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20 Signs A Female Friend Has Feelings For You

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Despite the friend zone being a problem for a lot of guys, it’s not impossible for a female friend to change her mind. However, you wouldn’t know that she wants to be with you if you’re unfamiliar with these signs a female friend has feelings for you.

One of the main reasons why this occurs is because a guy may behave more confidently, securely and naturally around a girl he views as just a friend. 

This behavior comes across as attractive to women which is why a female friend may fall for you.

Unfortunately, the signs a female friend has feelings for you aren’t as clear-cut as you would imagine. 

For that reason, I want to share all the information I have on these signs and how they show up in real-life interactions.

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How To Tell If A Female Friend Has Feelings For You

How To Tell If A Female Friend Has Feelings For You

1. She gets jealous around other girls

Not many of us have control over the feeling of jealousy and when it strikes. There are certain behaviors that become apparent which are common amongst people.

In this case, she may seem visibly upset when she’s jealous of seeing you around other girls or talking to someone attractive.

She may start insulting these other girls or complimenting them but with a visible or noticeable undertone of resentment or annoyance. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if she even gets mad at you because she doesn’t know how else to deal with or express her jealousy about the situation. 

Here’s what I know, someone who doesn’t have feelings for you wouldn’t exhibit this level of jealousy over the idea of you being with someone else.

2. She is protective of you

Typically, good friends who care about you are protective but to a restrained degree. 

I noticed that when a female friend has feelings for you, her level of protectiveness skyrockets to the point where she gets more upset about you being treated poorly than even you would.

She may even fight on your behalf without you needing her to because she cares about you so deeply.

We all strive to protect that which we view as incredibly important or valuable to us.

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3. She texts you all the time

Women are rarely going to engage in ongoing and personal conversations with a guy she finds weird, annoying or gross.

So, at the very least, we can say that she likes your company as a friend and so she texts you frequently.

However, if you notice that her texts are not just frequent but flirtatious, sweet, thoughtful and similar to the kind of messages you would receive from girls you’ve dated, then it’s possible that this is now one of the signs a female friend has feelings for you. 

Just like how you and I tend to text someone we like more than anyone else, the same applies to a female friend who likes you.

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4. She jokes about being together 

If there’s one thing that I’ve realized in this day and age, women are terrified of giving guys the wrong idea and with good reason. 

Often, you can find guy friends mistaking politeness as a sign of interest and attraction which can make things quite awkward for the two of you.

For that reason, very rarely would a girl bring up the idea of being in a relationship with you unless she is thinking about it, even casually.

It may not amount to anything serious at all but the fact that she is the one who makes these jokes or remarks about what it would be like if the two of you were together is a sign that she has thought about you in that sense. 

This could lead us to believe that she is subtly planting the idea of possibly dating you and she’s testing the waters to gauge your reaction.

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5. She’s always supportive

Not all female friends are supportive but all female friends who have feelings for you are.

Genuinely caring about the wellbeing of someone we like is an essential component of any relationship.

It’s a marker for true love but it’s hard to decipher between platonic support and romantic support. 

I would measure the degree of support as a means of determining whether it’s a sign of something more than just platonic feelings.

But, I would also analyze her behavior against other signs in this article and if exhibiting at least 5 of them, then I would say there’s definitely a chance that she has feelings for you.

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6. She tries to flirt with you

Here’s what you need to know, when a female friend changes the way she behaves and texts you, it’s something to take note of.

In this case, if she is now flirting with you more often, initiating contact with you, calling you sweet names, using flirty emojis while texting you and teases you, then there’s a strong chance she is developing feelings for you.

I think what’s particularly important is comparing how she used to be with you versus how she talks and behaves with you now. 

Take the bait and respond in kind.

If she is receptive and continues to flirt or amplifies it, then you know that it’s intentional and she may have feelings for you. 

7. She frequently compliments you

Flirting aside, compliments can be a great way to gauge the level of fondness a female friend has for you.

Based on how she compliments you and what she compliments you about, it can give you an idea of how much attention she pays to you.

Random compliments from a female friend aren’t anything out of the ordinary but when it’s frequent, highly specific, flirty and about your character as much as it is about your appearance as well, then it crosses over to the realm of possibly being one of the signs a female friend has feelings for you. 

What’s important to determine is whether she’s just the type of person who enjoys complimenting people or if this is something she’s directing mostly at you.

8. She seems nervous around you

An often overlooked but compelling feature of a healthy friendship is the ability to be oneself without concern over how one appears or behaves.


Because you’re not being measured against a standard or criteria typically used for romantic purposes. 

Also, you don’t really care about that because you’re not interested in that person in a romantic way.

Knowing this allows you to just be as you are and not bother as much because the friendship exists outside of that realm.

But, when this understanding changes and you suddenly develop feelings for someone, it’s only natural to feel nervous around them because your perception of them changes and you develop a desire to be viewed in a positive and attractive light by them. 

When a female friend has feelings for you, this transition occurs. 

Suddenly, she becomes more flustered, shy and nervous around you even when you’re doing the same old things you’ve done for ages with each other. 

9. She loves to spend time with you alone

I’m of the opinion that it is possible for men and women to be just friends but under the right circumstances. 

To be more specific, it’s possible to keep things just platonic as long as certain boundaries are upheld and maintained. 

If you have a history of just hanging out with your female friend alone, then it’s nothing unusual.

But, if it’s a new development in your friendship or she suggests meeting outside of the friend circle, then it’s something to analyze. 

Still, it could just mean that she really likes you as a friend but it could be more than that. 

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10. She never approves of anyone you’re interested in

It’s pretty obvious why she feels this way and it’s because she’s jealous and wants to be with you.

So, of course, no other girl is going to be good enough for you because they aren’t her. 

For this reason, you’ll get the sense that she fakes enthusiasm or shows none at all when you consider another girl.

She may even point out reasons why it may not be a good idea for you to pursue these girls. 

Typically, a female friend would only disapprove of you being interested in a girl if there were clear red flags that you’re ignoring.

A female friend who has feelings for you will just not approve of anyone, irrespective of how great you know them to be. 

11. She dresses to impress you

More often than not, women dress to impress themselves and to feel good about their appearances. But, let’s be quite frank with ourselves, we also know that a woman who likes you will also dress up to impress you.

Most women know that men are visual creatures to a large degree and we appreciate when women take the time to look sexy. 

And when I mean dress up, I mean that she goes all out looking the best she absolutely can for normal hangouts with you.

When this is a new development in the friendship and she has no reason to do so, then it most likely is one of the signs a female friend has feelings for you. 

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12. She looks for any excuse to touch you

One of the most popular signs a woman likes you is when she gravitates towards you and can’t keep her hands off you. 

Whether she’s just brushing up against you, fiddling with your hair or clothes, massaging your shoulders or just hugging you a lot, it all counts when they occur frequently and collectively. 

Granted, some female friends may do this from the very start but for the most part, it’s a valid sign.

When it becomes extremely evident that she has feelings for you is when this was something she didn’t partake in before and if she goes out of her way to touch you without any motivation or influence from you. 

13. She’s all over your social media

If she has feelings for you, then she’s definitely interested in your behavior online since we all tend to spend a lot of time on social media.

She wants to connect with you in every possible way and so she can’t stop herself from liking and commenting on your posts and pictures.

Furthermore, I spoke to quite a few girls and they all agreed with me when I presented the following sentiment regarding this sign a female friend has feelings for you.

Making her presence known and felt all over your social media is a way of subtly letting other girls know that she’s laying her claim on you. 

Whether this is an effective technique is up for debate but this is how she goes about trying to warn off other girls.

14. She laughs at all your jokes

This article would be incomplete if I didn’t include one of the most popular signs a woman likes you. 

Undeniably, laughing at lame jokes just shows how smitten she is by you and how eager she is to make you feel validated. 

That’s the beautiful thing about new love. 

It leaves you feeling completely enamored by the object of your love that even their lamest attempts at humor are met with grand laughter, chuckles and giggles. 

Test this out by cracking a few lame jokes on other women you know to make sure it’s not funny. Thereafter, use the same jokes on her and observe her reaction. 

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15. She confides in you

Absolutely no female friend is going to confide in you if she doesn’t trust you.

Interestingly enough, a precursor for developing feelings for someone is trust. 

From this, we can deduce that if she opens up to you of her own accord, at the very least, she trusts you.

At best, it’s a sign she has feelings for you and once to create a closer bond with you by sharing her secrets.

16. She’s barely on her phone when she’s with you

We live in a time when most people struggle to communicate in person and have an issue controlling the urge to constantly check their phones.

The fact that she chooses to ignore all the messages, calls and social media updates to be communicating with you is a huge win.

And if you couple that with constant eye contact and lip biting, she’s probably enjoying every minute of that conversation and really likes you.

17. She tries to make you jealous

Jealousy may get a bad wrap because of how it can negatively affect a person’s behavior but it also has the ability to make us recognize the value of something or someone. 

Usually, jealousy stems from the desire to be in the position of another person.

In other words, to have what they have or be where they are.

A female friend who wants you to stop viewing her in a platonic way may start talking about other guys to you and in front of you in hopes of making you jealous. 

18. She does romantic things for you

I don’t think men are as good at romantic gestures as women.

They tend to put more thought and consideration into doing sweet, romantic and loving things for a guy they like.

Whether it be from writing letters, cooking you a meal when you’re sick, sending you heartfelt messages, complimenting you or singing your praises to others, these romantic things are a surefire sign she likes you. 

Essentially, what you’re looking for is whether or not your female friend is starting to behave like a girlfriend or wife to you specifically.

19. She teases you

This is one of those behaviors we carry into adulthood that usually indicates a woman is fond of you.

Teasing you or being slightly mean to you in an endearing and playful way is usually a good sign in a friendship that’s turning into a relationship. 

There’s a stark difference between someone who is being a douchebag and someone who is just teasing you in a way that doesn’t offend you at all but actually makes you laugh and feel good. 

20. She gets angry at you for no reason lately

When a female friend suddenly becomes more upset and angry at you for no apparent reason, it could mean one of two things:

  1. You’ve legitimately hurt her in some way and she’s gradually lashing out since you haven’t taken ownership of it.
  2. She likes you and is expressing frustration over her inability to express those feelings to you. 

Usually, if it’s the latter, she bounces from being angry to caring without any interference from your end. 

And when you try to find out why she’s upset, she claims that she doesn’t know why.

Alternatively, she may even confess her problem about liking someone who doesn’t know without actually coming outright and telling you. 

In Conclusion

This brings us to the end of our discussion on the signs a female friend has feelings for you but I want to leave you with a few parting thoughts. 

The more signs she exhibits, the more likely she is to have feelings for you. 

Also, it’s important for you to be objective and honest with yourself.

Wanting someone to like you can often sway your opinion of their behavior. 

For this reason, it’s important that you set aside your feelings for her and judge her behavior against these signs in an honest manner to truly determine whether she may like you or not. 

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on the signs a female friend has feelings for you. If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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