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She Blocked Me After An Argument (Reasons & Solutions)

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I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed the shift in dating issues and one of the most common questions I get via email is this, what can I do if she blocked me after an argument?

More often than not, my answer to this question is to simply give her a little time to calm down, examine whether she was warranted and justified for blocking you and then make a choice on whether you want to render a sincere apology or not. 

It honestly depends on the circumstances surrounding why she decided to block you after an argument.

Such a drastic step is never usually because of a silly argument.

Either, this is a result of an ongoing problem between the two of you and this particular argument was the last straw or she’s exhibiting a red flag and you need to be wary of this woman.

Be that as it may, I think it’s important for us to first establish all the reasons why she blocked you after an argument so that you can understand her thought process.

This will help you to make a decision on what to do next. 

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Reasons Why She Blocked You After An Argument

reasons why she blocked you after an argument

1. She’s a poor communicator

I’ve come to realize that you cannot change someone unless they want to and far too many people date potential rather than patterns. 

By this, I simply mean that men and women tend to date people who they think have the potential of being what they’re looking for rather than looking at their pattern of behavior to determine whether they are an ideal match.

A woman who is a poor communicator will often stonewall you during arguments or problems.

This is especially true for situations in which you are calling her out for unacceptable or inappropriate behavior.

As soon as she feels under attack or critique, she’s going to close the doors of communication because it just makes her far too uncomfortable to deal with a dialogue of this nature.

This is why she blocked you after an argument.

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She doesn’t want to take ownership of her behavior and wants to ice you out.

Alternatively, she checks out of a situation after a conflict and instead of resolving it with a healthy conversation, she will block or ignore you into submission. 

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2. She is passive aggressive

By nature of being passive-aggressive, women with this character trait tend to express their dismay or negative feelings towards a specific argument by either stonewalling, ignoring or blocking.

They may begrudgingly admit that you are right but instead of being sincere, they’ll follow this up by punishing you in some way or another.

Just when you think that she is seeing reason, she will turn around and do something that makes you feel like a loser or unimportant.

When a passive-aggressive woman can’t win, it’s quite possible that she will block you after an argument.

So, in other words, you win but you also lose. 

3. She wants to punish you 

When the ego is involved in a relationship, it influences others to behave in many unacceptable ways.

Some women cannot stand the idea of having to apologize to their men. 

They view this as a loss of power because, within their relationship, it’s a constant battle for power over the other.

So, to take back her power, she will block you after an argument to make a point. 

Essentially, she wants to put you in your place and leave you there until you’re willing to give up on the idea of calling her out on things she does.

Is this fair or healthy?

Absolutely not, especially if you are completely justified for expressing how you feel in a respectful manner.

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4. She’s expressing her boundaries

We guys have a hard time with our ego.

It doesn’t always permit us to accept when we are wrong and to prove a point, we’ll argue unnecessarily with a woman.

The problem is that some men don’t know when to call it quits. They’re so hellbent on being petty that they drive women out of their life. 

It may just be the case that she blocked you after an argument because you refused to see reason and caused her emotional pain by being disrespectful.

Now, she’s letting you know that it’s unacceptable for you to argue in that manner. 

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5. She has an avoidant attachment style

What I’ve come to learn about people with an avoidant attachment style is that they will often yo-yo between coming to you and running away from you in times that make them feel any degree of anxiety.

This does not only apply to negative situations like an argument.

This attachment style is known to pull away even when things are going well.

They sense the relationship growing more serious and this freaks them out so they back off.

It may just be the case that after an argument with her, it created some degree of anxiety within her that resulted in a rash decision to block you.

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What To Do When She Blocks You

what to do when she blocks you

1. Give her space and time to cool down

If you poke the bear, you’re going to get bitten. Most people will only block a partner or romantic interest after an argument if they are still highly upset and angry.

Catching them during this moment isn’t going to help your case. 

Whatever you say is most likely going to be met with a cold and harsh demeanor.

For this reason, I implore you to exercise some emotional self-control and wait a few hours or a day before reaching out again.

By the time you reach out, I’m sure that she’d have cooled down enough to be more receptive to you.

The problem I have with this behavior is that it encourages an extremely unhealthy habit of dealing with conflict.

Ideally, you want a woman in your life who is going to encourage open communication to resolve your differences.

If you have someone who stonewalls you after every argument or blocks you to manipulate you, then this is a recipe for disaster and heartache. 

To chase her now would amount to rewarding her for blocking you and that is definitely not the message you want to convey because she will keep doing this to you in the future.

The only exception to this rule is if you pushed her to block you or did something terribly wrong. 

Justification is the measuring stick to use when trying to determine whether you should reach out to her or let her go until she decides to come back when she realizes that you aren’t going to chase her or encourage that unjustifiable behavior. 

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2. Send her a sincere apology

If you really think about life in general, so many catastrophic events could have been averted if men and women put their egos aside and mustered up enough humility to apologize to each other.

To preserve our false sense of pride, we often place ourselves in a position to lose things, opportunities and people that are invaluable.

The price we have to pay for our ego is one that we end up regretting in our later years when life humbles us.

You can actively avoid carrying the burden of regret by simply examining a problem with an open mind.

In doing so, you will be able to establish whether or not you owe them an apology.

If you do, then you may be surprised how a sincere apology could change everything and end a battle.

A sincere apology extends far beyond the words of ‘I’m sorry’. It should explain how the other person must have felt, what caused them to feel hurt or upset and what actions you wish you could have taken instead.

By saying that you’re sorry and taking ownership of your own actions and the consequences of it, the other person will tend to feel heard and understood.

At that point, you have taken the first and most important step towards reconciliation.

So, when you do reach out to her, try to begin with a sincere apology before even thinking about examining the argument with her again.

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3. Don’t contact her through fake profiles

When a man is desperate, there are not many things he won’t do to fix a situation. The problem is that desperation throws logic and reasoning out of the window.

You may be reading this article thinking that this is something you would never do but when the fear hits and you start feeling desperate for her to unblock you, that’s when the true test begins.

If she has blocked you off everything, then you have to really think about why she would take such drastic action.

You may be thinking that this is a drastic step to take after an argument but many to her, this is a string of things that have led her down this path.

Perhaps, this was the feather that broke the camel’s back.

So, maybe it’s a good idea to consider whether you should be trying to contact her at all.

If the two of you have only brought heartache and pain into each other’s lives for a long time now, it might be time to let her go to find happiness while you do the same. 

Otherwise, wait a few days and if she still won’t unblock you, create a new profile and contact her as a last resort.

Normally, I wouldn’t encourage this but if it’s something you really need to do, then so be it. 

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t play those games because you stand to be the biggest loser if you do.

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In Conclusion

I know that you’re probably confused, upset and desperate for a solution after she blocked you for an argument. But, just know that if you handle this the right way, she’ll come back. 

Alternatively, she won’t and you’d have dodged a bullet because it’s childish, immature and concerning that, someone could just block and ghost you after one argument. 

Honestly speaking, I feel like when you find the right person, working through stuff like this happens almost naturally.

Yes, some work is definitely involved and it’s not easy but it’s simple. 

That’s why it’s important to find yourself a single woman who is willing and open to growing in the relationship with you instead of stonewalling you after an argument.

There’s always going to be conflict in any and all relationships.

But, when you’re with someone who is willing to communicate and open to listening, that’s when things work out or if they don’t, it ends in a respectful and loving manner.

With that being said, I hope you found this article to be insightful, practical and a source of comfort. Hang in there, things will work out the way it’s meant to. If you would like to ask me a question or to share your thoughts on this topic, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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