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She Stopped Texting Me Everyday! (Reasons & Solutions)

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She stopped texting you everyday and it’s freaking you out. We’ve all been there, myself included. 

It tends to hurt the worst when you least expect it. 

Most guys lose all emotional control and resort to desperation to change the situation.

Often, this results in an awkward encounter that turns her off or makes things worse. 

There’s an art to dealing with a situation like this to attract a woman without having to chase, beg or plead for attention.

Put simply, you can maintain your self respect while rebuilding her interest up enough to text you more frequently.

In this article, I am going to share a list of reasons why she stopped texting you everyday followed by my thoughts on how to remedy this issue.

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Reasons Why She Stopped Texting You Everyday

she stopped texting me, why did she stop texting me everyday, she won't text me everyday, why did she stop texting me everyday

1. She’s losing interest

Recently, I watched a video on YouTube that illustrated the difference between passionate love and compassionate love.

In the former, interest and attraction are sky high but they decrease over time.

The latter begins low and gradually grows over time.

At some point, they both can intersect.

Compassionate love can often take a long time to reach the same height as passionate love did at its beginning.

The difference is that compassionate love can continue to grow whereas passionate love hits an extreme low before it needs to transform into compassionate love.

That’s not to say that compassionate love is devoid of passion.

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It just takes a lot longer to reach the same level of desire.

This video illustrated love over a long period of time.

But, this graph can be condensed to a short term period as well.

There are days when passionate love or interest is low.

What goes up must come down.

It can be normal but when it occurs, what’s important is to reflect on why it lowered and how to avoid lowering it further.

If you try to force it to return to where it was, it usually will decline further because your actions will be influenced by desperation and neediness.

What may be necessary is patience, awareness and an adjustment in your behavior.

If you can allow her interest to flow as it will without panicking, you have a greater chance of influencing it in your favor.

If her interest drops too much, then she may stop texting you altogether.

The fact that she isn’t texting you everyday is a sign that her interest has fallen.

But, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

If this is a new development and hasn’t happened before, you have a chance at rebuilding some of that interest without having to behave in a desperate manner.

Typically, when things are going really well, interest grows rather than diminishes. 

It may slow down a little to reach a point of normalcy but it shouldn’t be consistently declining.

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2. She’s talking to someone else

It’s a bit unfortunate that we are often in competition with other men but that is reality. 

Most women are aware of this fact.

There are men who remain in their life as orbiters, there’s exes who stick around and there are those who want to court her, just like you.

When things are relatively new, it’s possible that she’s still talking to other guys.

If it just so happens that she starts developing more of an interest for someone else, it wouldn’t surprise me if she stopped texting you everyday.

What would be surprising and concerning is if she met someone else and continues to talk to you everyday.

The situation changes to something more problematic when you’ve been with someone for a long time or you’ve been progressing at a good rate and she suddenly stopped texting you everyday.

That’s not normal.

This is why it’s so important to vet women for red flags.

I get loads of emails from men who are trying to win back their girlfriend and most of the time, their girlfriends are dishonest or entertaining ongoing conversations with other guys under the pretense of friendship. 

This is a red flag.

Let me tell you something, a good woman will not be entertaining the attention of other men even if your relationship is going through a bit of a rough patch.

Commitment is tested when things aren’t merry.

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3. She’s testing you

When a woman is trying to ascertain whether you are the kind of man she wants to be with, she may test you.

I used to find this upsetting a long time ago but I soon realized why women need to test men they’re interested in.

Look at things from a woman’s perspective and you’ll quickly realize just how inundated they are with lies and disappointment from men.

As a way of sifting through the trash, so to speak, they develop relevant tests according to their own concerns or needs.

If she’s doubtful of your intentions or your core as a man, she’ll test you in various ways.

One of the ways women test men is by pulling back.

She wants to see how you handle this test. 

  • Will you lose your cool and lash out? 
  • Will you chase her and beg for attention? 
  • Will you be petty and stonewall her? 
  • Will you maintain your cool and remain confident in spite of her doing this? 
  • Will you let her miss you and reach out? 
  • Will you enforce some boundaries by not rewarding her for not texting you as much all of a sudden?
  • Will you make an attempt to communicate maturely?

When you have invested countless days and weeks of your life into learning about women, more importantly, learning about yourself, it’s easier to spot these tests.

A man who has worked on himself will not need to cheat his way through the tests presented to him by a woman or anyone for that matter.

He’ll naturally behave in a manner that passes these tests because the core of his masculinity is strong.

4. She’s backing away out of fear

When you’ve spent enough time around women, you’ll realize that it’s easy to actually get female attention but what’s difficult is to get the attention of a woman who ticks your main boxes and shares a soulful connection with you.

There’s not many feelings in the world that can match up to this. 

It’s electrifying and incredibly exciting.

I like to compare it to a black and white world that has now been colored. Everything appears so much more vibrant to you.

The issue with feeling this way is that it encourages you to seek it out all the time.

But, too much of a good thing can be bad for anyone.

You may view it as appreciating her but she may interpret it as you being too needy and clingy.

One must be able to love in such a way that the other person feels free.

Most of the time, when people experience this kind of love, they often choose to be with you and there’s no need to chase them incessantly.

Women are not attracted to a man who is desperately trying to lock them down.

It’s unattractive. 

There’s a difference between offering commitment and forcing it. 

Give women the opportunity to choose you and there’ll be no need to chase her to the point of scaring her out of your life.

Exercise some emotional self control and allow the romance to blossom naturally.

All of us enjoy some bit of challenge in our life.

When we have to put in a fair amount of effort, our investment creates feelings of desire and more importantly, appreciation.

If you’re putting in 100% of the effort required to nurture a relationship, you’re ripping the both of you off.

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5. She’s busy with work or other issues

When circumstances change and a woman has to deal with work issues, family issues or a personal crisis, she’s going to direct her attention and focus towards those things.

Does it necessarily mean that she has lost all interest in you?

I don’t think so.

It’s highly possible that something has come up and this is a temporary issue to the courtship.

For this reason, you should exercise patience and observe her behavior over a few days.

If things do not return to normal within a few days, if she doesn’t provide any real and plausible reason for why she stopped texting you everyday and if she is online often without texting you, then she’s most likely choosing not to reply to you.

Listen to your gut and be observant, you’ll get a good idea of why someone is distancing themselves by doing so.

But, give her the benefit of the doubt and then let things play out over a few days. 

6. She’s upset with you

While some people respond to emotional pain with anger and explosions, others become reclusive and shell up.

Have you entertained the possibility that you have said or done something to upset her?

If so, it would explain why she stopped texting you everyday.

She’s hurt right now and she wants you to know it without her having to say it.

In other words, she wants you to notice her silence so that you examine why or how you’ve upset her.

And if you express that to her with an apology, it will make her feel heard and cared for.

Is this the healthiest way of dealing with issues?

I don’t think so.

But, if you have hurt her and one of the reasons why she stopped texting you everyday is because you have been blatantly ignoring her attempts to communicate this to you, then it makes sense.

Silence is also a means of expressing discontent and can be the only response to someone in certain situations.

You’d be able to tell if she’s upset if her replies are also short and cold.

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What Should I Do If She Stopped Texting Me?

she stopped texting me, why did she stop texting me everyday, she won't text me everyday, why did she stop texting me everyday

You should make an attempt to communicate but not at the cost of your self respect. Ideally, what you want is for her to initiate about 70% of contact and in that time, you ask her to hang out and do something fun.

That’s the healthiest approach to courtship in this day and age.

A woman reaches out to you signaling interest and you escalate things by asking her out instead of wasting time on the phone texting.

At the end of the day, true connection, chemistry and love is nurtured in person.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to establish those things over text or on the phone but you will always be limited.

The feelings that are developed in person cannot truly be replicated over a phone.

Let’s be honest, a hug emoji is not the same as actually hugging someone. A text declaring love isn’t the same as someone in your presence, looking you in the eyes and uttering words of love to you.

One is more powerful than the other.

I wouldn’t discount the words sent on text either.

I’ve been in my fair share of long distance relationships that began over the phone. So, I understand both sides of the coin.

So, don’t get too hung up over what happens on text.

Pay attention because it’s an indicator for things but your ultimate goal should be real life interaction with someone you want to be with.

I apologize for going off on a tangent but to answer the question, you should not text her more if it would amount to you chasing her regularly and appearing desperate. 

Communication is like a game of tennis. 

Hit the ball over the court and wait for the other party to hit it back.

By communicating in this manner, you don’t run the risk of appearing too desperate, clingy or needy. 

At the same time, if you match and mirror someone’s pattern of texting, you also avoid appearing disinterested or cold.

Most of us judge someone’s interest over texts based on how we text.

If we take an hour to reply to someone, when we are met with the same or similar time frame for replies, we assume that their interest level is along the lines of our own.

Does that mean you should be matching and mirroring a girl who replies instantly all day long? 


I don’t think that’s healthy for anyone.

And if you’re a man who is pursuing his goals, building a life of substance and taking care of himself, you wouldn’t have the time to sit around texting all day long.

You may be able to text every hour or so.

That’s perfect and she’ll still feel like you are interested.

The best response to a problem like this is to match and mirror her effort.

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Final Thoughts

There are storms in every courtship and relationship but if you weather it, you’ll be quite fine in the end. 

The only thing that I will caution you against is wasting time on women who are not interested in you or don’t respect you.

If you’re not a priority, it’s not worth the time and effort.

No other relationship compares to the one that makes you feel wanted, desired, loved and appreciated. 

Trust me.

Have high standards in your life and you’ll see through those who don’t live up to what you deserve.

Play cool, be observant, match her effort and leave the door open for her to rekindle things. If you want to address her change in behavior, only do so once and without pandering. Apart from that, just match and mirror.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on why she stopped texting you everyday to be helpful. If you would like to avoid this situation altogether, grab a copy of my eBook by clicking here. It’s helped hundreds of men remedy this exact issue. More importantly, it’s helped men attract high quality women.

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