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She Stopped Responding To My Texts

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It’s a terrible experience to be hitting it off with a woman and then suddenly, she stopped responding. Not having any answers can be frustrating and jarring to most people. We’ve all been there at some point or the other.  

The uncertainty often leads to many burning questions.

  • Why did she stop responding to my texts?
  • Did I say something to offend her?
  • Maybe she doesn’t realize how much I like her?
  • What if she’s waiting for me to text her again?
  • What if she found someone else?

These are but some of the many questions running through your mind right now. And these questions trigger a strong sense of anxiety that motivates you to text or call her more. 

But, she still doesn’t respond. 

Before you do anything more, it is imperative that you read the rest of this article because it can save you from losing her altogether.

I know exactly why she stopped responding to your texts and lost interest. And in this article, we’ll discuss these reasons as well as what you can do to re-attract her. 

Why did she lose interest and stop responding

Women usually lose interest and stop responding to guys who chase too much, who are boring, who they find unattractive or when they have another guy in the picture.

Men who turn women off by pestering them with messages and who seem overly needy don’t realize what they’re doing until it’s too late.

With that being said, let’s get into the crux of this article and talk about the above-mentioned reasons why she stopped responding.

This will help us establish a solid understanding of the type of behavior to avoid like the plague.

1. You chased her too much

Blowing up her phone with texts all day, sitting on calls with her for hours, interacting on social networking apps all the time and simply catering to her every need or desire even if she doesn’t ask you to do so.

This is how men typically chase women right out of the front door. 

Despite what you may think or be led to believe, women don’t actually fall for men who exhibit behavior like this.

Spending this much time with someone outside of a committed relationship doesn’t do a lot for attraction.

In fact, it can hinder the progress of attraction and ruin the romance. Why? Because it leaves little to no room for mystery.

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Women enjoy the thrill of uncertainty.

Not knowing where they stand with you during those early days of courtship adds excitement and wonder to the romance.

When you chase her, you’re actually depriving her of a really fun part of falling in love.

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2. She’s bored of you

Imagine doing the same thing every single day without fail. Even if it was fun at first, you’re bound to get bored of it. Why? Because repetition leads to monotony which leads to boredom.

It’s predictable and unsurprising.

Do something fun and special regularly and it just becomes a normal part of your life. What made it special was its unpredictability.

By texting and calling her all the time, every single day, without fail, you’re just falling into a routine or pattern. 

It may feel good to you because habits are comforting and provide a stable source of dopamine.

But, it comes at the cost of mystery, fun and spontaneity.

If a woman gets bored of you during the best phase of courtship, do you really think she’s going to be excited about a relationship with you?

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3. She doesn’t find you attractive

Unfortunately, attraction has a degree of uncertainty that is unavoidable.

It can be out of your control.

Even if you use every advantage at your disposal and maximize your looks by getting the best haircut, the best physique and best clothes, it doesn’t guarantee that she’ll find you attractive.

She may have found you to be a 5 or averagely good looking at first, hence, she gave you a chance and was engaging in a conversation with you.

But, if that conversation didn’t spark anything special within her, it’s game over.

You’ll encounter women who prioritize personality and chemistry over looks.

So, they’ll engage with guys who may not be the most physically attractive to them.

If there’s no spark, they’ll try to phase away without rejecting you bluntly because they want to avoid hurting your feelings (even though that could be unavoidable at this point).

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4. She’s busy with another guy

Generally speaking, women are inundated with requests from men to give them a chance.

So long as they have an active social media, they’re getting hit on by someone or the other. 

Just because you’ve hit it off with her right now, doesn’t mean there aren’t other guys in the picture.

It just so happens that, much like guys, women are in search of real men who can knock their socks off.

Unfortunately, if you’re making too many mistakes and there’s another guy in the picture who is doing more things right than you are, she may be leaning more towards him which is why she stopped replying. 

Should I text her again?

Ordinarily, I would advise people against double texting, let alone triple texting. More often than not, it accomplishes nothing.

Sorry, scratch that, it has the potential of making you appear to be desperate, needy and/or clingy.

I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that none of these traits help your case. If anything, you’ll do more damage to your appearance in front of this girl.

In my opinion, no self-respecting man who has a vibrant life and much prospective love interest will belittle himself by chasing after a woman when she stopped responding for no obvious or apparent reason.

Doing so is the equivalent of selling yourself short and rewarding bad behavior.

How will she ever gain respect for you with this approach?

Unless, of course, the reason why she stopped responding is that you royally messed up or acted like a cold fish who has no interest in her.

In every other scenario, you really should not text her again.

Not only will this prevent you from making the mistake of appearing desperate and needy but it will project strength and an abundance mentality.

If she was under the impression that you are head over heels in love with her and basically desperate to be with her, not chasing after her goes against her expectations.

The silence and lack of effort from your end will be jarring and surprising to her.

It will cast a shadow of doubt over her analysis of the situation.

She’ll end up wondering whether you actually liked her as much as she believed.

Under these circumstances, this will have a positive effect on attraction. Don’t be surprised if she eventually comes back. 

A rule for texting

Too many men ruin their chances with a woman by texting too much. It’s too easy for texts to be misinterpreted and to have an adverse effect on attraction.

The way you should look at it is like this – if you have a history of getting rejected or ghosted by women when texting them, you’re not good at it.

If you have a way with words, especially over text, and women tend to crave more of your attention, stick with what you’re doing because it works!

So, the first step is to identify which category you fall within more. If it’s the former, then my advice would be as follows – always wait for her to text you back.

Put simply, don’t double or triple text her. More importantly, use texting as a means of whetting her appetite. Save your best conversation for in-person dates.

You have a much better chance of getting this girl in person than you do over text if you have a history of screwing up online.

And look, don’t rush things.

I understand that you are overeager to get this girl but that can influence you to chase after her. Take things slowly. Act as a catch and she’ll start to perceive you that way.

With that being said, always remember your worth. If a woman suddenly stops responding to your texts and calls without any reason or explanation, don’t waste your time on her.

Invest your effort with women who actually care about you and enjoy your company.

I hope you found this article on why she stopped responding to be insightful and informative. Please feel free to leave your questions or thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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