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Should I Block My Ex On Social Media?

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Keeping an ex on social media will drive you crazy after a breakup, especially if you were dumped. It would make me feel like a cuck to watch an ex enjoying their dating life while I’m still bothered by the breakup. This leads us to an important question, should I block my ex on social media?

You should block your ex on social media if you need space to move on, your ex is toxic and manipulative, you don’t want to see who your ex is dating or flirting with or your ex needs closure.

Making this decision is a difficult one.

On one hand, blocking an ex feels like an extreme action to make. On the other hand, it might be necessary for your well being and happiness.

It honestly boils down to what’s good for you.

Reasons why you should block your ex on social media

In this article, I’m going to share a list of reasons you should block your ex on social media as well as reasons not to.

Depending on where you stand and the circumstances at play, the explanations below will aid you in making the right decision.

But, you have to be open and honest with yourself.

The answer you discover might not be what you want but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

Do what’s good for your life long term and not what’s easy right now.

1. You need space to move on

The easiest way to forget someone and move on from the past is to put as much space and distance between your ex and yourself.

After my last breakup, I struggled to remove my ex off social media. 

I didn’t think too much of it until I realized how overwhelming it is to see an ex live their life without me in it anymore.

All these reminders and new information of your ex that you expose yourself to will only hinder the progress you make from recovering and moving on after a breakup. 

Remove any stimulus related to your ex online and you’ll have an easier time adjusting and forgetting about him or her.

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Here’s what I can guarantee – nothing you find on your ex’s social media will make you feel better or fix anything.

But, it certainly has the potential to hurt you and mess with your head.

Don’t take the chance. Remove your ex from social media until you’re certain of your progress in moving on. 

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2. Your ex is toxic and manipulative

A manipulative and toxic ex will use his or her social media to mess with your thoughts and feelings. 

They’ll purposefully update their accounts with content that either hurts you, makes you desire them or humiliates you.

It’s all just a ploy to gain an upper hand and torture you in some way or the other.

Don’t take the chance of being played with like this because it can affect your life in so many negative ways.

Trust me, you’re not going to feel good seeing your ex flirting with other people and so forth. 

It’s going to plunge your mental health into the gutter. 

Additionally, it’s counterproductive to witness your ex sharing social media updates that inadvertently belittle and attack you. 

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3. Your ex is dating other people and posting about it

Building on the last point, if you haven’t gotten over your ex or the breakup was fairly recent, watching them flirt with other people or pretend as if nothing significant has happened in their life will hurt you like crazy. 

It seems so inconsequential but when you’re in a volatile state, even the most predictable and obvious behavior will trigger you in the worst of ways. 

The reality of the situation is that at some point, your ex is going to move on, rebound or start dating again. 

Watching them live their life without you offers nothing of benefit to your existence. 

4. Your ex needs closure

When you’re dealing with an ex who can’t accept a breakup, constantly contacts you, begs for another chance or lashes out online, blocking then might be your only option.

It’s not about cutting them off.

Sometimes, removing any possibility of reconciliation may be the toughest but most effective way of helping someone accept the end of a relationship. 

In time, your ex may move on and so may you.

At which point, unblocking your ex on social media won’t be such a bad idea.

Reasons why you should not block your ex on social media

Now would be a good time to discuss the reasons why you should not block your ex on social media.

There are very few instances when it’s a good idea to stay present or actively involved in your ex’s life.

In my opinion and from personal experience, the less contact you have with an ex, the better.

The only real exceptions to this are based on the reasons below.

1. You want to get back with your ex

You have to leave the door open for your ex to come back or else there’s a serious chance that they move on and never come back.

A bit of space through no contact can be a great way to start fresh and make your ex miss you.

But, if you block them, how will you possibly know when they reach out and want to see you?

After some time apart, the two of you may start missing each other. One of you will end up getting in contact with the other. At this point, a good conversation focused on having fun will greatly benefit your chances of reconciling.

That will be impossible if you block your ex.

2. You both want to be friends 

As long as both of you have not been toxic to each other, manipulative or crazy, being friends isn’t such a bad idea.

Ordinarily, I’m opposed to being friends with an ex but there are some circumstances when it’s okay.

If you’re going to be friends, be helpful and supportive when you’re both trying to move on. Staying in touch and being kind can soften the blow of a breakup.

It may take some time before you both adjust to the new rules of friendship but it can be done.

In which case, blocking your ex on social media doesn’t make sense.

There’s no need to cut off an ex who is a good person if you both are completely prepared and want to only be friends.

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3. You’re trying to play games or get back at your ex

When people play games in relationships, they risk turning into the biggest loser because people are unpredictable and you can never truly predict how they may react to certain things.

You might be assuming that your ex will get upset if you block them or start chasing you but in reality, this action might turn into the feather that breaks the camels back.

Don’t waste your time playing games. Make a decision and stick with it.

In conclusion

Extreme situations call for extreme measures. If the only way for you to move forward, enjoy your new life and avoid drama is to block your ex, then do it.

Don’t hesitate because you have nothing to really gain from keeping them around if neither of you has any intention of reconciling.

Prioritize your long term happiness over short term avoidance of pain and discomfort.

At the end of the day, the majority of your relationships in life will not last all your life. Most of them will end. This is the case for everyone on this planet.

It’s perfectly okay to close a chapter once and for all.

With that being said, I hope you found some clarity on whether or not you should block an ex on social media. Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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