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Should You Text A Girl Who Rejected You? (Answered)

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Should you text a girl who rejected you? That’s a question that I get from guys all the time. It may seem like such a simple question, but to someone who is overwhelmed by feelings of loss, rejection, fear, and anxiety, they’re not sure what to do. What we know is that men and women react slightly differently to their emotions. So, in today’s article, I want to finally share an experienced and well-researched answer to this question.

You should not text a girl who rejected you because it disrupts the power dynamic between two people who should be on equal footing. Also, pursuing someone who shows disinterest in you has negative implications for how they will view you. Intrinsically, women are attracted to men who are strong, powerful, confident, and dignified. These are attributes associated with high value, and these types of men don’t chase women.  

By chasing a woman who rejected you, you send the message that you are not on her level and are not worthy of being with someone who has an equal desire for you.

A man who is strong, powerful, confident, and dignified would not sell his self-respect and dignity for anyone. If he did, he wouldn’t be high-value nor would he be any of those things we just listed.

If he isn’t, then that validates a woman’s decision to reject him. If your goal is to re-attract a woman who rejected you, then you can’t do so by subjecting yourself to behavior that is weak and disrespectful to you as a man.

Men treat themselves more poorly than any woman can.

That’s because we sacrifice our sense of self, our respect, and our dignity for the validation and attention from women we want.

Men who are high-value have an abundance mentality. They view themselves as worthy of the type of women they want. More importantly, they aren’t delusional either. They rate themselves honestly and find ways to improve themselves.

If someone isn’t interested in them or rejects them, they don’t fall apart, nor do they desperately try to change reality.

Rather, they use that rejection as fuel to power themselves. They find ways to become more charming, more successful, more attractive, and more confident.

They can do this by extracting lessons from rejection or failure.

That’s how I became competent and good with women. I wasn’t born naturally gifted with women. I wasn’t the most charming or confident guy around. In fact, I was quite the opposite.

But, I had a growth mindset, and I approached rejection as a stepping stone or a challenge to improve myself.

I got better at attracting women by making mistakes and screwing up.

Like most guys, I’ve over pursued, I’ve chased, I’ve talked girls out of liking me, and I’ve been an emotional wreck. 

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But, I reflected on these experiences and found ways to improve myself.

You’d be surprised by how much you can improve in life by just reflecting on your own experiences. 

Rather than shying away from rejection or desperately trying to change it, why not examine what could have led you to that rejection.

Ask yourself the following questions before you even think about texting a girl who rejected you.

  • Were you too needy?
  • Did you talk too much?
  • Were you too desperate?
  • Did you become too feminine and emotional?
  • Did you take too long to ask her out?
  • Were you texting too much?
  • Did you not give her any space to miss you?
  • Did you select someone who had no interest in you at all?
  • Did you select someone who was not worthy of you or good for you?

I’m willing to bet that you’ll find an answer to at least one of these questions, and you can use that information to improve your courtship and relationship skills.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text A Girl Who Rejected You

should you text a girl who rejected you, why you shouldn't text a girl who rejected you

In the event that you are still in doubt about my advice, here’s a look at some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t text a girl who rejected you.

Think about these reasons for some time and be honest with yourself. I’m pretty sure that it will resonate with you on some level, and it may just help you make the best decision.

  1. It makes you look desperate.
  2. You will end up chasing her.
  3. She won’t value your effort going forward because you are rewarding her with attention and time after being rejected.
  4. It will give her all the power.
  5. You may get stuck in the friendzone.
  6. She won’t have any reason to second-guess her decision to reject you.

The last reason is important because that’s usually how we re-attract someone who rejected us or dumped us.

You don’t change someone’s mind by doing more of what you’ve been doing. Albert Einstein said it best: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

If what you’ve been doing has gotten you rejected, stop doing that stuff.

So, distance yourself and give her the gift of missing you.

Women expect men to remain hung up on them after being rejected or dumped. They assume that you’ll stick around and continue texting or pursuing them because of your feelings. A lot of guys do this, so women have learned to accept this behavior as normal and predictable.

If you were to go against the norm and do what is difficult, which is to walk away, then you would be setting yourself apart from the rest of the hopeless guys who continue to chase a girl who rejects them.

Not texting her and going on with your life with some degree of indifference and loads of dignity is a power-move.

It sends across the message that you might just be a lot more confident, powerful, emotionally strong, and dignified than she thought.

Rather than grouping you with the other guys she rejected who behaved weakly, she’ll view you in a much different light.

The key is to walk away or not text her without being cold, bitter, or catty. 

Respect her choice and be polite and kind, but don’t make an effort with her.

Go on with your life the same way you would if she didn’t reject you. Don’t switch up on her and act unbothered or rude, either.

The goal is to authentically focus your time on the things and people who deserve it. That’s as simple as it is. 

If you can do this, you will infinitely improve your chances of re-attracting her down the line. Perhaps, when she’s lonely or fed up with whichever guy she’s into, she’ll think about you and how awesome you were.

She’ll think about how you behaved like a high-value man, and she’ll entertain the idea that she made a mistake by rejecting you.

When she reaches out to you, then you win.

You won’t have to chase or pursue her. All you’d have to do is treat her like any other girl you’re possibly interested in, ask her out, and enjoy getting to know her.

This beats the alternative, which is to chase her, accept the friendzone, and waste your time with nothing to show for it.

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Final Thoughts

There are instances when you can text a girl who rejected you, but only if enough time has passed since your last text and if new information has come to light. For instance, if she rejected you because she was into someone else but that didn’t work out, then maybe you can reach out and see if she’s open to meeting you.

But, other than that, you shouldn’t text a girl who rejected you. Just let it be and move on with your life.

I’m of the opinion that life happens for you, not to you.

So, if this girl rejected you, it’s probably because life has different plans for you. You could be dodging a bullet by not being with her, or you could be destined for someone much better and more suited for you.

Guys, please, adopt an abundance mentality and preserve your dignity when courting women. You’ll have far more success if you do. If you don’t believe me, try the alternative and see where that gets you.

I just don’t want you to go down the same road countless other guys do and end up jaded or completely defeated romantically.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on should you text a girl who rejected you to be thought-provoking and helpful. Click here to grab a copy of my eBook called Reconcile because it has a concise and effective strategy for getting a woman back. Alternatively, reach out to me for email coaching by visiting my services page and we can work on this together.

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