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Should I Make My Ex Jealous By Dating Someone New?

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Most people do things out of character when they get dumped or go through a breakup so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re thinking, should I make my ex jealous by dating someone new? Here’s an honest and realistic answer to your question. 

No, you should not try to make your ex jealous by dating someone new. Not only could it drive your ex further away from you but it’s unfair to use someone who is innocent and genuinely likes you.

There are far more effective ways to get your ex back than making them jealous. 

Why You Shouldn’t Date Someone New To Make Your Ex Jealous

The problem with jealousy is that it’s unpredictable. 

On one hand, your ex may not care about you dating someone new at all because they are completely over you or focused on moving on. While you’re doing morally questionable things to gain their attention, they don’t even care to notice. 

Imagine how stupid and rejected you’re going afterwards? 

On the other hand, they may get so upset that they completely cut you off. Some people don’t react well to jealousy. It drives them to make drastic decisions, irrespective of the consequences of their actions. 

Alternatively, this may push them into doing the same thing to make you jealous. Would you be able to maintain your calm composure when your ex is flaunting someone else?

I don’t think I’d be too good with that.  

There are too many possibilities and none of them really bring about something good. 

The main reason why you shouldn’t do this is that you could deeply hurt someone who is unsuspecting of your true motives and actually cares about you. 

Ask yourself this question – would you be happy being used by someone as a pawn? 

Imagine the ramifications this could have on that person’s life.

You could end up destroying their ability to trust and breaking their heart all because you wanted to make your ex jealous. How immature and childish. 

If your ex were to suspect or get a whiff of your true motive, he or she will be more than amused by it. Not only that, they’ll realize that you are desperate and falling apart without them. This is not an attractive look for you at all. 

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Be that as it may, it’s still possible that you can make your ex jealous. 

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Instances When You Can Make Your Ex Jealous

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How jealous an ex will be is hugely influenced by who was the dumper. If your ex was the dumper, the likelihood of him or her getting jealous by you dating someone new is slim to none.

Most people wait until their feelings have died before ending a relationship.

The dumpee is often left flabbergasted and confused because they felt like everything was okay. But, the dumper started losing feelings for you way before they actually pulled the trigger and dumped you. 

So, if their level of desire is at an all time low, making them jealous with someone else is rarely going to work.

If anything, it will reduce their guilt of dumping you and motivate them to move on and find someone else. 

But, there are instances when it’s possible to make an ex jealous and they are as follows. 

  • Your ex is still in love with you.
  • Your ex impulsively broke up with you and intended to reconcile.
  • Your ex is immature and petty.
  • Your ex is unhappy and miserable without you.
  • Your ex is struggling to find someone else. 

If your ex is still in love with you, then that means they have a strong attachment for you. Seeing you with someone else will be so jarring and unsettling that it’s almost impossible for them to avoid feeling jealous.

I’ve noticed that some people who are impulsive tend to make drastic decisions in the heat of the moment only to change their minds when they cool down. Seeing you with someone else might make your ex freak out because this was not what they intended for. 

An ex who is immature and petty will often get jealous of seeing you move on. It’s not because they necessarily want you back but they want to be better off than you. 

The emotional turmoil and struggle after a breakup are almost as intense for the dumper as it is for the one who was dumped. When reality sets in and your ex realize that they miss you, the sight of you with someone else will drive them crazy.

This will be further enhanced by the fear of loss. 

Lastly, an ex who thought they could do better will often get a shock when they realize that it’s not so easy to move on.

Falling in love can be unpredictable and just because there is plenty of fish in the sea doesn’t mean they’re easy to catch. Your ex may experience jealousy knowing that you’re doing fine after the breakup while they’re struggling to find someone who is a good match. 

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Why You Don’t Need To Make Your Ex Jealous

The best way to win an ex back or to move on from a breakup is to use the no contact rule. Eliminate any and all contact with your ex. This will attach a major consequence to your ex’s decision to end your relationship.

Settling for petty and immature methods of making your ex jealous will not really bring him or her back to you. Nor will it make you feel good and that’s the biggest takeaway from this article. 

You don’t have anything to gain from making your ex jealous. It doesn’t fix the pain or sorrow you’re feeling. Nor does it make it any easier for you to work through your issues. If anything, it causes more problems for you.

Instead, why not shift your focus to healing and finding love again.

You could meet someone who is even better than your ex and it could lead to a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Why risk losing that and ruining the possibility of a long term love story for the sake of making an ex jealous?

It just seems to pointless to me.

If you focus on being happy again, the side effect of it could be that your ex gets jealous but you know what, it won’t even matter to you.


Because you’ll be far to busy enjoying your life and loving your new partner.

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In conclusion

So, should I make my ex jealous by dating someone new? Absolutely not. It’s a complete waste of time that will only result in pain and major collateral damage.

Focus on actually moving on and being happy. That, in and of itself, has a better potential of making your ex jealous than anything else you do.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time and energy on someone who willingly left your life or treated you like a second-grade citizen.

Just don’t give them any more power over you.

With that being said, feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and let’s keep this conversation going.

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