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Should I Stop Texting Him? (7 Reasons Why You Should)

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Texting is relatively new when you look at things from a bird’s eye view. There hasn’t been a perfect rule book that details how to text men and when to stop texting men. This is probably why you’re looking for an answer to the following question, should I stop texting him?

Yes, you should stop texting him if he doesn’t text you back, he replies poorly after days, he blows you off, he’s rude and insulting, he is losing interest, he met someone else or he’s using you.

These seem to be the most definitive cases when you should stop texting him and move on with your life.

Here’s the thing, just because you stop texting him doesn’t necessarily mean that the door is completely shut.

If he so chooses, he may contact you and express a genuine interest in you again. 

Depending on whether he’s worth it and how you feel, you could start texting him again or you could choose not to.

But, what’s important to note is that if you’re faced with these circumstances, the right course of action is to stop texting him.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and discuss each of these scenarios on when you should stop texting him. 

7 Reasons To Stop Texting Him

1. He doesn’t text you back

As far as I’m concerned, rewarding someone for not caring about you is disrespectful to yourself.

It really is.

You’re a person of value. You deserve to be around people who match your interest and effort.

By texting a guy who doesn’t text you back, it sends a message to him that you are either desperate or you value him more than your dignity.

Don’t do that to yourself. 

Trust me, it feels so much better when you get the attention of someone who actually wants to be with you.

Don’t entertain those who are not willing to make an effort to be in your life.

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Be realistic and honest when measuring the behavior of another person towards you.

Don’t spin a narrative that you want to believe.

Either he’s making a genuine effort or he’s not.

If he isn’t and you can see him online or on social media chatting to other people, then that sends a message to you about where you stand with him.

You should stop texting him so you can free up some space in your life for another guy you should be texting.

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2. He replies poorly after days

Unless the reason why he replies after days is that he doesn’t spend much time on his phone, is busy and prefers to see you in person which is what he does, then you should stop texting.

If not texting him seems too drastic of a step, you should reduce the number of texts you send to him because he isn’t treating you like a high priority.

This is especially true if you find him to be online or on social media while not replying to your text for days. 

He’s either lost interest or never had it to begin with.

The only way to rectify this is to pull away and give him the space to miss you or wonder why you haven’t texted him back after he made you wait for so many days.

Even if you do get back to texting him, take some time before you do. 

Let him see that you aren’t desperate and will match his level of effort.

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3. He blows you off

If someone blows you off one time and they have a justifiable reason, then it’s okay.

If they do it again or it becomes obvious that they’re just making silly excuses, then you shouldn’t waste your time asking them out again.

It is a waste of time to continuously text someone who keeps standing you up.

You’re rewarding someone for treating you like a second-class citizen and that just doesn’t work.

You want to be with a guy who is excited to see you and spend time with you.

That’s the kind of guy you want to text and make an effort to connect with. 

Chasing after someone who doesn’t have a strong desire to be with you, let alone text you, is a pointless endeavor. 

4. He’s rude and insulting

You will only command respect from someone if you are willing to stand up to them when they are disrespecting you by being rude and insulting.

I understand that you may be an extremely polite and considerate person.

You may even shy away from confrontation more often than not.

But, there comes a point in life when you have to prioritize your own self-worth and dignity at the risk of losing a rude and insulting person.

The risk isn’t all that bad when you measure it against what you’re sacrificing by not standing up for yourself and having boundaries.

Men who are narcissistic or misogynistic are not worth your time.

Why do you have to put up with negging, insults and constant critique from someone for no reason at all?

Trust me when I say this, people like this will never be won over by simply being a pushover.

You can be as nice as you want but they’ll keep crossing the line because you’re not drawing a line with him.

The first warning is enough.

If he ignores it and continues to be rude and insulting, then you must stop texting him. 

Even if he doesn’t respect you, what’s important is that you’ll respect yourself for not putting up with subpar behavior and subpar men.

5. He is losing interest

If you are texting him, being affectionate and complimentary, chasing him and making every effort to get his attention only to be met with disinterest, boredom and a lack of enthusiasm, then you need to stop texting him.

Doing more of what’s not working will not suddenly start to work.

If you’re already doing all of this stuff and he’s losing interest, you have to change your approach.

But, I understand that the fear of rejection and loss may influence your thinking. 

Fear makes people desperate but in the romantic world, desperation is a turn-off and will get you rejected or used. 

For this reason, I strongly urge you to stop texting him if he has lost interest in you and it’s obvious. 

This will give him a chance to think about you and possibly fear losing you altogether.

It will also undo any damage done to attraction and interest by chasing and over-pursuing him.

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6. He met someone else

Do not, I repeat, do not allow yourself to be a second choice or option for someone. You’ll never feel good enough even if he ends up picking you.

You’ll constantly feel insecure and doubtful of yourself around him. 

Even if it doesn’t hit you during the honeymoon phase, those feelings of insecurity will rise as time goes on.

Furthermore, you don’t want to be that girl who gets rejected or contacted by the other girl because you refused to stop texting him.

If he’s in a relationship, then you absolutely should stop texting him.

I don’t care about this narrative about love and so forth because it’s immoral and disgusting. 

Here’s why.

Let’s say you keep texting him and he actually engages with you. Let’s say he flirts with you and the two of you develop an emotional connection with each other while he’s still with someone else.

Do you know what that means?

He has crossed the bounds into an emotional affair.

Now, you’re involved with someone on an emotional level who has cheated on his partner and you’re an accomplice to this.

Both of you have done something immoral. 

Granted, it’s him who has an obligation to his partner but do you really want to be the kind of person who associates herself with this type of behavior?

Additionally, if he can do this with the person he’s dating, what makes you think that he won’t do this to you if the two of you were in a relationship?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your love is something so pure and special that he wouldn’t do this to you.

Because the statistics speak for themselves and guess what, in the majority of cases, he’ll end up doing the exact same thing to you. 

Don’t sell your moral compass because the price you pay in the long run is one that will drain you of integrity and self-respect. 

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7. He’s using you 

Last but certainly not least, I would strongly encourage you to stop texting him when all he’s after is personal gain.

If he’s using you for attention, sex, entertainment, emotional support or an ego boost, you need to cut your losses and move on.

If a significant amount of time has passed and the entire relationship dynamic is built on you giving and him only taking from you without any escalation of the relationship status, then you’re being used as a resource.


Because that’s how he views you and I’m sure that you don’t want to be treated so poorly.

You’re not getting a relationship out of this guy and he’ll bleed you dry until he can move on to his next target or he meets someone he wants. 

You deserve a man who wants to have a mutually loving relationship.

This isn’t it. 

I know that you’ve invested a lot into this and that is precisely why you need to stop texting him and move on because he’s not making any investment in you or a possible relationship. 

You’re going to be used until you’re all used up. 

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In Conclusion

When I think about texting at this point in my life, I just see no reason to waste my time texting the wrong person.

It’s just not worth it to fight for someone who isn’t right for you and doesn’t meet the standard or criteria for the kind of person you’d like to date.

You’re only delaying and preventing yourself from actually finding the right guy by allowing the wrong one to take up space in your life.

Trust me, the ones who actually care about you will show up again and make the right changes if they actually care about you.

You’ll feel the sincerity and connection when they do.

The ones who don’t care will let you walk away or will just feed you more lies that you’ll be able to sense with more ease.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on whether or not you should stop texting him to be insightful and eye-opening. Feel free to leave your questions or thoughts in the comment section below.

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