a strong interest in you as a person.

16. He uses romantic gestures to win your heart

Love letters, little notes, good morning messages, compliments, gifts, and even random acts of kindness are all romantic gestures men do when they care about you.

These are neither random nor part of his normal behavior towards anyone and everyone.

He wants to win your affection, and these little romantic gestures are how he goes about it.

If these acts also cater to your tastes, then I’d be even more inclined to believe that he is developing strong feelings for you.

17. He checks you out when he thinks you aren’t paying attention

You may be busy with something and suddenly turn around to catch him checking you out. Instead of acting normal about it, he may look away or try to act as if he wasn’t doing it.

This is because he likes you but is trying to conceal it.

I know that when I was falling for my partner, this was something that would happen at random moments, and I couldn’t help myself.

I’d be so enamored by her that I couldn’t stop checking her out.

Trust me when I tell you that this is absolutely one of the signs he is developing strong feelings for you and finds you attractive.

18. He seems shy and flustered around you

Ever noticed how some guys can be so confident and brash around some women, whereas those same guys appear like shy and embarrassed little boys around others?

This is because their level of interest, investment, and care ups the risk factor.

They care about how they’re perceived, and so he can’t help but experience shyness.

He holds you in such high regard that these feelings tend to strike him at random moments.

19. He introduces you to friends and family

Let me tell you something: Most guys will not take you home to meet their family unless they really like you or think highly of you.

He wants to show you off to the closest people in his life.

To a guy, this is a great honor but also a telltale sign he is developing strong feelings for you.

This is also a way of involving you more in his life, which is something a guy would only do if he wanted to.

20. He doesn’t want you to see other guys

Lastly, when the topic of exclusivity comes up and he starts to question whether you’re seeing others, he’s definitely into you.

He may come out and tell you that he doesn’t want you to see anyone else.

Men are very territorial in that way. Once we decide that we love someone, the overwhelming desire to have her to ourselves is potent.

Don’t doubt this.

He is absolutely developing strong feelings for you and wants you all to himself.

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21. His effort is consistent

Men aren’t going to make an effort to text, call, and see you consistently without feelings being involved. Granted, this hinges on the presupposition that he’s not using you.

But, for the most part, we can predict consistency with the development of feelings.

As the days or weeks go by, if you witness a consistent amount of effort on his part, with words and actions that align, it’s a great sign that he wants to be with you.

22. He displays ongoing supportive behavior

One of the greatest features of romantic love is support.

Caring for your well-being, encouraging you through bad days, and being present when you are at your lowest are good signs he is developing strong feelings for you.

A man who cares about you will always display a desire to help and protect you in whatever way he can.

23. He initiates deep conversations with you

Most women agree that communication is what they desire first and foremost.

When a man is disinterested or unbothered, he usually shows a lack of effort when communicating. He’s there when he needs or wants something, but it’s like talking to a wall.

Even if he hears you, he’s not listening.

The opposite is also true.

A man who actively listens to you, initiates contact, asks you meaningful questions, and opens up to you in a vulnerable manner is a man who is developing feelings for you.

Once a man likes a woman, he wants to know every single thing about her.

I’m talking from experience.

24. He playfully teases you often

Playful banter that isn’t derogatory or insulting is a childlike demeanor that continues into adult relationships.

The cliche that men don’t truly grow up remains true.

Observe his demeanor, the way he teases you, and whether he respects you. If all three of these things present themselves positively, the banter and playful teasing are indicators of romantic feelings.

25. He compliments you all the time

When a man is really into a woman, it’s incredibly difficult for him to contain his feelings.

It almost always presents itself in a barrage of compliments and adoration.

So much so that it can turn off some women because it comes out of nowhere and at an uncontrollable pace.

The difference between a man who is just attracted to you and a man who has genuine feelings for you is the depth and sincerity of the compliment.

If you know for a fact that this man knows you well enough or that you’ve been showing him who you really are and his compliments reflect more than a superficial understanding of you, you can trust that they’re coming from a place of genuine care.

26. He’s makes time for you

It’s easy to deduce how much someone values us in a romantic sense based on how they prioritize us.

It’s not about always being available for you.

It’s about whether he makes time for you despite being busy.

That commitment to fostering care, support, and connection is something that requires a lot of effort and investment.

If he’s willing to do that on an ongoing basis, it shows that he actually cares about you. It’s easy to get someone’s attention when they’re bored, privileged, or lustful. It’s not easy when a man has many obligations, deals with a lot of problems, and is working hard.

Meditate on the following question for a moment:

Who cares about you more, the man with an abundance of money who buys you gifts or the man with an average salary who buys you gifts?

Substitute money for time in the question above, and you’ll get the idea.

27. He doesn’t cancel dates

Enthusiasm, prioritization, and punctuality all show an eagerness and investment in you.

If he could be with other women but is consistently choosing to see you or talk to you, how is that not a sign that he cares about you?

28. He mimics your behavior at times

When we spend a lot of time with someone we adore, cherish, and respect, we can’t help but assimilate some of their gestures and actions into our own behavior.

Using words that you frequently use, matching your texting style, and mirroring your body language are some of the signs that he’s fond of you.

29. He remembers special dates

We all know how forgetful men are, but when they make an effort to remember something important, it’s usually because they care.

I have never found myself remembering dates with girls I didn’t care about.

But, when I really cared about someone, I made an effort to remember special dates in her life as well as memorable occasions like when we first started talking, our first meeting, and stuff like that.

30. He changes his behavior online

If he’s someone who used to be quite active online but has altered that since getting to know you, it can be attributed to caring about you.

This has to be the case if he no longer flirts or teases other girls on social media while simultaneously nurturing a connection with you.

In Conclusion

Even though it can be quite confusing and a bit frustrating during this phase of not knowing how he truly feels about you, it can also be exciting because of the mystery and uncertainty.

Just know that these signs are based on the accounts of many guys, and the more of them he displays, the likelier it is that he really wants to be with you.

With that being said, we’ve reached the end of this article on the signs he is developing strong feelings for you. I hope you found it to be insightful and helpful to your relationship. Be sure to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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