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Signs A Girl Is Nervous Around You (5 Telltale Signs)

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When a girl is highly interested in or attracted to a man, she’s bound to experience feelings of nervousness coupled with desire and excitement. Unfortunately, most men are oblivious and miss all the signs of attraction. Since nervousness goes hand in hand with attraction during courtship, you can gain the upper hand in the relationship world by familiarizing yourself with the signs a girl is nervous around you.

Here’s a quick look at the signs she is nervous around you:

  1. She can’t maintain eye contact with you.
  2. She fumbles over her words.
  3. She plays with her hair.
  4. She seems overwhelmed around you for no reason.
  5. She giggles often.

If you notice that she displays most of these signs, there’s a strong chance that she is attracted to you in some way. This would explain her nervous energy when she’s around you.

Let’s take a closer look at how these signs appear in real life when you are interacting with her in person. 

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How To Tell If A Girl Is Nervous Around You

signs a girl is nervous around you

1. She can’t maintain eye contact with you

If you were to observe most people who experience high degrees of shyness, what you’d notice is an aversion to eye contact.

The eyes are the window to the soul. You can tell a lot about what someone is feeling or even thinking by just looking into their eyes.

It is also true that eye contact creates a direct line of connection between two people. In some instances, it’s a sign of confrontation or the escalation of confrontation.

To avoid this, people avert their gaze and avoid making eye contact with someone. This is especially true for a girl who is nervous around you.

Due to strong feelings of desire and a slight insecurity, she may struggle to meet your eyes with her own. 

It shouldn’t appear as if she’s unbothered or zoned out around you. That’s different from what we are talking about. If anything, she ought to seem flustered or fidgety while struggling to look you in the eyes.

Being reactive to you is a sign of engagement, and that’s what you want to look out for when determining whether a girl is exhibiting signs she is nervous around you.

2. She fumbles over her words

When we are overwhelmed by emotions, our ability to think clearly and rationally is impeded.

The flood of chemicals in our system can be felt throughout our body, and that occurs when we are afraid or aroused. 

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Ironically, a woman can feel both fear and desire for a man. Her fear stems from concern over being rejected or disliked, and her desire stems from physical, emotional, and intellectual attraction towards a man.

Mixed together, it’s incredibly difficult for her to communicate as she would around girls or guys she has little to no desire for. 

Granted, some people can channel nervous energy and express it vocally.

That girl will not be able to stop talking because she’s afraid of the silence that may ensue.

So, in both cases, if a girl struggles to speak or if she speaks way too much that it sounds like she’s fumbling over her words, it’s most likely one of the signs a girl is nervous around you.

3. She plays with her hair

Despite being one of the most popular clichés in the world, it is still true. 

When a girl plays with her hair, smiles at you, giggles at your jokes, or appears flustered, she’s probably nervous around you but likes you.

People fidget or partake in soothing activities when in a state of fear or stress. 

But, more often than not, this type of behavior is associated with nervousness stemming from attraction or desire.

What most guys need to remember is that girls will display multiple signs of attraction or nervousness. It’s rarely just one type of behavior. 

That’s one of the differentiating markers for actual attraction versus random, unassociated behavior that has nothing to do with how she feels around a guy. 

4. She seems overwhelmed around you for no reason

The one thing you never want from a courtship is indifference. 

Women are emotional beings. They shine and open up when they get to feel something. As men, we ought to know how to inspire or evoke a woman’s emotions.

Sometimes, this comes from how we interact with them, the way we carry ourselves, the words we speak, and in some cases, our absence.

A woman who is emotionally stimulated may sometimes appear overwhelmed around you. 

She may appear distant or reserved, but in reality, she may be completely consumed by her feelings for you.

In such a case, all she’s able to do is sit with you, observe you, and try to manage her feelings. 

5. She giggles often

One of the common reactions to nervousness and shyness is laughter.

Some people become quiet and reclusive, while others use humor and laughter to diffuse the tension they are feeling.

It’s a mechanism for deflecting away from their true feelings.

What most guys know is that a girl who is interested in them will laugh at the lamest of jokes. 

If you notice that she giggles around you, it could be one of the signs that a girl is nervous around you.

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Final Thoughts

Before we conclude this article, I just want to touch on something important.

All of this advice is based on the idea that her nervousness around you is based on attraction. 

But, I would be remiss not to touch on behavior that is actually scary and off-putting to women.

If you are imposing yourself on her and appearing like a clingy creep, her nervousness around you has nothing to do with attraction and everything to do with fear.

As long as you are not behaving weirdly, we can assume that her nervous energy is a good sign and that she holds you in good esteem.

In that case, keep doing what you’re doing and lead the interaction towards more fun, romance, and good times.

Don’t rush it, and don’t force things. 

Just keep moving at a healthy and respectable pace.

This is how you can cultivate attraction until it turns into love.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the signs a girl is nervous around you, eye-opening and insightful. If you would like to work with me directly to optimize your behavior around women, check out my services page for more information on my email coaching package.

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