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Should I Worry About My Girlfriend Cheating? (The Shocking Truth)

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fear of being cheated on, worried my girlfriend is cheating, fear that my girlfriend is cheating on me

Should I worry about my girlfriend cheating? That’s a question that loads of guys battle with, and it’s something that I’ve had to deal with as well. After all the research and experience I have with this topic, I have the right answer for you, but it will not be what you expect. 

Here’s the truth about whether you should worry about your girlfriend cheating:

No, you shouldn’t worry about your girlfriend cheating because a woman with integrity and good morals would not cheat on her partner. Loneliness, problems, and insecurity are not justifiable reasons for cheating. In fact, it’s hard to pinpoint any reason that is justifiable and excusable. Most importantly, worry and fear about being cheated on will ruin all your happiness and joy in a relationship.

If you really examine the idea of worrying, it’s pointless and a waste of your time. Whether you are worried or not won’t really change the outcome. If your girlfriend is someone who lacks integrity and wants to cheat, she will.

It’s as simple as that.

How The Fear Of Being Cheated On Changes You

fear of being cheated on, worried my girlfriend is cheating, fear that my girlfriend is cheating on me

Let’s assume that your girlfriend is a loyal and trustworthy person. If you were to sit around and worry about her cheating, what would that accomplish?

Nothing except misery.

You’ll feel insecure, and that will encourage you to behave suspiciously, needily, and erratically. Rather than being the man that she fell in love with, you’ll turn into a paranoid and crazy lover who is unable to court his woman properly.

What purpose does it serve to be in a relationship that is plagued by uncertainty, fear, insecurity, and doubt?

If anything, one could argue that the best relationship offers peace and security, allowing both individuals to grow and thrive together and separately. 

Anything less, and you are cheating yourself of what true love and a great relationship feel like.

I’ve seen men fall apart and destroy their relationships over the fear of being cheated on. Their girlfriends weren’t even interested in other men. That’s the sad part. They could have had a long-lasting and beautiful relationship if their insecurity, paranoia, and fear had not taken control of them.

In the end, what they feared was what they attracted!

They killed all the attraction their girlfriends had for them and drove them away until a more secure and confident man entered their lives.

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What you must realize is that women want you to be the same guy you were during the courtship.

Sure, everyone changes, and growth is wonderful.

If you are growing as a man within the relationship, that will be viewed as attractive and compelling by your girlfriend.

But, if you grow into an insecure, paranoid, needy, and uncertain man in the relationship, that is going to have an adverse effect on her attraction.

In your desperate need to keep her, you’ll talk and act in a manner that actually drives her away from you.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see, but I understand where you are coming from and why you feel this way.

Another reason why it’s not a good idea to worry about your girlfriend cheating if it’s going to alter your behavior is that it may present her with ammunition to use against you. 

Providing her with an excuse for why she could or did cheat on you will trap you in a vicious and toxic situation that causes you to question reality and yourself.

A bad woman will weaponize your fear and then turn you into an absolute mess while she betrays your trust.

Don’t put yourself in that position.

At most, all you really need to do is observe her behavior and be aware of warning signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How often does she reach out to you?
  • Does she leave her phone unlocked around you?
  • Is she always on her phone?
  • Does she take her phone with her when she leaves the room or needs to use the bathroom?
  • Do you know the password to her phone?
  • Do you see recurring messages or comments on social media from men?
  • Does she display your relationship or her status online, or does she keep it a secret?
  • Does she frequently talk about a specific guy under the pretense of friendship?

All of these questions are related to red flags or warning signs that your girlfriend may be untrustworthy or cheating on you.

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Examine The Reason Why You Feel Worried About Your Girlfriend Cheating

fear of being cheated on, worried my girlfriend is cheating, fear that my girlfriend is cheating on me

Look, I’ve been cheated on, and I can tell you with certainty that worrying about this is unnecessary.

If you’re with someone who is meant to be your partner, you’ll never have an overwhelming fear or worry that she’s cheating on you.

Sure, we all have some degree of insecurity and fear over losing something or someone we truly cherish and value.

But, believe me, the right woman for you who has a strong moral compass and integrity will never cheat on you.

She’d rather leave the relationship or work on its flaws than find another man.


Because a woman who has good character and strong morals must have had to work hard to develop herself into that type of woman. 

She must have had a strong family foundation that instilled certain values in her, and she would have to draw those morals and values from something like religion, family, and culture, which may all encourage fidelity, trustworthiness, and self-awareness.

You need to ask yourself whether your fear or worry is due to concerns stemming from the relationship or because you have experienced trauma from being cheated on in the past.

This is an important question to reflect on because the former may be cause for concern, while the latter may be an intrinsic issue that you need to deal with through therapy, communication, and trust-building activities.

There’s no way to enjoy love if you’re constantly sleeping with one eye open, and that’s something I’ve had to overcome.

What worked for me was trust in God’s plan and self-belief. It took a lot of therapy and hard work to heal my past, but it was worth it because I’ve become confident and secure again.

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Relationships Without Boundaries Always Fail

fear of being cheated on, worried my girlfriend is cheating, fear that my girlfriend is cheating on me

Another thing you should consider is boundaries.

You will be prone to fear and insecurity if you have no boundaries within the relationship that honor the relationship and the needs of both parties.

If you are constantly walking on eggshells and pretending to be okay with behavior that is actually a violation of your unspoken boundaries, then it’s your fault and you need to have a conversation with your girlfriend.

Healthy relationships prioritize boundaries and reject control.

So, if you’re afraid of expressing your boundaries and trying to be an overly accommodating nice guy without any backbone, then you need to change that right away.

Your girlfriend will respect you for actually having the backbone and courage to communicate your needs to her, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation about boundaries.

Sit her down and have an open conversation with her.

Rather than being confrontational and argumentative, let her know what’s causing you to feel worried and doubtful.

Then, give her a chance to explain.

If you’re satisfied with her answer, figure out a way to move forward with a healthy boundary that supports your feelings and her feelings.

This is how you navigate a relationship with maturity and good leadership.

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Final Thoughts

Building a strong and resilient relationship takes time, work, and trust. When it comes to what constitutes work within a relationship, what this necessitates is reflection on issues and good communication of feelings and needs.

If you can do this without turning into a paranoid, insecure, and unhinged lover, you should be able to deal with this issue like a confident and attractive man.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind at all times.

If your girlfriend cheats, she loses. 

As a man who is working on himself and is a wonderful partner, you should lean into the confidence that comes from that.

Only a low-quality woman will cheat on a truly great guy.

If she does, it’s her loss, and she just helped you get one step closer to finding the type of woman who does deserve you.

With that being said, I hope this article on should I worry about my girlfriend cheating to be a source of comfort and guidance. If you’d like to re-attract an ex, grab a copy of my new eBook by clicking here. Alternatively, check out my services page to learn how to get email coaching with me.

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